t is like, Negotiable institutions Act of 1881, /It was not a penal Act like an act of crimes, but if P Chidambaram made t means he lost mental balance. why? when you charge interest as such, where is the crime? interest is itself is a penalty, Take a little more interest to offset the balance, You brought interest to offset the balance, If governments fail to pay the over drafts whom you send to jail like you do under so called section 138 read with section 142? You send the CM or the FM do you? why relaxation. See Modi wanted RBI to give all its balances did RBI sent him to jail? You can’t have different laws where is the sanctity if laws called under rule of law. You can’t make money of laws, In the past landlords gave loans over loans to farmers, did they send the farmers to jails, they lent moneys and farming continued unlike Modi govt governance, after money is a scarce commodity, you know and yet you send a man to jail if he fails for any reason like famine or crop failures. You took over banking saying you are ‘fair person’ are you if compared with usurious lenders. they took exorbitant interest rates. Calamities are normal and money is always scarce. Yo changed barter laws into some so called money laws, is it any superior obviously not?you say Modi great how he is or for that matter any governance after all NIA is no criminal Act but some civil issue only in 1881 so realized.

‘It is reasonable to say  we live part of our lives in the anticipated future’, – Obviously you lose touch with present. A good CEO will live in the present!


By Dr. Gurumurti Balakrishnan,


Everyone is CEO of his own life: if you don’t like but the truth of present day is that only. That is any ‘today’ of yours. You sign your own death warrant is crystal clear is the thought expressed in a book written under title ‘How we misinterpret our energy’ -if one carefully reads that book one will realize the facts of life; but most do not  want to live the fact of life but search for unknown Eldarado – a dream land tomorrow is the dreamers paradise.  These are his essays substance.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt said:


‘The Presidency is not merely administrative office, that is the least of it. It’s more than engineering efficient or inefficient. It’s preeminently a place of moral leadership.’


As  any or every one who assumes a CEO or CMD position in office  ought to think so besides, he needs to know :


‘History, as nearly seems to know, is not merely something to be read. And it does not refer  merely, or even principally to the past. On the contrary, the great force of history come from the fact, that we carry  it within us are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways and history is literally  present in all that we do.’


Said: James Baldwin.


Even Dalit leaders themselves say as MP in Loksabha. Why not, the very court cannot do that job. Judiciary is no judiciary if it abdicates its responsibility, by saying it s refraining from its duty, just by saying , so called ‘Judicial restraint’ . Like that only, it allowed in spite of presence of Art 368, honorary courts forgot the doctrine of basic structure of the Indian constitution in India. That led so many constitutional amendments to the fundamental rights, for no parliament is superior to the Constitution but just inferior institution so Art 12 is there.   

You may know, Bullet train is bought, to run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai from Japan, by Modi as PM, How he could waste tax payers moneys. He thinks tax payers  are his own moneys and he committed some decades of tax revenue. He is first among equals in the cabinet, but he thinks he is like the US president, that shows how intelligent is he as a CEO of India; Without recall and referendum he cannot be a president, for PM is not  elected directly like the president of US. How can be super minister as a PM?

Now he wants to pay premium to farmers to sell the land that grows mangoes and chikkos in Maharashtra to allow his fancy train to run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Whose money he wants to spend – taxpayers – is there any article in constitution  that says PM can commit the tax revenue  for some decades for his fancy projects. But he does. What does it mean?

He thinks he is some chairman Kim of North Korea. Obviously Modi is some mentally deranged man any may say.

These kinds only when become dictators via democratic route naturally they become mentally blind men though they may have eyes physically, for greed blurs their vision, leading to visionless deeds, once people are duped to vote these kinds to be PM, so the investors  are the people as voters, investing every year by paying taxes, which so called politicians misuse. Question is, is it reasonable approach, one needs to consider?


Just scrap all Constitutional Amendments relating to ‘all reservations’, as, in fact, fundamental rights are tinkered by politicians by constitutional amendments to the very fundamental rights, sans power vested in them by the very constitution.

  All people under these  reservation categories are really competent indeed. When so why you need ‘reservation at all’ is the reasonable question?.  You (I  also  saw the reports, in the several news reports. India needs ‘all meritorious’ to fill public services then may be real salvation for Indians, so, Modi is looking for joint secretaries  from private sector for he felt the problem of non meritorious men in civil services, s he invited applications from private sector allowing if they are 40 years of age. 


Honorable Court can do  restore merits in people, by declaring all those constitutional amendments to fundamental rights, out lived their existence, Art 368 correctly hold the ‘parliament is not supreme body’; but the very constitution which stated clearly ‘fundamental rights and basic structure of constitution’, cannot be touched  or amended by the  parliament or legislature, though it did amend indeed maliciously just to seek vote bank so long and cheated poor people, without appreciating a ‘limitation principle’; judiciary like temple bull nodded its head. Also it has to take the blame  squarely. 


Now when Dalit leader himself says it can easily under Art 142 by judicial review declare those amendments that affected fundamental rights be struck down as  ‘ultras vires’ to the constitution.

So that, the useless Congress men  if comes to power cannot play it again. Besides, it is a healthy step so that unhealthy body called India is resurrected to better health, that means economy may improve ;  a good sign, possibly.


In that light see what Kochar and ICICI bank today.


I wrote on the Hindu report today the 6 June 2018 on an article by T T Ram Mohan, a faculty at IIM(A) India, as a comment, that is reproduced here


sir, today in is the new idea is, ‘self pardoning’ like Mr  President Trump is promoting. Besides India works on ‘ideas floated in America’, as India today is slave to America  governing thought.

After all Indians lost their mental culture of Panini in creating Sanskrit .


So sure we are ‘slaves of capitalism of money’, as Adam smith is ruling like ‘inequality is ruling compared to equality.


See Art 368 in Indian constitution  never allowed ‘any supremacy’ to so called ‘parliament’.

That is well orchestrated in Kesavananda bharati v st of Kerala in 13 member bench, (1980), when so, the other day a Division Bench of SC directs the govt to promote SC/ST servants, in govt shows, it may allow soon ‘self pardoning’ in India.

If we go by today SC order of direction, it means as DB assumes supreme to 13 member bench which bench followed 1951 CJI SR Das (FB) direction of 1951 Madras govt has ‘no power to reserve seats’ in educational institutions in Champakkam Doraiswamy v Madras government case. 

This judgement upheld Madras HC judgement, in the very case, earlier.


Abraham Lincoln:


‘We are not enemies, but friends. We must be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. They may strain chords of  memory, stretching from every battlefield, and patriot grave to every living heart, and hearthstone all over the broad land will swell the chorus of the Union when again touched as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.’


We lose touch with the present:

I wrote on Quora today – 2 June 2018 to high light on enlightenment:


sir, Indians need love that is missing today; what can money bring nothing some momentary pleasure of spend a little more. after spending money is gone for ever; but real affections called love stays longer – habits change into character – if you are used to spend a lot that becomes your character, if you love to be loved, love becomes your character – that love of Indians in the past kept them rich of human experience, that only made Ramana Maharishi, Arunagirinadar, Sankara, ‘without love’, nothing can be great, that is also beneficial homeostasis under psychology on the development of bacteria as old as 3.5 billion yrs ago; those bacteria is on us even today; but our modernized behavior of thinking, (we think that) we can buy anything by ‘moneys’, is just some undeveloped (frivolous) thought of man [what that boy by his reaction to you said, he needed love] which you could have noted when higher management didn’t like your talking to him, shows the hotel management is obviously had some out moded ideas of human resources development – ‘without real love’, No Nation can ever be conquered, even Alexander the Great proved when he invaded Taxila. By his love only he asked Porus how you wish to be treated, pat came from Porus like a King.

Alexander did offer a ‘throne’ to seat him, that only made -Greeks (Macedonians) were loved in India then too;

S,o Chanakya (Kautilya) thought ‘Here is a man’ who would help Chandra Gupta Mauria to be placed on Nandan throne. That also produced Ashoka who also followed ‘Buddha’, after Kalinga War, seeing there, thousands of men(soldiers) were killed in the action.

He realized , real ‘love only’ can conquer hearts, that Buddha experiment convinced him. So Ashoka did spread Buddhism…[in fact ‘the bell Boy’ here is obviously most enlightened of all the one he met .


So man ‘without love’, hanker just for love, ‘Err is human Repent is divine’, if the hotel industry human resource development understands any where?, sir, you..so I wrote in my book ‘How we misinterpret our energy’ – we fall into ‘self deception syndrome’ always.


Reasonable to say…we live on Anticipated future:

FDR rightly high lights  the importance of ‘ paradigm shift in the ‘resourcefulness and initiative’, that is why every four years a new man becomes president, if he is wise he may address meaningfully if not, ‘some stupid person‘ becomes, still ‘paradigm’ shift operates; that means voters as ‘stake holders‘, need to be careful; if not anything can happen is the message.

So always, future can be any but you need to address  ‘the present by wisdom’ based parameters; but in fact, most fill that office most likely to be ‘idiots’, as every government is more ‘ideocratic’ based administration, like too many cooks spoils the broath’.


Subjectivity is a process, of course, not a thing.  That process relies on two critical  ingredients; the building of a perspective, for the images in mind and the accompaniment of the images  by feelings.


See here below, how I respond to a news item , my reaction is more governed by basic ‘feelings only based on consciousness , your own feeling becomes a ‘subjectivity process’.


RBI unearths Rs 47,000 crore of bad loans at five biggest state-run banks’ is now displayed on timesofindia.com.
‘In fact I would call banking paralysis, this paralysis just due to corruption a corrosive drug in the minds of man, right from politics of the state till the last affected.. here who loses, just tax payers only the lower tier tax payers mostly, not mentally corrupt but corruption is viral infection in all well to do men, climbs to any level plutocracy.

I remember Dr Rajan when addressing BCC in 2008 rightly said if billions are earned rightly, obvious rider – you cannot earn morally and ethically, I would welcome such billionaires- (if ethically earned – in the world over same problem , the reason ‘drug called money ‘if catches one it is most incurable disease any one gets and once gets, you have to bury him if he does like Nipah virus dead man by high precaution burial ;- (here is, the) most of PSU  (banks) unwieldy or unviable ‘banks’(that ) by splitting as small sensible small banks, as Warren Buffet said, any idiot can run a bank , if small states can be run by any idiot as a chief minister, so the constitution of india (is led to believe) allowed states list, so that small states (if) are formed under state lists, concurrent lists and union lists, in fact founders fathers of the indian constitution ‘took precaution on the political corruption’ – as they ‘felt’ all politicians are one kind of ‘idiot or the other’; besides they ‘controlled the minds of idiots’, ( politicians generally control the illegitimate perceptions  – ‘feelings – of a majority people, for they ‘nurture one grouse or the other’ on the fellow citizens, that gets magnified by public speaking skill of politician, (an idiot), yet a strategist like any political leader),  by a healthy fundamental rights, ( again feelings based ideas), and (are) placed them under Part III that cannot be meddled with these political idiots ( a feeling only), so Art 368 ( a feeling based idea only) was framed, yet, but, we have the problem of drugs ( drug deranges man on some feelings),  of ‘corrupt minds ‘, in all ‘powers’ (if power goes to head power turns into absolute power – see, an Air India executive forces airhostesses to satisfy him of illegal sexual pleasure – a ‘feeling’ (only) to have sexual exploits will help him) once caught in, naturally, it is some ‘Nipah’ virus ( a disease virus pruced by fruit bats’ droppings  – some birds – if goes in your body your body antibodies seem not able to take control) , or like ‘cobra snake bite’, if immediate treatment is not provided (if medication is available to be read in), you could have heard in (T)telengana,(a state in India), a mother (was) bit by a snake not aware( she could not get the right feel of bite),  feeded (fed) her child with her breast milk, both mother and child died, that way if drug (drug is treated like the snake  bite unrealized)  (is) called  (or identified)‘ (as a ) corruption’ catches (penetrates in one’s bones)  unless promptly handled ‘excised’ the correction process can never work.

‘Idiots’ are indeed majority and (in all) ‘democracy’ is (as) a rule (without exception is a rule) by majority means what?’ Obviously not corrupt men!


One of the key areas is  that the ‘minds’ arise from ‘interactions of bodies’, and brains, not from brains alone.


Problem is politicians don’t understand what is pollution, in fact stupidity rules politicians, like every man thinks he is free from ‘bacteria’ if he takes great bath with too many toiletries based items soap, by these companies, let it be Hindustan Lever, Lakme, Colgate, Palmolive…and their tooth pastes, and too many companies then and today , fact is, with all those, your body is, in fact, infested since 3.5 billion years will all kinds of bacteria; even tomorrow, trillions of bacteria is just on you… but companies just to earn at your cost. They know you are ‘stupid and idiot’,like you elect your idiotic and stupid politicians, just because you think you are paid thousands of rupees for a vote they buy, like that BJP tried to win elections recently, but for NGOs, the BJP would have succeeded, any way BJP lost in several states in the by-elections, all politics is based on the easy money paradigms.

Pollution has also moneys; Vedanta wants to earn moneys any way they paid the politicians by way of lobby at Lok sabha or State assemblies or public servants, politicians say we get you ‘jobs’, that way they encash at your stupidities ; ‘jobs’ can be possible without polluting is a fact; but that pollution led to ‘deforestation’. Nature provides protection against pollution, not your governments, for that only you call the Nature is God, while your governments are modern devils called olden days ‘Rakshas’ like Ravanas, Hiranyaksha…& so on...see today high pollution is caused by mining of all kinds ; why minerals are needed under the earth there is a plan for nature to keep the biosphere, intact, that is natural laws, but you call under ‘so called technology’ and ‘sciences’, you misread why there are certain things, under earth deep down into earth, you do not understand for you misinterpret very ‘Nature paradigms’; the nature provides for, not without Reason!


The nature provides for you food on the surface of the earth, but you want to deplete the earth by so called means of technology or sciences but really reading how the technology and sciences to be used but you have capacity to misread for misreading is easy route for any; see you have to day have to seek right education to understand things as to how to understand, as to what, route is obvious long winding path, but who takes?

So no takers more so Vedantas and their kin are growing in numbers there, just by using, a name ‘Veda-Antha’ – does not mean you read Vedas. And understood the ‘anthas’ (end of it).

But you end very ‘Vedas’  thought; just do not be trying to fool the people, and useless sacrifices you do by killing animals for the needed rains or masquerading naked women to attract rains, as if nature admires female forms, how we fool,  but you do for your own needs only.


That way Sankara said in fact ‘No need of rituals but you continue even at Sringeri, just by fooling the devotees, Fact is Sankara clearly says,there is Advaitha  – non dualism – ‘vision was ‘Gyana’ – real knowledge –  ‘recognize only one substance’ – individual spirit ‘s path to Liberation – No rituals are needed nor Asceticism, he proclaimed – so, for the details please read  the book ‘How we misinterpret our energy,  even by any authors. Don’t pollute, Court rightly issued notices [ to TN Government… fact is ‘pollution’ is deadly but for earning moneys, you cannot misbehave,  is the ‘tatparyam’ -principle; after all humans have limitations imposed on them, but, by Nature, man is a ‘rebel’ and his rebelliousness cannot help him …]


Why there are limits to the application  of the notions of code and alogrithm – two functional  concepts in computational science and artificial intelligence.


Both physical structures  and communication areas can be assembled on the basis of ‘alogrithmns’ that make use of codes.


Many aspects of ‘computation’, as well as  entire enterprises of ‘artificial intelligence’ and Robotics do work on codes and alogrithmns. This gave rise to  the sweeping notion, that natural organisms would somehow be reducible to alogrithmns.


The worlds of artificial intelligence, biology, and even neuroscience  are ‘inebriated’, with this notion.


Organisms  are alogrithmns  and that bodies and brains are  alogrithumns.


There is a part,  of an alleged singularity  enabled that we can write alogrithmns  artificially, and connect them with the natural  variety, and mix them.


‘Singularity’ is just not near but here, if you reason out.


Usage and ‘ideas’  gained some currency in technology  and science circles, as a part of cultural trend. Indeed they are not  scientifically ‘sound’. Humanly they fall short of mark.


Living organisms  are ‘alogrithmns’ is the very least misleading.


And in strict terms indeed ‘false’.


Living organisms and , including  human organisms , are constructed  ‘according to alogrithmns’ ; and use alogrithmns  is to operate their ‘genetic’ machinery.


But obvious they are not  alogrithmns themselves. Living organisms are consequential of the  engagement of ‘alogrithmns’; exhibit properties that might or might not have been specified in the alogrithmns  which directed their construction.


Organism are collection of ‘tissues, organs’, and systems within which every ‘component cell’  is a vulnerable living entity made of ‘proteins, lipids and sugars’.


They are not line code; they are palpable stuff.


Nick Strom says, ‘there is  another alternative, vision’, – one in which,  ‘very intelligent’, and ‘destructive robots’ will actually take over the world and put an end to ‘human misery’.


Karl Marx out of his ‘feelings only’ says or talks about:


Religion as “Opium of the masses”; (Some interpreted ( feeling) Marx’s statement , ‘although he did not quite say that:  he said; instead, that ,religion was ‘opium of the people’, the ‘masses’, probably, a ‘post Leninist retrofit’  (‘Religion is  the ‘sigh’ of the ‘oppressed creatures’ -( when Dr B R Ambedkar, as a person ‘felt bad  of treatment meeted out to SCs/STs in India, ( when you read his ‘thesis’ on ‘caste’ that got him PhD(Columbia)USA obvious not up to mark what he said – he really misinterpreted on castes when you read that as is observed by other eminent men – he reads rightly on Manu, who has no other way as he has to go by law makers – Kings in the (instant) time  started ‘Dalit’ movement  a political strategy; and converted a lot of SCs/STs  into ‘Dalits (again, he created some ‘new religion’ in a new form, as ‘an Opium’); that way – the idea of Marx ‘Religion (seems always attracted the mind of masses or people), as opium of people or masses’ we can classify, under that, just out of ‘some conscious feelings only’ , always rules the mind of people or masses ;  thus, we can decipher, is my view too);


John Dewey(direct influence on Dr. BR Ambedkar)  says, on:


‘functional psychology’ – ‘democracy and  the one ultimate ethical ideas of humanity to my mind ‘synonymous’ advocates , the ‘complete  democracy was to be obtained  ‘not just by  extending voting rights’,   but also ensuring , ‘that there exists  a fully formed ‘public opinion’ accomplished  by ‘communication among citizens – experts, politicians with later being,  accountable for the ‘policies’ they (politicians) adopt’.


Dr. B.R.A. didn’t do what Dewey suggested, simply isolalated SC/STs from

Hindus, as some ‘Buddhists in the garb of ‘Dalits’ something like Muslims; that

Created, mental blocks,


Pragmatic recognition:


‘Religion  can be ‘soulful refuge’ in a ‘de-humanized  and soul-less world (society);


One can note ‘noteworthy aspects’:


If you consider Marx  had no idea of ‘how ‘dehumanized’ and ‘soul-less’ the world would become ( in fact,  in 1918, Lenin took over Russia, and simply he did not recognize his own comrades of his Bolshevic movement, and simply persecuted then, obvious he became a de-humanised and soul-less, one can say; and even Stalin too simply did not accept Lenin’s wife when after “Lenin’s death’ , that means ‘Communism’ (by itself some heartless some group like) just turned out to be some de-humanism and soul-less ( some idea of movement, that ‘such society’ called ‘Communism’ , because ‘power as a corrupt agent’, when enters your mind, you become de-human and Soul-less, that way we call ‘Communism, as some ‘heartless’ movement – see Naxals in India today, they ruthlessly kill people if they do not accept Naxals movement, that way ‘rapes’ are used as an instrument by the movement. That means Communism just touts, a view ‘every one ‘ need to accept its ‘diktats’ – that kind of view captured the attention of today’s politics too.


see Modi in Gujarat with assistance of Amit Shah as his Home minister, just killed a lot Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, by using the state police force, a force cannot be used for killing the citizens;

similar movements all over world today, the other day, in the UK some politicians being ‘pedeofile’ simply killed those ‘opposed’ them; in the US, Mr Trump as president just dictates, or threatens the very Congress and Senate Republicans to do things what he orders them.

He even wanted to throw away ‘Mexicans’ and tried to prevent their entry under specious plea, he protects ‘Whites’ interests like jobs, even though a lot of ‘whites’ would not work like Mexicans on ‘farms’ – though Mexicas work so very hard on ‘low wages’ time immemorial’ on farms –


Some 12 millions illegal immigrant Mexican labor is in the States – so too every political party works on, some ‘dictatorial ideas’, ‘obvious some idea of ‘feelings’ -(feelings can be positive and equally negative, depending on the power invested people) – Karl Max really felt bad for what he said his ‘Das Kapital’ for being misused.


So he after Lenin misusing Marx ideas, Marx really felt bad on account his own positive perception based ‘Bholshevism’ – he realizes, to whomsoever if power goes over their head, they are bound to misuse on his own fellow citizens’.




Future lives and minds  are presumed to depend in part at  least, ‘electronic alogrithmns’, that will artificially stimulate with ‘biochemical alogrithmns’ currently do, obvious undermines  the traditional platforms of ‘humanism’.


– idea is humans are ‘exceptional and distinct form of species’.

If so, Harari’s concluding idea  is wrong certainly. Humans are distinct on a number of features.

Scope of human suffering and joys is uniquely human., resonance of ‘feelings’ in memories of the past and in the memories  constructed of the anticipated future.’




All the above men talked of the ‘present’ only, unlike present  kinds of all CEO, be it in government, or in companies;  all these present directors of the governance, though all came from ‘bacterial ancestors’ some 3.8 billion years ago, though even today all ‘such kind of bacteria’  is en-massing on every one of us in trillions and ‘en-massing our body’; these ‘bacteria’ obviously, ‘the greatest cooperation agency’ ever seen; but yet, these men with these Bacterial covering, do not understand the role, they are supposed to play, though ‘bacteria’ works on these men day in and day out present only;

but why not this human being understanding; ‘is it through ignorance or immaturity of understanding’; besides you may know, our history tells us clearly, ‘Genes’  were instrumental in the ‘traversals’ from early life to human life today. That much is obvious and true but begs the question of how ‘genes’ came to be and to do so.


It is like a person  who runs to New Delhi railway station, to catch a Lucknow bound train, but he reaches  the station, after the train was leaving or left the platform, a product of – ‘If you live in future, you cannot be right CEO,  even on your own needs, why?


Paul Elurd wrote,  about , ‘dur  desir de durer’ another way of describing  the ‘conatus’ = ‘determined,  desire to endure’;

human mind, wrote, William Faulkner, and referring with ‘remarkable intuition’ to the projection of the ‘conatus’, in the human mind -’plenty of bacteria around us, on us, and inside us, today too,(however much you say you are clean and fresh!) you love to being  in self delusion , always!.


Curiously,  on the ‘metabolism’ – first account , ‘homeostasis’ tells the cells  as it were, to do  its business, as perfectly as, possible (meaning the present position of present day on hand!), so that the cell’s life can persist.


Homeostasis and life regulation  re usually seen as synonymous, keeping with  the ‘traditional concept’ of homeostasis, – refers to the ‘ability’  to be ‘present’ in all living organisms, to continuously  and automatically maintain their ‘functional operations’, chemical and general physiological , within a range of values compatible with survival.


‘Homeodynamics’ (so coined by Miguel Anon and David Lloyd) a system  is certainly the case with living systems, ‘self organize’ the operations when they lose stability (like in ‘complex behaviors’ with emergent characteristics such as ‘bistable switches’, thresholds, waves, gradients and dynamic  molecular arrangements.


I as a management consultant  heard most CEO(s) or to be were all talking on future how they will run; but none talked how he will run today, in 1980(s) ; some same evil even today I see;

In 2000 failing to modify them i left the consulting profession, as even every management I met all these men too were talking like these CEO.


I moved to law and became a regular Advocate at High court, every client, I met, talked about future; except accused as criminal, who talked for extrication today. So, I tried to help him or her. I used to take my fees after I finish the matter; but  many had no moneys to pay, i accepted their position, i wrote of. 


Most people live in anticipated future, so they can never catch up the present.


Modi is worried about 2019. He  is not attending things of the day. Like his Nito Ayog man talking about past UPA government economy  indeed nothing could be served, so was bad; but he predicts  economy  for tomorrow is improving, but what today?; may be he is being an appointee of Modi being  a PM. He has to say bad things about last administration, that cannot help his issue on hand is today’s Economy. But he assures everything is ‘superb’, how he doesn’t say the facts?.


BJP government perhaps indirectly directed the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) that RTI is not applicable on political parties  to declare to the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC), all the political funding to enable him to answer RTI query. Obviously, indirectly stating that there is enormous cash  that is moving with all the political parties, that way the corruption will rule the elections of 2019 obviously.


RBI seems the permitted banks if any, free savings bank account holders, under PM so called Yojana, if one withdraws more than four times in a month, he will have to keep minimum balance in the account.

Obviously, RBI governor also seems to be following government directive to ensure to stash from poor savings bank account holders, obvious poor man is taken for a ride, while poor man is the Economy generator for the Nation if he has  able to buy his day today rations, else obvious the economy fails.

Today RBI Governor deposes before parliamentary committee, as reported today, the 13th June, 2018 , that the PSBs created under some Acts, obviously do not fall under RBI audit norms, so PNB board of directors obviously helped Nirav Modi to siphon off so many billions of cash

‘In the Ethics of Memory’(Cambridge. Mass: Harvard University Press 2002) , Avishai Margalit writes…. The constant search and sweep of our memories of past and future enable us, in effect, to intuit possible  meanings of current situations and to predict possible future, immediate  and not so immediate, as life unfolds. It is reasonable to say,  that we live part of our lives in the anticipated future, rather than in the present. Possibly this is one more consequence  of the nature of ‘homeostasis’ with its constant projection beyond the present, in search of what comes next.



Kalidasa said, ‘Take care of your today, tomorrow will take care if itself’ is sane advice all people of wisdom say – why we don’t have wise men today, just because, we all talk on ‘anticipated’ future – it is like, if there is depressed boy in the classroom, if the teacher tell him, ‘you need to improve faster’ will only aggravate his depression is sure.


I have seen as a management consultant, a company owner, tells his managers in the company, take care of the company tomorrow, but he never told them to take care today’s company products are customer friendly, and the customers’ is also to be  ensured of their profits, for they depend on the company; soon the company posted losses as customers left the company, for they had to work for their survival,


I found, a spouse asking his wife that he is divorcing her for she was raped the other day, not realizing, he failed to take care to see, that when she was to travel to home in the night, by a train, as the train was running late due to monsoons while man was comfortably sleeping at home, which was completely run and maintained by her; but instead of empathizing her plight, he wanted to divorce her.


These are some of the instances, i cite here.


You may note, if  on a social site, some woman was asked by her boy friend to show her private parts on the meaningless assurance when she showed, her site  was observed by some one else unauthorized by hacking in, for the social sites do not protect the site, knowing it is a pornographic, the intruder tags the photo and the woman was ostracized by her boy friend , and he re-tags and further makes her more distressed, if that is way the social sites work, where is privacy on ‘social media’, none questions; every one enjoys at her cost, why her own boy friend tells her, just you did not protect the photo from being tagged, that means there is every where ‘exploitation’ on women. Why social sites are not barring such pictures are not tagged or when posted, none else can see except the one for him it was intended shows social sites  failed in relationship management, obvious it is the very failure of the CEO social sites concerned, what could CEO not able to think the customer relationship is vital. How can we call the CEO of the site did his home work properly. But, the woman posted has suffered humiliation.


See, life, came into being some 3.5 billions years ago,long after Big Bang. Life began within the first cell, as an extra ordinary assembly of chemical molecules with particular affinities ensuring ‘self perpetuating’ chemical reactions , ticking, beating, and repeating cycles; after the atmosphere ,and  particular conditions of environment got stabilized ,such as temperature and certain critical elements – carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen , phosphorus and sulpher, the earth and its oceans, got stabilized and became conducive for life development ,(Part over)



‘Divorces are some illegal idea’ sans philosophy of life –




Marriages are something like ‘Green Card’ of permanent residentship kind

            idea conceived in the past, Obviously Courts failed to appreciate  !


Divorce is no manliness at all in the Eastern philosophy, better not mangles by unduly mixing cultures – East can never meet West nor vice versa.
Perceptions only rule the Mind that way serious anxieties are registered that shorten your life!


One irrelevant divorce is that one software professional from Australia married a Hyderabadi M.Tech girl ; on the very night of marriage he tells her he has a fiance in Australia, so he wants to divorce this girl, if she cannot  accept his fiance, his father tells the same to her parents, what do you call this kind of marriages after taking hefty dowries! We say divorce is meaningful – do you agree? – similar several cases are seen in plenty – do we accept law makers conducive to divorce laws – do you think, courts need to accept such kind of law making?     


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This idea is a problem for any leader trying to execute on a new plan. The challenge is that so much of culture is unspoken and assumed, embedded in mindsets and behaviors”.


If a spouse wants to execute on a new plan called ‘divorce’ obviously may be some mindset but culture of time memorial would eat the very idea of divorces sooner than expected.


Family making is like any farmer’s farm – so every husbands’ man ought to emulate the quality of any farmer who is always  patient and waits to accept the vagaries of nature,


Human mind of city dweller never qualifies one to be any good husband to be is the great truth after all  nothing works very fast mechanically – see to understand gravitation it took several centuries, then even to understand ‘gravitation’ in reasonable measure with all your great studies, yet you cannot completely understand ; so life of a family man and family woman is to work in the slow process of any farmer! If you understand the role of any farmer, without him you can’t get your daily food  quantum ; when so how fast you can make the family life so enduring if you fail to slowly progress your good relations with your spouse!


By Guru Balakrishnan


You know if you are a good observer of any agriculturist or farmer , naturally you learn a quite a lot:


Farmar is an ‘epitome of patience; He waits and accepts the vagaries of nature; he is a very slow person; times himself to nature, year in year out; he is happy with small gains; he doesn’t  become a clock watcher like any city dweller; he knows Nature never hurries; It has to cooperate with universe universal paradigms or principles; so every move is a move like atom to atom, little by little-basis like nature achieves  her walk very steadily on four spuds;


See, one too learns from fishing , yachting, hunting, and planting too;  that is the manner Nature teaches you, but city dweller, behavior is mostly like a most  unseasoned like man  ; see farmer fosters their women once married both work on the fields to produce food grains,  but for cooperative effort, nothing can ever get produced ; and  former indeed most sympathetic being , he maintains dogs, bulls, cows, buffelows, horses and the like, even earthworms are needed to maintain the lands,


He needs sun, wind, and he bears delays, and patiently waits to things happen, delays in seasons are accepted by him stoically, that way very idea of stoic perceptions man got and it came into as a philosophy of living and life if you go deep into ancient civilizations and culture;


He is patient with ba weather, excessive or poor rains, or more or less water, he b=never quarrels with Nature dispensations;


He is patient with  slowness of feet, with the parsimony of our strength,  with the largeness of sea and land.


So farmer  is also a great teacher superior to your schools, teachers,your givernments, your judges as these worthies understand the least of Nature; without understanding Nature what you can achieve Mister Man?


Farmar  times himself with Nature; So he is called husbands’ man; and acquires, ‘that life long patience is called the mother  Nature -so your mother too has been so patient to bring you up to become grown up person, but if you after physically growing up, if not mentally matured, what earthly use you could be, you need to think, when you, by fits and starts resort to so called ‘divorcing’ your spouse – it is like, if you don’t wait  , to maturing sun in your own life orsay if you can’t wait, till your boiled become meaningfully tastable what you did learn?, think awhile, my dear city dweller!


No point is, you have  your so called education that is not able to stand you for you failed in your education is obvious you may realize.


Education means you need ‘to draw knowledge’, by way of experience of your

Forefathers’ exposures on farms or agricultural lands,  more so,  by meaningful observations of nature – Nature’s normal quality man ought to learn, else you can qualify yourself  as some human being!


All that any man ought to  do in a ‘farmers’ scale’ and certainly not that of ‘Merchant’s scale -merchant is some middle man, so a trader, human life is  no ‘trading activity’;


Therefore, one need realize  that it is ‘false; for farmar to use  whole saleor and massy expense.


Farmer is more permanent   than very governments why very universities, that way the governments change time and again, so every university changes its syllabi time and again as nothing they got could ever be reliable thoughts; yet you study just to upgrade  yourself with ideas that could mean you may trash your earlier approaches you thought okay but scholastic approaches are some mechanical ways subject to metamorphosis in perceptions; that way, every time some ‘research/es ‘ do take take place with all perseverance, that means, you have not really ‘zeroed’ on anything meaningful – obviously, you cannot rely on things but for with series of experiments right from controlled  experiments on to all other kinds of experimentation , yet you can’t be sure with your own findings;              


Hardwork is vitally important and be down men like ‘farmar’ with extraordinary patience; not certainly by ‘scheming speculators’ f any kind; nor like soldiers, nor professors , nor readers of Tennyson,  but by Men of high reliable ‘endurance’, obviously deep chested, long winded, tough, slow and sure and timely firm men like any farmer;


Farmer has great ‘faith’ great health, and the appetite of health , right means to right ends, broad hands  for his home wood to burn, great fires, hearths, plenty of plain food,  has milk  at least ‘unwatered’; and for sleep, he has cheaper, and better and more of it than that of ‘cityzens’ (men living in cities or towns,obviously some machinelike mechanical men who lost faculty to think well patiently .


In the great household of nature,  the farmer stands  unique and uniquely distinct  at the door of bread room, it is for him  to say,  -whether a man is fit to marry a woman and whether she can trust that man? -don’t be hurt?


Fact is, that, you, as a city man, failed to mature, so how any father of a female could trust her with him after having  brought her up so many years in his household with all love and affection – as you just trash anything , just by some kind of fits and starts panics you endear and just say, I divorce you and throw you out –

could anyone trust such quicksilver mentality man called the city man,may be he earns that doesn’t qualify him to be  ‘right’ householder’!


Burke said:


‘Man breeds at mouth’ – but for mouth, why you need food and food grains, at all.


Food is not grown in manufactories – manufactories need reed raw materials from farms or farming  or agriculture  fields; but for it,  what use is the  city jobs, think a little my dear city man!


Early marriages and the number of births are  indispensable but indissolubly connected  with abundance of food.  But for it, what use is your so called, ‘Monies’!


The farmer is the hoarded  capital of health;  and the farmer is the capital of wealth, and the power of mind and intellect  of city dweller could ever be any substitute, the city dweller need  to learn – if you really learn you will just despise any idea of so called ‘divorce’ my dear city dweller!     


Never learn anything by  any ‘rote’ ideas, as we do with philosophy and play with hedonism, that way we learn least  in any learning process.


So we need to use our mental faculties by proper critical analysis, if not what use is your education or intelligence as such?


If you love, red love with tears and joy. Then it is called divine love.


You loved land that way very consistently that helped you get food and food grains, so if you need to get meaningful married life , foster marriage as natural as natural possible, that naturalness like nature several times test you and your patience, that only can qualify for a sensible marriages, if it were to happen the idea of divorce would be billions of trillions miles away.


Problem is city dweller being a sedentary worker, he loses needed mental stamina just because he is  physically weak so too mentally weak – if you are mentally weak, your behavior is like the behavior of witnesses in 2G scam case where all witnesses just failed  the prosecution per se judge Mr OP Saini of New Delhi CBI court, so failure of prosecution, obviously stage managed by Manmohan singh government  just to save his ally DMK the congress government ought to have weakened the CBI by asking it not to get hold of right evidences – obvious it is the CBI prosecution is like completely legs lost prosecution.


So today most of the city dwellers are basically not abiding, laws means what is there since time immemorial, not so called present day Indian useless statutes why useless as these ‘statutes’ playing tunes with sedentary workers – sedentary men usually weak minded, being so, they cannot give support to their spouses, after all spouse itself means. ‘A person who is entirely dependent like a suppliant’ and if so how can you throw out that spouse out of the house on flimsy grounds of your weak mindedness; therefore if you are weak minded, better not marry anyone,


In fact you are no man like any farmer who is a great man who alone is fit to be a great husband; but you as sedentary worker being minded allow  your women to be taken for granted and you allow that women to be used and misused by all and sundry – means you divorce as a futile man, what you achieve is you make her sexually assaulted by virtue of the so called ‘marriage you contracted – that way again you try with another gullible woman, and make all such women as your ‘slaves’ as used to happen in Jamaica or in west indies where the landlords just used and misused the blacks, thank God British government ….


Lord Mansfield  in 1772,  is reported to have decided, the West Indies issue as follows –


‘Immemorial  usage  preserves  the ‘memory’ of the positive law, long after all traces of the occasion, reason , authority  and the time of the ‘introduction’, are lost,  and  in a case so ‘odious’  as   the condition of Slaves , must be  taken  strictly  (tracing  the subject  to natural principles ,  the  claim of slavery  never can be supported) .


The power  claimed  by this  return never in ‘Use here’.



We cannot say,  the cause set forth by the return  is ‘Allowed’ or approved by the laws of this Kingdom, and therefore,  – ‘The Man must be Discharged’ .


The decision establishes  the principle, that the ‘Air of  England’ is  TOO PURE for any slave  to breath,’ but,  the ‘wrongs’  in the Islands  were not thereby touched.


Public attention , however ,  was , DRAWN  that way, and the methods  of STEALING  and Transportation from Africa  became  became NOISED  abroad.


The ‘Quakers’ got this story.


In their plain  meeting -houses and prime dwellings  this ‘DISMAL’ agitation  got entrance. They were rich , they owned, for debt or by inheritance, island property ; they  were religious, tender hearted men,  and women;    


They had to hear  the news , and ‘digest’, it as they could .


Six Quakers met in London on ‘the news’ on 6th July 1783 – William  Dillwyn, Samuel Hoar, George Harrison,  Thomas Knowles, Joseph Loyd, Josef Woods,


‘To consider  what  step  they should take  for relief  and liberation of the Negro Slaves’, in the West Indies, and for the  ‘discouragement’ of the ‘Slave trade’ ,  ‘on the coast of  Africa’.


They made friends , raised money for the slave:

They interested  their ‘Yearly meeting’; and

All English and American Quakers – John Woolman, of New Jersey,

Whilst, yet an apprentice , was ‘uneasy in mind’  when he was set to

Write a ‘Bill of sale of Negro’, for his master.


He gave the ‘testimony’  – ‘against the traffic’, in Maryland, and Virginia.


Thomas Clarkson,  was a youth  at Cambridge, England , when the subject given out –  for a Latin prize  dissertation was – ‘Is it right  to make Slaves of others  against their Will?’.


He wrote an  essay, , and won the prize..but he wrote, too well,        

for his own peace, he began to ask ‘himself ‘ – ‘if these things  could be true; and if they  were, ‘he could ‘No Longer  rest’;


He left Cambridge, he fell in, with ‘six Quakers’ -they engaged him  to act for them. He himself interested  Mr. Wilberforce in the matter.


The shipmasters  in that trade,  were the ‘great miscreants’ and guilty of every ‘barbarity’ to their own crews. Clarkson went to Bristol, made himself acquainted  with the ‘interior’ of the ‘slave-ships’ and the ‘details of the trade’.


The facts confirmed  his ‘sentiment’, that Providence  had never made , that ‘to be wise which was ‘immoral’. And that the, ‘slave trade was IMPOLITIC as it , as it was unjust’.


That is, that ‘it was found,  peculiarly fatal to those, employed in it.


More seamen died in that trade in one year.


Mr.Pitt and Mr Fox were drawn  into generous enterprise. In 1798, a ‘bill to Abolish  the Trade  was brought in by Wilberforce, and, supported  by him, and by Fox and Burke, and Pitt with the utmost ability and faithfulness, resisted  by the ‘planters’     and the whole West Indian interest , and they lost , bill passed.


During the next sixteen years,, ten times,  year after year   the planters, the attempt was renewed  by Mr . Wilberforce, and ten times defeated by the planters .


The King , and  all the royal family  but one, were against it.


The debates are instructive, as they show,  on ‘what grounds’  the trade was assailed and defended .


Everyone generous , wise and sprightly is sure to come to the ‘attack’ (on trade);


On the other part are found ‘cold’ prudence, enthusiasm.


Every ‘horrid fact’  became known.


In 1791,  three hundred thousand persons in Britain  pledged  themselves, to abstain from all  ‘articles’   of ‘Island produce’;


The planters  were obliged, to give away ; and,  in 1807,  on the 25th  the bill passed, and  the slave trade was ABOLISHED.


In the similar lines, the ‘immoral’ divorces need  to get Abolished sooner, even by ‘discharging’ such spouses indulging in divorces  from their jobs, for these disgruntled ‘immorality’  is fostered by jobs they people are in possession of;


After all what Burke said is valid,


`Marriages only give birth to mouths to be fed’ – heavens take care of all mouths no doubt, but you as a man be it a great husband or otherwise you can’t you need to know Mr .Man;


The ministers of beauty  rarely beautiful in coaches and saloons.


Columbus  discovered ‘No isle’ or key so lonely as himself.


Everyone solitary obviously, if you divorce the women who mothered your baby, you obviously deny the child its mother – what right you got sir?


Child being small may not raise questions; but you are ethically accountable; you can’t be a substitute of the child’s mother, realize; by simply saying you can , you should fool yourself; no other women, if you marry to, can’t substitute the child’s biological mother to the child, if you are just a human being may realize.


Sans the mother of the child the child loses its mother is obvious. Man can never become a mother, under any circumstance; child despises such fathers, in fact.


That is a fact of Society and culture, anywhere on earth in human families.


It is always a fact, no other woman other than the biological mother foster her own child. Universal rule.


If in your childhood stage if you had lost your mother for any reason, you could not have, attained what you attained in your adult life. Realize man.   


Child can never rely on you Man,  


– children are born out of , within ’wedlocks’ are considered to be ethical and moral – children born out of wedlocks become some bastard children;


if divorces is the order of the day, your own children become some  kind of ‘bastards’ – as ‘ ‘If no  trust in each other in the spouses do prevail,  naturally , all kinds of relationships might grow, that means, ‘No pristine kind  of births could be possible – it was said,


‘Adam and Eve when came out of Garden of Eden, falling out of favor with God, they had children, when the children grew up to be ‘adults’, biological necessity made ‘incest’ became normal; tat soon led to cousins get married,  the morality obviously on ‘rocks’;


Therefore,  the importance of ‘morality’, assumed some importance initially, but soon ‘morality’ became, a very ‘rigid’ trait then, that way only, the morality assumed priority and importance in the culture of Man.


Thus ‘culture ‘ of Man thrives;


Without ‘morality’, nothing is safe; that is what, that led to the ‘abolition of slave trade’, by firmness of Quakers in America who forced the British government to realize  that planters misused ‘slaves’ and immorally offended them and even killed them, you cannot allow any one to have any kind of ‘license’ in any activity, even worse if the immorality rules – so morals is obvious need is being highlighted in this essay.     


You may know, why ‘Saptapadi’ idea flooded in Sanskritic culture?


Why marriages are said to be made in heaven?


You need to observe any child birth is divine dispensation – without divine dispensation there can be ‘No birth is possible; it is futile to think you can make some test tube baby – how many can afford such kinds besides  success ratio of such test tube ‘babies’ is just nominal with so much expenses; how many can afford – could a farmer afford ‘test tube babies’ when his own living is hand to mouth.


Therefore, any advancements cannot stay put with the order of Nature laws;


You need to be wise, if not , you are yourself just become some futile existence yourself;


Unless every youth cannot realize the ‘great truth’ of life and living, life becomes just some kind of futile existence.


 Anyone if had seen  many a philosopher, whose world is ‘large enough’, for only one person; so even if you are a philosopher yet your world is large enough just for you’, so how you can take care of the child, so till a child is able to stand reasonably enough, the child is ought to be in the custody of its biological mother, courts’ that way dispense justice. Why , don’t you realize my dear man. Even if you were to be a judge you would likewise would dispense justice.


Always spouses ought to be like a great ‘companions’,;companionship is simply great; that spousal companionship can never be  ‘matched’ , by any other companionship.


Companionship is vital part of human life and living, but for it , your longevity would just ‘shrinks’, just because you will feel that what use is this life.


That way, if one spouse dies for any reason, other’s life just becomes ‘futile existence’ , it is no exaggerated statement.


The determination of of each  is from  all the others, like that of, ‘each tree up’ into free space.


‘T is no wonder , when each has ‘whole head’ , our societies    should be ‘small’.


We need to address, ‘Dear heart, take it sadly  home to thee,  – there is no cooperation, for i failed to cooperate with thee’, in your hour of need.


A political party  falls from us  every day and we must ride ,‘in a sulky’,at last, said one American president Mr Taylor. Was he a fool to realize the facts of life.


– so in your life you are ‘the president of your own life’ and your household, if you don’t appreciate this fact of life, what use this life to you my dear man!.

We begin with friendships , and all our youth  is a ‘reconnoitring’ ,and recruiting  of the ‘holy fraternity’ ie family life, they shall combine for the ‘salvation  of men’; salvation is not possible – ‘but for your own woman’;


No woman leaves her man so too a man the woman, when so, ‘how come you man is so futile in your approaches on your own woman?’


The cooperation is always ‘involuntary’, and is put upon us  by the ‘Genius of Life’ who reserves, this as a part of his prerogative..


You always need to say ’T is time for us to talk, if some disagement surfaces. All disagreements are just momentary only ; so easily solvable if you sit together and sort out – you have ‘What’s up’, Ipod that creates unnecessary interactions which is a new hazard of life paradigms – you  land in trouble unconsciously.


‘T is fine us us to talk; we meet with anybody, each becomes a ;fraction’.


Though the ‘stuff’ of tragedy  and  of romances, is in the moral union of two superior persons – husband and wife(spouses) – whose confidence in each other for long years , ‘out of sight and in ‘ of sight’ ‘ ,and against all appearances. Is at last  justified,  by victorious and proof of probity to gods  and men, causing  joyful emotions,  ‘tears and    glory’ – though  there be  for ‘heroes’ this ‘moral’ union, yet they too, are  as far off  as ever from an intellectual union’. And the moral union is comparatively  low  and external  purposes, like the cooperation   of a ship’s  company  or of a fire -club. Nor dare they tell you what they think of each other when they meet in the street . We have a fine  right, to be sure, to taunt men of the world with a superficial and treacherous courtesies!.


Such is the ‘tragic necessity’, which strict science  finds underneath ‘ domestic’  and neighborly life, irresistibly, driving each ‘adult soul’, as with whips into the ‘desert’, and making  our warm covenants  ‘sentimental and momentary’


We must infer that the end of  ‘thoughts’ were peremptory, if they were to be secured at such a ruinous cost. They are deeper than  ‘can be told’, and belong  to the immensities  and eternities .


They reach  down  to the depth  where society itself originates and  disappears; where the question is, Which is the first, man or men? Where  the individual  is lost  in his source.    


Never consult lawyers or relatives if you have quarrel with your spouse!


Lawyers need money if given they might doi any harm as desired; relatives need some story to spin on you, is it worth approaching these ‘worthies’!


That way read the fictitious story here down below.


Everyone marries has a contract of understanding that none can cause of breach of their contractual understanding of the at the time of understanding – if causes breach then that person do not understand what is meant by a contract – so obviously the person breaches the contract  is not a whole person and he or she cannot be recognized so.


Marriage is a very wealth in itself – it is a wealth of understanding developing family of their own children, that means that wealth  is no kind of some money but it is much more than that. That is the quality of cultured person, besides a high quality of high charactered person.


Marriages so said are made in heaven.


*The following is some story i refer  here  ‘how the spouses realize’,  later is the theme here.


It matters not if there is some quarrel with your spouse – quarrel is some spice of life.

The quarrel shows how reflexive you are during quarrel.


In fact, it is like, saying – ‘every man is a consumer, and ought to be a producer too.


He fails to make place good in the world unless  he or she  not only pays  his or her debt debut  but his or her  ‘genius’  without making  some larger demand of love for each other  cannot add something to the commonwealth of life and living.


After all when any marriage takes place some new commonwealth is in the making, so ensure never to kill that new ‘commonwealth’!


Therefore we say ‘marriages are made in heaven, how can you break marriages think a while!


Marriages became some institution in the past , see in Indian culture; how over night you think of breaking such institutions, think a while!


Marriage itself some ‘wealth’; Wealth has its source  in applications of ‘mind’ to nature from the rudest strokes of spade called the meaningless anxieties out of quarrels .


Quarrels are rudest shock unnecessarily man falls into such prey.


Man wrongly assumes some make believe perceptions are vital for his mentally promoted meaningless mental diseases;


All things we talk about, it is mine or yours are  just a mental fallacy.


Nothing is ours, when so how can there be something is mine or mine own?, one needs to  think.


Before marriage people talk like the following:


I am interested in a woman like you.

Some facts about myself: My name is Mario , I am living in Oldenburg, it is a town closed to Bremen in the north-west of Germany, I got my money with writing books for children and House sells.

Now I am looking for a girlfriend. A nice woman who wants live with me together in a dreamful relationship here in Germany. I can promise you a good and happy life here with me.

I want a family, i love kids. I got everything here, a sportscar, a nice motorcycle, a apartment, but I have a big and empty heart at the moment.

I like dancing, parties and travelling all over the world, I do not drink or smoke.

I love people. Now I want looking for a long term of relationship with a woman like you.

But: I need love for a relationship and I want only the “right one”. The one who I love and who loves me, but not all the other stuff what we can enjoy for a komfortable life. Maybe you are becoming that one who drives me crazy? And I becoming the same for you too? Do you want going to find it out?

I believe in true love.

Please, tell me more about yourself, your hobbies, your interests, your wishes, your dreams. What way of life do you think you live here? Studying, working? Be a substitute?

I promise my help that your wishes and dreams comes true.

But: I do not want a princess, I like a strong woman at my side with her own head.

Please, tell me the answers. I also want like to see you at some pics. I like it to watch you.

With all my best wishes from here, peace, love and understanding.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Maybe we find a way together. Let’s go on and find it out.


But soon part their ways . Therefore ‘Nothing is  steady mentally’ is revealed sooner than later.


Marriage is nothing just for some sexual activities only but to raise a great family. If divorces are there what family you talk about?


It shows, man lost touch with reality of marriage.


In the past, in India, why even today, there is ‘saptapadi’ for a perpetual relation with the other forever, but you seek divorce means – ‘ you understand great Nothing about marriage  marriages are not for convenience, like in live in relation ideas.




*It doesn’t matter whether you are married or unmarried, if you have a whole story, you will bring tears of love in your eyes!!


Trial lasted for two years…… finally divorced in husband and wife…


There were very minor things because of divorce, these minor things have changed the big things in the big event. Because the husband slapped his wife on a point, the wife threw his saiṇḍila towards her husband in response to her husband, a end of the husband’s head touches her head.


If you were loved, the case could have been finished, but the husband understood it as his own husband, the relatives made the case more complicated.

Not only complicated but serious, the relatives said to the family of the family, also said that the woman is not loyal to a woman who is not loyal to the husband.


Some relatives also regretted that such women should end the embryo. Keep it in home, it is like living fever in your body.


Bad things grow like interest interest, so many allegations were taken on both sides. It seems like the people of both parties are playing the volleyball of charges. The boy said about the girl and the girl said many uncomfortable things about the boy.


The Case was recorded. Husband’s wife’s depravity, wife filed a case of dowry harassment. After six years married life bītānē and a girl’s parents become divorced today. In the hands of husband and wife, there was a divorce of divorce.


Both were silent, both calm, both stolid. The trial lasted for two years. The wife was staying apart from two years and husband would have to come both on the hearing of the trial. When they see each other, Flint and stones are eaten together. Both were angry. In both of them there would be a sense of feeling. There were relatives with both, which had a little explosive material in the hamadardiyōṁ.


But a few months ago when the husband-wife entered the court, he would turn away by looking at each other. Like deliberately ignoring each other, with both lawyers and relatives. Both of them were taught a great lesson to say what they have to say. Both of them say. Many times the statement of two times would have changed. He would go again. Finally what happened to all who wanted!! Divorce!!


First relatives were with the army, today was a little relative. Both sides were happy, lawyers were happy, parents were happy too.

Divorced wife was silent and the husband was silent. It was just a coincidence that the two sides were sitting on the same t-stall, cold drinks.

It was also a coincidence that divorced husband and wife went to face to face the same table.


Wood Bench and they both


The woman said :- Kāṅgrēcyūlēśana… what you wanted was the same!!

The man said :- Congratulations to you… you will also win a divorce!!

Woman asked :- Divorce is a symbol of victory????

Man said :- you tell me?

The woman did not respond to the man, she was sitting silently, then said, you called me characterless!!

Good happened…. now your characterless woman will be chased. ” ” ” ” ” “

Man said :- that was my fault, I shouldn’t do this!

‘ I have experienced a lot of mental stress, the woman’s voice was flat, neither sad, nor angry.


The man said :- ” I know man attacks the woman from this weapon, which makes a man’s mind and soul by blood…

You are so bright. I shouldn’t have to talk such a dirty thing about you. I am so sorry!!”


The woman was silent, he saw the man once. After a few moments, the man gave a deep breath. He said, ” you also told me the greedy of dowry. “…. ” I said wrong “…. the woman who looked at the woman’s wife said.


He was silent while she said, ” I don’t accuse anyone else but I don’t…”


Tea has come in the cup of plastic…


The woman raised tea, tea a little bit. The Hot Tea fell on the hand of woman… the voice of s’sī…

The same moment was called ‘oh’ in the throat of the man. The woman saw the man. The man was going to see the woman.

” how is your waist pain?”

” this is the same thing sometimes,” the woman wanted to end the word.

” you don’t exercise any exercise. “the man said,” the woman laughed.

” what is the condition of your asthma… then there is no attack????” the woman asked.

” asthma… Doctor Suri has told… to reduce mental stress,” the man gave information.

The woman looked at the man, looking at her. As a man’s face is reading printed stress on the face.

” if you don’t want to take me away, the woman asked the face of the man and asked him.

” yes, I keep taking. Not remembering to bring today, ” the man said.

“only today is your breath,” the woman said in his sympathizer.

” yes, some of this, and some…” men said-I stopped.

” something… because of some stress,” the woman has fulfilled the word.


The man thinks something, then said, ” you owe four lakh rupees and six thousand rupees. ” ” ” ” ” “

” yes… then?” the woman asked.

” there is flat in vasundhara… you know. I’ll give him your name.

I don’t have four lakh rupees right now. ” the man said to his mind.

” the price of vasundhara flat will be lakh rupees???

I want only four lakh rupees….” the woman made clear.

” daughter will be big… there are hundred expenses….” the man said.

” you will give me six thousand rupees,” woman said.

” yes, I will. ” ” ” ” ” “

” if you don’t have four million, don’t give me to me,” the woman said.

His voice was the dust of old relations…


Man watching his face….

How much a look and how beautiful was the woman sitting in front of her wife.

The woman was looking at the man and was thinking, ” how simple is this man, who had ever been her husband. How much I loved him… once in haridwar when he was bathing in the ganga, he missed a chain from her hand. Then he came to save him as a mad man. I didn’t know how to swim lot of lot and tried to save me… how good is it… I am looking for the wrong…”


The man was looking at the woman and was thinking, ” how much she was able to boil the water for steam and put it into the world. Always bought inhaler for him, sērēṭā’iḍa ākyūhēlara was very expensive. Every month stingy, saves money, and buy the ākyūhēlara. Who cares about the disease of others? He cares about it! Never even used to happen. How much condolences it was. I was drunk of my manhood. I wish I could understand his courage. ” ” ” ” ” “


Both were silent, very quiet.

Free from all the voices of the world, silent.

Looking at each other from both wet eyes….

“I’m saying a word,” he was reticent.

“say,” the woman saw her from the sajal eyes.

” I’m afraid,” the man said.

” don’t be afraid. You may be talking about my mind,” the woman said.

” you missed a lot,” the man said.

” you too,” the woman said.

” I still love you. ” ” ” ” ” “

“I also said,” the woman said.

The eyes of both were very sajal.

The voice of both is emotional and face innocent.

” can we not give the two life a new turn?” the man asked.

” which turn?”

” we will stay together again… together… become a husband-wife… become a very good friend. ” ” ” ” ” “

” this paper?” the woman asked.

” tear down. ” the man said, and tore his hands off the divorce.

Then the woman did the same. Both up, standing up. I smiled and smiled at each other’s hand.


The relatives were shocked to the two sides. Both husband-wife left his hand in hand and went towards the house. The house that was just and only husband-wife.


Restraint, tolerance, sacrifice, mutual faith is the basis of family life

Do  you promise  to tell the truth, the whole truth , and nithing but the truth? – if you faltered naturally you make ‘perjury’!


By Guru Balakrishnan


The question law never recognises anything called ‘truth ‘ but  just ‘facts’ only – with that premise let us proceed.


Facts are like , what  George  Gordon ,Lord Byron says,


 ‘They say that Knowledge is power. I used .to think so, and they meant money, Every Guinea  is  a philosoper’s stone’.


That only opens the man for any kind of crime, felony.


Therefore, you need to frame the question as follows:


Do you promise to tell the ‘facts’, the whole ‘facts’, nothing but the ‘facts’!


‘ If someone  at the White House , perhaps acting  with institutional  sanction revealed  the name of a CIA  operative to undermine the credibility  of [ frmr charge de’Affires of Niger Mr Wilson, was seconded  by CIA to investigate if through Niger whether Iraq got Uranium clandestine manner for Iraq’s  plan to make nucler weapons?], Mr Wilson, and thus stifle dissent over ‘Iraq Policy’’, that in itself  would be a  serious assaut on ‘free speech’ and an egregious  abuse of power. In such, a case, the blanket  denial  that Mr Bush issued  this week  would put him  dangerously close  to the territory  in which  the ‘cover up’ eclipses the offense.’[ from ‘Tangled Webs ’  of James B.Stewarts,  .winner of Pulitzer prize’, excerpted].


In fact , where money rules, suspicions ae galore.


In any capitalistic society, like the USA where money rules, that leads Enormous consumption, that leads one to be excessively protective  , to be so is a culture of so called vulturous virtue;  that is rampant , one can find in White House .

Such culture captures all politicians  , world over; as a new Magic Wand.


That percolates in every service industry. So sich culture need to be reigned in and made answerable.


Americans said, ‘No taxation without representation’ is the Headline of every American, but it is heady for ‘all politicians world over’, for they are the kind of people who live at every  others’ costs.


Therefore, we established, the ‘Fourth Estate ‘ called the Press – journalism, it is the right brake on all politicians, all over.


So we need to give  the right of the ‘Freedom of Press’.


Press works on ‘sources’ not revelable to any one however powerful, it might be.


That is ’ the stand’,  Ms.Cooper  Miller, as Reporter  of ‘Time’ ,  took  in ‘Scooter Libby’s (in the Vice President Mr. Chenny’s office (2003 during presidency of Mr. George. W. Bush) – ‘ THIS IS HUSH  – HUSH’, when she was asked to testify before Grand Jury, by Mr Fitzgerald , as the Investigator appointed by DOJ under MR. COMEY ,as Atorney  General, when AG Mr. Ashcroft decided to step aside when Mr Fitzgerald’ appointment  was announced on December 30,, and Fitzgerald, ‘spent  the New Year ‘s holiday  reading briefing materials’.


In fact, even Lewis,  Scooter Libby , admires the way Ms. Miller took , by saying , ‘ I admire  your  principle fight with the government. But for me,  this is the rare case where  this ‘source’,  would be  better off  if you testified. This is the one reason why I  ‘waived’  over a yer ago, and in large  measure  why I write this today,’


He adds :


‘ Consider this, the Miller  corollary; ‘It’s okay to testify  about  a privileged communication, when the person  you seek to  protect find a way to testify about discussions we had, if any, ‘that relate to the ‘Wilson – Plame matter’, I remain  today just as interested  as I was over a year ago’.


He said, ‘ You went to jail in the summer, It is fall now. You will have stories to cover – Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological  threats and the Irnian nuclear program. Out west , where you vacation, the ‘aspens’ will already be turning. This turn in clusters, because their roots  connect them .Come back to work – and the life.’


This shows how Lewis ‘scooter Libby’  was concerned for on for a free press very eloquently.


Obviously, Americans love ‘liberty and individuaity’ is indeed a great virtue any man on earth can admire.  Fact is every ‘Immgrant’ by nature is a free thinker, and a free man, he never thinks of himself but his country, nation and the people there more than himself is the greatest proof one  needs to note.


He even said, ‘Your reporting, and you, are missed. Like  many Americans, I admire  your prncipled stand. But, like many of your friends and readers, I would  welocome  you back  among the rest of us, doing  what you do best – ‘reporting’ (to the people of America!)


From this one may note how valuable is ‘character’ here in America, than anything else..Indeed it is called the ‘courage of conviction’ of what Mahatma Gandhi always stood for , that only brought for India, the ‘great Independence’ but very independence really in mess , as people of India lost their ‘courage of conviction’, that way all political parties work for their own survival not work in the interest of ordinary man.


So obvioyusly, we need to  follow Americans though we did in the adaptation of American constititional proprieties, when the Indian Constitent Assembly tried to lift from great contitutions of advanced world in  1947 , but very same followers in India has turned overly selfish, they don’t bother of the ‘country, nation and people’ so perjury is the right remedy to nmend these selfishmen in power.


From this read, one can make out, ‘every citizen is indeed conscious of his own ‘conscience’; that is the cult of American, that means ‘every American is subservient o his or her own conscience’ is the fact..


Why not the people of the world is the stark question one  needs to face; never given to any selfishness is the message if you call yourself as some human being with concience.

Jounalism is the right dharma – moral – of the country to safely see the country is safely steered like a ship of state.(ends)

Part 1



Governance is highly confused territory – so Laws too are complicated jig-saw puzzle – Governments would fail – Problems galore – No government can address ; simply making laws won’t serve any longer is the new message of 21st century!


Professor (Emeritus) Gurumurti Balakrishnan of India now in MA Boston

It is vital to be humble and have a good character if not there will be No governance at all is the theme of this article.


‘But for those of us who have been elected, our job is to communicate, so we must communicate. We can’t just pander and promise impossible things. Because the truth is that there is no easy solution to our changing economy. The truth is that we are producing about twice as much as we did in the 1980s with 30% fewer workers. The truth is that coal probably isn’t coming back in our lifetimes, that auto plants that once employed hundreds will now only employ dozens, that automation has made our economy more productive than it has ever been.

Inside Trump Hotel: the glittering hub of a billionaire’s Washington


‘We will simply have to find a way to make sure that those who are just starting out are going into engineering instead of political science (my chosen major), and that if you’re 40 or 50 years old the future includes you, too, in a way that can provide a stable income and retirement. But it will be the future, not some rose-colored past. And it won’t be easy. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is not telling you the truth.’Granted, none of that is as catchy as “the American dream is dead and you’re the victim of a rigged system”. And none of that is as visceral as economic nationalism and fear – fear of the other, fear of national decline, fear of the future.( excerpt from Conscience of a Conservative published 2017 by a senator)

Donald Trump originally a democrat but suddenly entered the Republican ring in 2015, just to destroy both democrats and republicans, may some scheme of Russians that could have been ideal  for Mr. Trump!

Washington DC  is indeed a big experience , ‘Novelty is nothing new there’ (1897 -1919) even now same position there –

(Isabel Anderson wrote in her book – ‘Presidents and Pies’),

‘In Washington  there is always  something new  under the Sun’.

Her friend, Stewart Alsop said, ‘ after years of Washington , he ‘understood why John Gunther, had never written , ‘Inside Washington’, although he at one  time firmly intended to do so. There are too many Washington,  to get inside of’.

City cannot be reduced to any single dimension.

During New Deal , FDR, , as part of Federal Writers projects,  of WPA -Work Progress Administration -,  ‘set Americans  to work writing guides, to great American cities – ‘their ‘fact’  was, Washington was created for a ‘definite purpose and has been developed’, with many modifications. Per se a definite plan.

Therein lies it is said, , ‘its unique’  distinction among  American cities,, among all Capitals in the Western world (Eastern capitals were not considered do you know the reason? Why? (fact is easterners were not a civilized lot!!)

Walter Lipman says, ‘shine the light’ on twenty six of Washington’s  best and brightest  men of that era; ‘some of the less than  best’,

He paints vivid, and incisive.

Vice president Mr Coolidge , ‘ a politician who doesn’t who will not , who seemingly,  can’t talk’ and says of him,  , ‘ it appears from the meagre record,  that he thanks  of himself  as Peter Pan , the boy  who never grew up ‘to be a man’.

A long time ago, – ‘this humid hills  that is  now the Washington scene,  have been different, it must have been.

It passes  belief,  how little  is known about Washington by the country at large, and yet ‘No city is more written about.

It is hardly appraised  by the people at home.

They seem to see  it through ‘a refracting  and magnifying (glass) haze.

New York,   and Chicago and San Francisco  and St. Louis  and  New Orleans, they know  and estimate justly. Visualized  clearly, curiously true, , almost every new comer to Washington and every visitor suffers  , ‘a sort of Stage Fright’.

O.Henry’s in one of his stories  tells,  about cowboy  going to New York and being  ‘diffidaent’, before New Yorkers,  until discovered, , they were  just some people,  just like Grover  Cleveland and Geronimo  and the Wilson boys’

.No citizen in Danville, Illinois,  or Pike County, Missouri , or Springfield. Massachusetts, would make  any ‘average American  tongue-tied’, or step  on  his feet with embarassment .

These three laces,   have given  three Speakers of House of Representatives (Congress) and a Speaker of the House is a great personage  in Washington.

Tourists  to the Capitol peer into his room with awe, nudge one another,  ‘furtively’  and say – ‘That’s him , ‘ when they pass  him happy  chance





, ‘


Confusion all over. Why?

Oscar Wilde who once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

You flatter laws, see what it does?

All Addressing systems failed.

Governors in Governance not adequately equipped.

All systems are aging.

Replacements if not provided in time, everything would collapse, as every system is inter-dependent ideas based.

Institutions created by Constitutions of countries or Nations are ‘checks and Balances. You can’t tinker on the Institutions.

Governing systems try to tinker on the Institutions a very bad idea. Can’t work  any longer.  If one does, every thing will fall like pack of  cards.

Every system can’t be made interdependent . If attempted, naturally all systems would get into logger heads.

Conflicts management itself become a new problem.

Conflicts always existed in the Natural laws, from day one of creation.

God likewise has designed.

He never ever wants all to be ‘friendly’ if so, that itself would batter natural systems of Natural law logistics.

Therefore, conflicts are bound to be in every aspect of life and living.

We can’t make every thing need to be congruous. If attempted , definite failure you will face.

None can cure.

That way, you have 12 vegetation ,12 climates.12 different regions geographically. In Lithosphere so too in Hydrosphere. Oceannosphere too got developed.

Geologically too we re divided.

Living is also like wise divided.Conflicts are natural.

Theoretically , you can talk on ‘Statics’; but fact is everything is based on  ‘Dynamics’

. Therefore, naturally, ‘aging takes place’ – yielding to new.

We call it ‘ Evolution’ based.

Everything is right or  wrong, depending on beholders’ eye.That’s where imitation takes over. Indeed a flatery.

The way you look at, is the ‘perceptional’ philosophy. That is based on how you perceive.

What is wrong to one obviously  is right  to the other.

Hence conflicts based upon, how one,  looks at the circumstances.  

Your ‘Innovation’ is based upon the idea of interdependence concept.

Fact is every thing wants its own existence; but never bothers about the other.

See ‘rich and wealthy man’ , as long as he needs some labor, at lowest expense, he wants poor man to live; if not, he chooses to destroy the other, depending on his strengths. No compromises.

As long as Americans needed cheap labor, they wanted cheap labor in any form.

America allowed Mexicans and central Americans ;


Once the American rich or wealthy find ‘undocumented ‘ immigrants of Mexico or central Americans numbers cross about 12 millions or so, allowed under NAFTA or earlier treaties overnight becomes a serious burden;

so the American ‘whites’ don’t want them; and try to unload;

So Mr Trump as president signs ‘no need to bother about environment’, to build a Mexico wall; to not to allow the ‘undocumented immigrants’, hitherto allowed prior to 1965 – deliberately now became suddenly a very serious burden.

Very same Americans allowed seasonal labor as white man could not stand weather to work in farms or in agriculture, but wanted some incarcerable  humans as slaves;

Once does with their services, in fact not yet, perhaps not at all, but now, wants to stop them.

Besides very man used them, want to deport them. ‘That is human sociological conflict  behavior psychology, as ‘his own convenience’ predominates other parameters.

In 2010, the United Farm Workers decided to confront  the ‘myth’  that ‘they (immigrants)  take our jobs’ directly.

The Union Organized a campaign called ‘Take our jobs‘,  inviting citizens,  and these ‘Green Card’ holders to apply  for agricultural work.

The campaign  got an ‘extra publicity boost’,  when comedian ‘Stephen Colbert’  took up the challenge,  and then testified  to before the ‘Congress’, about the ‘experience’.


Three  months into  the campaign the union announced  that  its website, ‘takeourjobs’.org, had been  visited  by 3 million people, 8600 had expressed an  ‘interest in the job’ , in agriculture, but only seven (7)  had actually followed  through.

‘These numbers speak  that there are  more ‘politicians’,  that ‘finger-pointers’, interested ‘in blaming’ (like our  Mr Trump now 2017;

‘undocumented  farm workers’ are found fault with, for America’s ‘unemployment’ crisis ‘than, there  are ‘unemployed Americans’, who are willing to  harvest and cultivate America’s food,’’ the Farm workers union  concluded’.(United farm workers, ‘Takeourjobs Update’, September, 24,2010 http//ww.ufw.org//-board.php?mode=view &b-no=7812&page=7&field=&key=&cn=680)

Again ‘read -’Grapes of wrath’ of Journalist in John Steinbeck – also ‘the Economist’ in 2010 ’Okies’;

In 2010 US department of Agriculture published  an analysis of the ‘probable impact’ of increased immigration enforcement on US  agricultural sector.

‘‘The report cited  the common  figure  that over half  of the agricultural labor force  consisted of undocumented Mexican labor.

It again stated, ‘A reduction in ‘undocumented (Mexican )migrant labor  would lead to ‘rising labor costs, concluded,  and, a different  scenerios , depending on  the characteristics,  of the crop. ‘Potential existed for ‘mechanization  would spread’. …..- farmers would  face face market  loss due to higher costs’.

Report added, ‘in no case,  it could foresee,’improved working conditions  or  rising  employment of domestic workers,, in agriculture’.(exploitation is the mantra.

US fruit and  vegetable industry competes in a global  economy with  producers  from other countries who often  have much lower  wages. With increasing trade , competitive pressures are greater than ever. In summer 2009, the Federal minimum wage was  $.7-25 per hour and the minimum wage in California  was $.8 per hour. But in Mexico it is $.33.49- 4.16, very report highlighted.

It is no surprise  that so many  of fruits  and vegetables we find  in the super markets  are labelled ‘product of Mexico’!, THE REPORT FURTHER STATED.

Labor share  made up  42%  of the variable  production costs of fruits and vegetable farms, and labor  is the  ‘single largest input costs’, for many crops. (USDA report).

It warns,non-agriculture would absorb with in a decade of beginning to work  in the fields.America only – what Mexico wall idea of Mr Trump? (Just to bully Mexicans and central American labor!)

Mr Trump as President of USA,  is used to ’ furthering’  ‘bullying’ tactics every one; now  extended, including Senators, congress Representatives!

I don’t think it is going to work magic for him.

May be soon,,  things may change. Labor revolts possible. No white would do farm work at so so low wage or farm may not give higher wages,

What is big idea of NAFTA rewriting?.

Sorry, without malice on any.

Further, one needs to know the USDA predicts, ‘the supply  of farm workers  for US produce  industry largely depends  on the continuous flow  or influx of new foreign born labor attracted by  wages above  those in workers countries of Origin’.

Immigration policy helps  to determine  whether  the produce industry ‘s labor force  will be authorized or unauthorized?(Linda Calvin and Philip Martin, ‘the US Produce  industry and Labor facing  the future global economy’; USDA economic research report 106 November,2010. .


See again when Insurance  costs grow up, rich and wealthy  would not pay ;and he wants every one pay his health issues based costs, no more government funding – that way Affordable care Act proposal came forward as against Obamacare MedicAid Act,  by saying government  can’t protect all, though Human Rights convention says .’it has to be – all need be protected’, though America is a signatory for Human Rights Convention;

he jumps out as it jumped out of Paris climate accord a few months back, by president Mr Trump’s initiatives as against every other western countries always obvious ‘selfishness’. .

So,   very same ‘selfishness’ ruled again on Americans;

Mr Trump, as if,  ‘assumed’ spokesperson for   Americans, he told Germany and other Europeans they pay less let them compensate the loss when America walks out and meet the costs, so too in case of NATO maintenance costs. Mr Trump wants to walk out of NATO;

Anyway, the American Congress didn’t agree so there is clash of views and serious differences, between Mr Trump and Congress on climate, NATO, Paris accord on climate, Obamacare, etc.

So ‘selfishness ‘overwhelms’ against general human interest, we see just because we work on currency $, not based on ‘barter’ or yellow metal called Gold standards.  If so, not based on $ currency, naturally selfishness works differently.

Therefore, Confusion is confounded in governance systems of today.


So,  ‘Every thing lives on every other demise’.

Living is based on another’s death or demise.  


Fraud and Waste:

The area of fraud and waste remains a persistent public sector challenge, and a big one (to the tune of billions of dollars). “While a portion of that is true fraud,” says Carlos Otal, national managing partner of Grant Thornton’s Public Sector practice, “much of the problem stems from poor record keeping” and other process and people-related shortcomings.

Otal reports that public sector clients are interested in deploying predictive analytics and other risk-based approaches to reduce fraud and waste.


US infrastructure is aging and improvement lags behind other countries. “Bridges, roads, rail and seaports demand modernization and basic repair,” Ray asserts, noting that traditional funding mechanisms may have reached their limits. “The public sector must find a new way to approach these challenges, and perhaps, partner with the private sector where it makes sense.”


: Discussions about infrastructure improvements often progress to chats about the ways that Internet of Things sensors embedded in bridges, stoplights and other transportation features could transform how the public sector upgrades and manages infrastructure.

Although many forms of new technology can deliver dramatic improvements, traditional public sector mindsets also need some transforming, notes Boston Consulting Group Partner Danny Werfel.

“Innovation is a topic that a lot of government leaders are thinking through right now,” he says.

“They’re trying to figure out how to build ‘innovation’, into their culture;

and into the ways in which solutions are deployed.”

More agile solutions represent a common form of innovation.

In terms of technology improvements, this might consist of developing a much smaller technology solution to address a challenge much faster than a larger, more expensive technology solution would take to address the same challenge.

This type of solution requires a modern IT environment, which is why modernization progress is so welcome

Every other country looks differently though every where we have similar kind of human beings.


We live ever after by conflicts of interest. 

We are out and out SELFISH BEINGS , but we call ourselves ‘Humans’ – see how human we are!

Do we call this. Is Government or governance?





We need to accept Emerson’s thought ‘Every Institution’ has a vital role to play, (ends)

facts are always contradictory. so life being based on facts or reality, views always differ from man to man. Truth none knows. But one knows infinity is a some circle with no end or no beginning as you get end and beginning at every point of the circle, that way man is living today, so he can never presume what will happen next moment but he is one living on some ideas of expectations but one cannot but ought to work on evolution process.




EMERITUS Professor

I appreciate  the thought: Roscoe Pound thought:

There are three ideas involved in a profession: organisation, learning, and a spirit of public service. These are essential. The remaining idea, that of gaining a livelihood, is incidental.

– Roscoe Pound

‘It is like what Lao Tzu said;

‘give a man a fish and you feed him for day.

Teach  him how to fish and you feed him for a life time ‘ ;

That way is very peaceful existence.

Religion too is to have the three attributes so too Constitution of any country.

Similarity a professional is too; Learning too is. So religions too taught very art of ‘peaceful existence’; so also every Constitution of any country trying to teach everyone the very importance…

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Source: Peaceful coexistence is to live mutually acceptable ways; else miseries!




EMERITUS Professor

I appreciate  the thought: Roscoe Pound thought:

There are three ideas involved in a profession: organisation, learning, and a spirit of public service. These are essential. The remaining idea, that of gaining a livelihood, is incidental.

– Roscoe Pound


‘It is like what Lao Tzu said;

‘give a man a fish and you feed him for day.

Teach  him how to fish and you feed him for a life time ‘ ;

That way is very peaceful existence.

Religion too is to have the three attributes so too Constitution of any country.

Similarity a professional is too; Learning too is. So religions too taught very art of ‘peaceful existence’; so also every Constitution of any country trying to teach everyone the very importance of ‘peaceful existence’.

‘If you fail to appreciate, the very Life  is indeed “brutish and short” ’..

So its livelihood though ‘incidental’;  or ’ yea, ‘essential for living a lifetime’ meaningfully;

but needed . true;  one lives ‘by charity’; and another,  by paying reasonable and affordable  taxes ;

Charity can never be  ‘forced mechanism’;

but tax is by cruel force , say  that by  so called ‘penalty processes’  . So penalty levying for ‘failure of paying taxes is generated by excess taxation every governance need to know’;

Easy money is easily spent – that governance mechanism  is today’s way , obviously censurable.


‘The fundamental principle enunciated by Baha’u’llah, the followers of His Faith firmly believe, is that Religious truth is not absolute but relative,

that Divine Revelation is a continuous and progressive process,


that all the great religions of the world are divine in origin,

that their basic principles are in complete harmony,

that their aims and purposes are one and the same,

that their teachings are but facets of one truth,

that their functions are complementary to each other,

that they differ only in the non-essential aspects of their doctrines and that their missions represent successive stages in the spiritual evolution of human society

. – Shoghi Effendi, Summary Statement – 1947, Special UN Committee on Palestine’.

Never any Constitution talks about war but involves ‘in peaceful existence so planned, for a rule of law’.

Why then Nations promote war? Is the million $ question.

I find too big  and bigger  military forces, arsenals just to kill fellow human beings, is it a right think,

think friends, while staring  at these very  thoughts.

Religions talk about ‘Quality rather than quantity’ that only matters .

Similarly the Constitutions of the Nations, need to ‘by promoting peaceful coexistence  principle’;

else what is the great idea of globalization?we all talk about.

One good turn  deserves another’, says  Petronius (d 66 CE) first magestrate or counsul of Rome.

He was a favorite of Emperor  Nero;

Petronius was   called the ‘judge of elegance’ but his own position  made or earned for him ‘a lot of enemies’.

Nero’s men and women engaged in ‘all debachery’, as Nero himself was ‘no better’ -Petronius  found  a realistic picture of  decadence and social manners  of Rome  under Nero .

‘Education is a treasure’, if it promotes ‘ethics and/or morals’ among people; and also in the ruler;

else, what power  has law where ‘only  money rules’!

same problems we face today all over the world – so all crimes emanate.

He said:

‘I was to learn in life  that we tend  to meet  any new situation  by reorganizing ;

and  a  wonderful method,


it can be  for creating  the ‘illusion’  of progress ‘while producing  confusion,  inefficiency,  and demoralization’.

Similar kind of conditions are prevailing there today, in politics and political governance;

the ‘ultimate loser is the citizen’, of the country;

what use it is to have, the  ‘so called Independence’.


Seneca ( a great stoic philosopher ) (4- 65 CE ) says,

‘Quality is vital ‘ that only matters’ anywhere.


In 49 CE  he was elected Magistrate and was appointed  as a tutor of Nero , the adopted child of Emperor Claudius.

What use it is, Nero though was  under his guidance for first five years;

but yet Nero was a ‘different mold of man altogether’ ,how Seneca mend him?;

so Seneca lost control on Nero;

– Nero was jealous of Seneca’s fortune Seneca accumulated,

Nero tried to poison him.

Fact is ‘No amount of influence by good men can ever change wicked men.’ is the universal fact.


Same is true even today.

Seneca’s 124 famous letters to  Lucilius provide advice and wisdom on Stoicism.

He believed  in ‘virtue being the sole good.’


That way Bahai thought is.

Being virtuous  itself is the quality.

Therefore, ‘only certainty is that Nothing is certain ‘, says Pliny  the Elder, a natural philosopher  in  23 – 77 CE, in his ‘Historia Naturalis.’

His other works –

‘The  best plan  is to profit  by the folly of others.’

(politicians misuse that profit!)

‘From the end  spring;  new beginnings’;( start)

( all beginnings appear great!, not necessarily, that is life teaches by experience process – so Confucius says experience is the bitterest! )

but yet, you have to accept and learn to negotiate your way out of issues.

‘Home is where  the heart lies’;

(Never be home bird – if so you might have to be dependent).

‘There is  always something new  out of Africa’.

(Always any new pastures are good however uncertainty prevails!)


‘The believer is happy,  the doubter is ‘wise’, Hungarian proverb.

Might be, but ‘doubter’ has a lot to work, a lot –

see American President Mr Donald Trump life is ‘miserable today’, as he is questioned more than anybody, as he doubted more on Mrs Hillary Clinton for his own political ends – ‘doubts also can be dubious’ he proves by his ways, very same peoople promoted him fear to promote him further – Never be dubious, another thought emerges ;

Your own doubts can be your own enemies!

and in this process he had ‘maintained links with Russians’ and President Mr Putin that has turned out ‘some Albatross’ on Mr Trump’s back today.

‘By overplaying’  unneeded ‘doubts’ , the Republicans wanted to be in saddle of America, any way, ‘that way they compromised with Mr  Donald Trump;

however the Republicans in fact, are not very comfortable with him and ‘his rants and tweets’, as he is a person always enjoys  all kinds of controversies;

No party can afford ill will with voters-

the party might ditch Mr Trump anytime.

They need voters backing in any democracy.

and he ‘messes up political governance of the USA’, putting law makers in some unwanted troubles;

besides affecting the life of ‘smooth life of citizens’;

that way the White house is ‘wasting time  ‘in his issues’;

and that affects normal business of the State as a Federal  body of the United States –

so it is said ‘never tie with any wrong man’, ‘life would fail’.

That way only we asy ‘never join hands with any kind of terror’. Even wrong men themselves can be classified as ‘terror’;


see Mr Trump unnecessarily appoints some so called “Integrity commission for elections’;

as if very Republicans or Mr Trump are ‘most integrated’; much superior to Democrats –

that wastes Judiciary time as well as State’s precious times of governance get wasted on meaningless issues.

‘Doubts’ though a wise option; but it has its ‘own inbuilt problems’ ,;

like some two sides of very same coin – ‘good and bad’ is a part of anything,

one has to control ‘bad’ things as much as possible ; and high light good things as far as possible;


See , when president Mr Pranab Mukherjee while laying down his office spoke things ‘more philosophically rather than pin pointing the defects of the present BJP governance’, at the union level as also several states’ governance defects,;

it means , he just asks the citizens to be ‘more vigilant’;

so as to see the citizens to be  ‘as very powerful watch dog of the politics as politicians at play’.

That is a ‘wiser’ method.

Voters too ‘have their own responsibilities’ to oversee their own elected representatives,;

else like some Mr. Modis like Mr Trumps will emerge more to the very consternation of the very citizens;

see how Russians  or Chinese people try to ‘control the politics’, in their own respective countries, they gave  up their very lives – recently one Nobel laureate died in Chinese prison – (dictators are everywhere given an opportunity they pounce like tigers!;

else probably the politicians would  not govern meaningfully;

instead waste the scanty resources of the people,

NO real impact on wrong doers;

as it happened during UPA political governance too , like useless ‘Aadhar’ identity,  the very peril;  and peril of very voters personal identities;

at what a cost, over some 40,000 crores of rupees, at the very cost of tax payers  own monies,;

politicians would play ‘as if’, they do ‘something great for people’; (obvious cheat)

– but only caused ‘more lazy men’, in the country – w

What politicians taught you is super ‘laziness’ and idleness – as they did with caste reservation ideas – degenerated to so called ‘creamy layers’!


per se ‘Pareto already said ‘some 20 percent people in any country work very hard to help live ‘some 80 percent lazy live’, at their cost;

but now the lazy men number might have increased and jumped further by 10 percent more to ‘make lazy men number’, may be today 90 percent in place of 80 percent.

Obviously ‘X’ type men number is shooting up, invariably very creation is itself more idle and lazy men; but politicians increase ‘lazy men’ – you need to know you are made lazy to be ever dependent on politicians, that is what the politicians do teach you,

and pushing burden on’Y’ type to bear mighty higher burden

that is all ‘what Trumps , Modis’ do  want to achieve, by so called  clever touting so called  ‘doubts’;

that way politicians make their own strategy, to stick to power.

see in India so called ‘demonetization’,then GST, bankruptcy laws, meddling with RBI functions making nationalized banks just lend to ‘useless corporate’, that way country NPA jumped to 8 lac crores may be soon cross   to 9 lac crores or more,; these politicians increase National debt who pays – ‘You’ only by way of taxes;

reason is many useless politicians float so called ‘useless educational institutions’; and some companies just to strap ‘the poor citizens’ wealth;,

their  hard earned moneys today just by ‘debasing the value of the rupee’ – steadily falling like a pack of cards;

as rupee is falling like a pack of cards, in its value so badly that indication, you can see through ‘stock markets indexes’, shooting up ‘vulgarly’, day by day, some political strategy,;

no value can shoot up healthily in  such an environment of where ‘lazy men number is increasing’ day by day ;

besides, unemployment shooting up as good industries are winding up activities like TCS as their customer base is eroding day by day.

Politicians are now the ‘worst type of terrorizing scoundrels’, like Alibaba and forty thieves all over India, just playing high the so called ‘doubts’;

so without citizen vigilance Constitution of India is  ‘eroded in favor of the incorrigible politicians’, to whom, you as voters, entrusted  and surrendered by so called ‘representing’ power –

The representative  is ‘degenerating’ like to ‘arbitrary ‘ political Scoundrels.

What is said to be ‘good doubts’; that degenerate into bad doubts;

that hit more the very citizens

so we saw, how Hungarians suffered  serious problems in their previous several decades,

so ‘misplaced doubts’ are ‘no Panacea’ for any, ;

however ‘doubts ‘ are really a good idea..             


‘Religious truth is not absolute but relative, that Divine Revelation is a continuous and progressive process, that is evolutionary’ always.

So peaceful coexistence is fundamental even for Constitutions, therefore  in  expectations ever can work’, but would ‘fail miserably’.

Trust in evolutionary process – No expectations.

Hence vitality of religion or Constitution is ‘peaceful coexistence’ that way Nehru signed with china in 1960s Panchasheel .

Do we understand ‘Peaceful existence’s’ importance?


But for Dunkirk at the Jaws of death of by a charge of light brigade of 600 soldiers willingly laid  down ‘their precious lives’ to save allied forces of 330,000 men, –

indeed a great sacrifice,(emulated), a what Schweitzer says, in his  statement.

‘Between May 26 and June 4, 1940, the British were able to evacuate more than 330,000 allied troops from the French beach at Dunkirk, aided considerably by a flotilla of fishing boats, pleasure craft and other small ships.

They had been routed; those who remained were sitting ducks for a fatal blow.

Home, as the soldiers who queued up in the sand while the Nazis shelled and strafed them, was almost close enough to touch.’

By the close of summer of 1940, most of Western Europe was under German control or that of puppet states.


Would England fall as well, and usher in a ‘Nazi empire’, with its horrific Jewish genocide, that might have lasted well beyond the war’s end in 1945?




Hitler knows he will have to break us in this island or lose the war,”

Churchill told his countrymen on June 18, 1940.

“But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted by the light of perverted science.


Walking along the sand of the English Channel, you can’t help seeing those shivering boys at Dunkirk,

part of the World War II generation that will soon be gone entirely.

‘Before they ‘disappear into the churn of history’, we owe them another deep thanks, for the speculation that can remain just that’.(credit:Washington Times)


That is called ‘great Peaceful existence’


same idea Lord Krishna touted when he worked for diplomatic move with Kavravas, (some kind of Hitlers then), but Kavravs never understood their imminent destruction) they all got wiped out in Kurushetra war (Mahabharatha)

Peaceful existence is vital for survival of all humans that every religion is spoken in detail.

But, we use nuclear arsenal to destroy each other thinking we alone survive – Never it happens one need understand’ –

No Man is an island.

Nuclear arsenal need ‘be phased out’ once and for all, if man has to be a Man, if not Man is phased out from the earth! (ends)


Ram Jethmalani, the nonagenarian Jurist, has so far been a role model for junior advocates owing to his qualities of hard work and never-say-die spirit. However, his recent conduct whilst defending Arvind Kejriwal has baffled his numerous fans and followers…Read more ›

via Eminent Jurist Ram Jethmalani Demands Rs. 2 Cr Fee Even As He Calls Client, Arvind Kejriwal, ‘Habitual Liar’

Trump and Modi – a ‘deadly combination’ to the Asia and Eastern Hemisphere; if one looks closely the way they place priorities on Terror as if they are not very Terror themselves! –

Professor (Emeritus) Gurumurti Balakrishnan – Free Lance j

Journalist/Advocate (Bombay High Court)

Under Art.21 read with Art 19 of the Constitution of India, Life and freedom of speech is the right of every Indian that is the ‘basic tenets’ of the Constitutional Fundamental rights under Part III of the the same very Constitution, so Art 368 expressly never permits any Indian Parliament to pass any constotutional amendment to fundamental rights declared expressly in Part III of the very Constitution – if one reads what CJI Mr S R Das (FB) held ‘setting aside Madras government order by duly reading – ‘Art 13(1) and Art 368’ (saying explicitelyParliament/ state Legislatures cannot change the term of the Constitution of India) in Champakkam Duraiswamy v St of Madras (1951) on theMadras government order for seat reservations for Medical and Engineering colleges in the then Madras State (now Tamil Nadu, Kerala,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh put together, but constituted as separate states as AP/Kanataka (forner state of Mysore added together)/Kerala, since reorganisation of States came into being in 1956) and by the 13 member bench in Kesavananda Bharati v St of Kerala(1980) (by clearly bypassing the idea of ‘prospective ruling’ by CJI. Mr. K.Subbha Rao in the Golaknath v st of Panjab(1966) – should be taken as the ‘ratio decidenti’ of Kesavananda.

But however, the Indian Parliament behaved ‘arbitrary’ obviously ,( by taking the idea of ‘prospective over ruling’ – that the ‘rule’ (can be) is ‘bypassed by the so called ‘ BJP led parliament’, when earlier amendment if is ‘ allowed’, the certain Acts were included in Sch IX to survive till the judgement of ‘Golaknath’; asprospective over ruling , an obvious ruling only in just Civil issues only; and ‘not’, on Constitutional issues (CJI mr SubbaRao failed to notice then) ;

American Constitution never had some fundamental rights as clearly demarkated, but ‘individual rights’ as established in 27 amendments only;

In Irish constitution or in the Constitution of India (1950) there are clear fundamental rights listed;

while ‘prospective ‘overruling’ doctrine is of American Origin, not, for Indian Judiciary to use in Constitutional issues, but ‘may use’, for some’civil’ issues, (India has a lot many civil issues too , that will be dealt with in an another article).

(Our problem today is what to use when, for what purpose is the greatest issue; if doubtful ‘ better not misuse’ is my sincere advice to any one.)

Carl Sagan rightly said ‘ignorance +power = deadly combination of combustible


Modi + Trump mix indeed would very seriously impact Indian economy very badly as Trump is asking Modi to change Indian Drug regulatory system in tuning with pharmaceutical lobbyists of US = Indian patients in India would face seriously financially, if not , need to take lnsurance coverage, in India too, like in U S

if Modi is yielding , as he is a business supporter, he may yield for rich people benefit and in the interests of business,;

‘Workers welfare is secondary for Trump as also is to Modi; ‘but they will talk volumes on workers welfare’, – a ‘normal connundrum of behavior of all business fellows’ all over the world, that way only , ‘workers collectives came into being’.

Modi is getting ‘Drones’ from USA (says a friendly gesture of Mr Trump,- ‘ (Mr Trump wants all over Muslims shd be decimated as he is plagued by ‘fears of immigration of Muslims’, in USA, a personal agenda for Mr Trump; Today USSC allowed Travel ban partially, a shot in Trump’s arm.

Modi’s personal agenda ‘he wants ‘Hindu India’, (as that is RSS agenda since its formation) (Modi is an RSS man himself) , like Trump’s Whites America’;

 what is the aim of both friends (Trump- Modi) is just to’ escalate’ further tensions between ‘Pak and India ;

  • already our relations is in ‘high voltage’ turmoil since separation of East pakistan (now Bangladesh);

– tension was there since 1947 blood bath for Independence from each other Hindu- Muslim and vice versa ;

– see what Iran is saying it will give support to Kashmiris, RSS is talking about removal of ‘Minority Affairs ministry altogether.

Obviously tensions will increase.

In fact situations are becoming like :

When a ‘democracy’ has been reduced to a criminal farce, legal niceties will be seen as insensitive & irrelevant’.

If we, Pakistan, are unwise, they, India and Afghanistan, are foolish’ said a Dawn correspondent in ‘ Dawn’ paper:

The fact is ‘India is made as foolish as USA’ by very USA, when you see joint communique of Trump and Modi’ on Modi’s visit to USA.

Any way Americans would sell drones at some billions of $ , Indians would pay through their nose, is obvious.

‘Tragedy if region is some Military trap,’ is anybody’s guess:

This could mean you will end up with continuous war or skirmishes like hundred years war between Pakistan and India and vice versa.

This is the great Modi’s USA trip.

Americans are smart salesmen , Indians’ political representatives in BJP are also smart businessmen – ‘who bothers about common man or ‘Man on the street’!

Both Trump and Modi are sanguine about ‘business’ interests in each other countries;

– Trump has ‘Trump towers’ business of Royalties as he promotes in all his foreign tours as was evident when in Saudi Arabia;

besides Trump’s objective reduce tax burden of the ‘Rich ‘ and ‘wealthy businesses’ (most know Trump never paid income taxes for several years, as he doesn’t want ,so too he wants a lot of rich and wealthy in the USA, to be in truck with him, also would say ‘Businessmen need not pay’ or pay just ‘pittance’ and he would spread the loss of tax on others middle class and poor, with his sole objective he never pays tax or pay very little even if out of office;

Same way . Modi wants ‘rich’ and ‘wealthy’ pay low taxes but loss of revenue is secured from ‘middle class’ or ‘poor’ by so called ‘Pay commissions’ to feed the government employees’ and the ‘poor ‘ be subsidised by some NREGA kind that means he would draw back from such subsidies through ‘indirect taxes – his strategy is GST idea of all indirect tax would be paid by consumers from any kind in retailares – (See now you will pay 18% on Banking services!).

while rich and wealthy is looked after under ‘depreciation’ modes; if he is some industrialist like Ambanis or traders (traders get ‘unconscienable’ profits from retail consumers – mostly very poor class ; the poor class can be palmed with ‘substandard good and services too like some middle classes who ( say bureaucrats live more by bribes (corruption only increased manifold times today) .

Bureaucrats don’t live by their salaries and allowances as most goes into their savings ; bribe income is their really looking after their ‘consumption of goods and services’(GST! drama);

Therefore, Modi also allows ‘agriculturists ‘ ‘No income taxes’ to them;

but poor agriculturists is ‘No one’s liability’ so they say, ‘better die by suicides’, if there is a draught, distraught famine, he achieves by this mechanism ;

– some kind of population reduction by his innovative strategy – but he would say ‘ I am for poor’ that way he will fool them;

Again jobs for ‘poor agriculture labor dwindles’ – idea is he need not create jobs for poorest agriculure labor;

and thus rich agriculturist ought to pay more wages that way he sees that he indirectly increases ‘wage increases’ this in turn would increase ‘input costs ‘ and ‘out put costs ‘ too increases that means;

middle class and poor as consumers would ‘end up paying more costs’ for agriculture products, so too services,;

like washerman gets for pressing the clothes of different varieties he charges service charges heavily varies from each type of cloth or sarees but who meets very middle class , apart from bureaucrats surviving by bribes, other non government employees pay through their noses :

so costs are just escalating day by day by one kind of juggliery or the other – so you can make out Modi is like Trump another New rich’ man ideologues.

Likewise , Trump just cheated  poor coal miners(coal today replaced by solar energy in the USA) assuring them he will give them more jobs better wages – how he would, when coal mines are closed as alternative energy like solar is catching up by leaps and bounds.

All business men all world over same or similar kind of strategy cheaters –

now many CEOs he met mostly Indian origin and some trump types , they live at the cost of consumers – india has a big market of consumers;

– as middle class alone in 1990s stood at 300 millions now the figure should have shot up if we check consumer index figures today will bear out the facts –

India is indeed biggest market next to chinese (but today chinese are smarter than Indians obviously and even a lot of Americans;

so Trump doesn’t get along well with China like India for different reasons).

So both business heads meeting their own personal business goals only, goes further and further.

Nothing meaningful to ‘middle class or poor’ of india would get by Modi’s USA visit but at the cost of tax payers moneys – Modi makes dramatic jaunts here and there :

He tries to see his own RSS man in Mr Kovind to take over as the next president of India, as ‘none knows Mr Kovind’s credentials’, except some advocate at Delhi where he fought for some BJP minister Bangaru Laxman’s case;

but for that, ‘nothing big cases’ are cited by anyone so far ; –

see Ms Meira Kumar clearly says what she can do as president by her letters to electoral college MPs and MLAs, by quoting ‘duties’ ;

– so far Mr Kovind did not say what as a president is his duty is; obviously some big ‘Rubber stamp’ of Modi’s PMO’s.[Ends]