i have to say Americans are born freedom lovers

judicial process

Today judicial reviews have become more needed than n the past.

Today politicians as ministers misuse their power of law making as law makers without any any adequate rhyme or reason, that way more and more writs surface as a normal legal remedy in India under Art 226 in all  state’s high courts and under Art.32 in Supreme Court of India.

Indeed, indian constitution gave india most powerful constitutional courts, compared to any anywhere in the world.

U S Constitution  vide Art III  vests .. the judicial power  in one Supreme Court and in any lower court that Congress may  establish. One needs to note, once lower courts are established automatically power is also given automatically that is the speciality of US judicial system but in India, one needs to wait to the lawmakers position on the power..In that way Art 124 is tried to be mangled by Indian parliament …

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