Absurdity is Act of God, as so far none correctly know who is God, when so how you can rely on such clause Act of God as such..In fact God is supposed to exist in every living being, that is Conscience . if you have Conscience  you know  in a car accident that the car driver hit the  victim, driver knows he hit the victim due to his failure to rightly apply breaks to avoid the accident.

When so called insurance company substitutes itself in the place of driver by taking some so called premiums under different hazards but the said so called insurance company takes umbrage under Act of God, after all insurance company is a legal person, no real living being, so it has no conscience while conscience only  is God which always is in all living beings only, when so insurance company being inanimate some find, that works on so called Act of God created by legislatures law making methods, that way law makers proved themselves to be some mechanical machines like producing repeated stereotyped positions under so called contracts and take umbrage under contract Act  but again gives itself some so called exceptions, that way exceptions are just mechanically accepted by courts which are supposed to deliver fair and reasonable justice, but why not?

Reason is no application of courts’ living existing mind, though it could use judicial review to discipline unruly statutes  by doctrine of severabilty, and could cause injecting sensibility of uncommon common sense, is it not?