The HRD ministry in India seems a funny phenomenon of Modi government.

I sometimes wonder how the said ministry can distribute tax payers moneys for SC/STs or other Classes just to appeace them  by giving all the full fees of rs.2 lacs per student of SC/ST students, in the name of so called reservation. Whose fathers moneys Modi government wants to  pay, while other  general categories of people have to meet all Rs 2 lacs as tuition fees.

It is obvious defective system. Now about 10 lacs persons got fake certification as STs only in Maharashtra state alone.

Similarly a lot of other states about 29 or 30 would have similar fake certificated STs alone.

Why the honorable Supreme court suo motu question these irrational ideas, of the Modi government, under a judicial review, after all Modi govt Lok sabha has 186 criminal police cases on them and some are facing trials; when so , the honorable SC  ought to buckle up and need to question, as there is no Article in the Constitution of India criminal background MPs masquerade the Lok sabha.

It shows the honorable Supreme court is some kind of non functional guardian of the constitution, how the citizens can trust this court of cowardice, one is bound to think.

In fact governments are not to interfere higher education at all, after all it is the responsibility of the governments to supervise the elementary, middle , maximum upto secondary education, never the governments are capable of running higher education all over the world, why  the people of india have to be stoically  accept these mad men ideas.

Every  one knows SIT =Spl investigation  tribunal is under appointment in mahrashtra on the ST fake certificated so called public servants  since 1976 just raping the STs quota and this CM talks he would not take action on these worthies, what kind of governance Modi government and other BJP state governments talk.

It is all the more important some PILs should surface on these issue all over india as also at the honorable supreme court of India, else these vote catching politicians pollute the principle of constitutionalism with the presence of cowardice High courts and Supreme court in india as these judges want some after retirement Sinecures that way they turn  Nelson’s eye on all these kinds wrong doings by government.

These courts could have struck down the reservations of BCs/OBCs/spl OBCs once they found goverment went along creamy layer ideas by way of statutes advanced. It is obvious mostly the fake certificated SC/ST/OBC/BC/spl OBC communities produced new castes ‘Fake certificated caste individuals, in government services violate the fundamental rights of citizens as these ‘fakes’ can never be authentic citizens to enjoy any fundamental rights or constitutional rights, any more or any longer.

If one properly understands constitution, like in Writs none who is not clean cannot move Writs, so obviously cannot enjoy the constitutional benefits.

I do not understand what kind of judges are there in the high courts or the Supreme courts when the country is robbed right and left.

Any reader of this blog can move PILs in all the constitutional courts as these constitutional courts are no longer some meaningful constitutional courts any more

(part 1 of the blog)