Wisdom is the ‘Antidote’ for all Confusions, solace for fears, Sir!’
By Guru Balkrishnan

Religions are said to be ‘Laughter and of Fun’ , said Acharya Rajnesh Yogi, that way he made whole world , by his Wisdom just made bow the whole world of Conservative thoughts fear him, so Some countries say about 21 countries did not allow him to enter their countries, why USA also feared him though in the state of Oregom , he could found a 5000 people township with almost every house was fully air conditioned in the commune called Rajenseshpuram, as his views just made every one just follow him, though every one questioned him and his secretary, and yet a lot loved to be within his communune means , people want ‘laughter and fun’, should be the religion for them too that really attracted the new idea of religion; but in fact, it was not a new thought;

when you see in Mahabharata, Dwarakha became such a ‘commune’ then;

that attracted a lot; and the ruler Krishna was called just Lord, as he gave great impetus to ‘love’ of humans for their own forms.

In fact , both ‘Pandavas and Kauravas’ vied with each other for ‘his grace’, during the Kurushetra war.

Kauravs was supposed to have hated him, but only wanted him to be their patrons by all means.

Same such idea, Acharya Rajnesh, as a modern philosopher, sold his ‘ideas’, of a new religious order, wherein he advocated:

‘Live as you want’ as everyone wanted to live so;

that way he got over 7,50,000 followers in a short span of time;

where men and women enjoyed what they loved, under the idea of ‘Exstasy’ , same kind was prevalent in Dwarakha too.

Like Dwarakha ended so too, ‘Rajaneshpuram commune’, with internal rivalry of very people, there called ‘Sanyasins’;

they traded all kinds of confrontations among themselves;

and Lord Krishna was killed by a Hunter after the Kurushetra war;

so too , Achrya was similarly killed at his 58th year in 1990;

in a short span of his experiment of new ‘religious philosophy order’, between 1983 to 1990;

though the people said he had died but fact is otherwise.

Wisdom is the ‘antidote’ for all confusions, solace for fears, is proved time and again, if you go through the History of mankind.

History has a historical determination as Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan said, that parliamentary democracy, that was the originayl norm of early confederacies. That everyone could have seen since the days of Gopas of Dwarakha, Even Krishna was a chieftain of such confederacy, the same you saw in Vaisali wherefrom Buddha came into being, so, these chieftains were men of high responsibility, one could have seen, since then.

Even Padavs and Kauravs are same kind of confederacy chieftains, but Kauravs were misguidedmen, while Pandavs were really responsible chieftains of confederacies.
So, Dr. Radhakrishnan, rightly said ‘Historical Determination’ when India got the ‘democratic’ government, like that old confederacy governance, nothing more,is simple fact.

Fact is, ‘Never people gave up their own control’, for people had wisdom
of controlling their own ‘chieftains’;

‘As long as the chieftain worked responsibly he continued as chieftain, to ensure that responsibility, they were provided so many persons, in his council, every one such is called aa Ministers.

This story survived all over the world in the same way.

Not something new, one need to understand, if one is a ‘wiseman’ bestowed with robust common sense. That is what Radhakrishnan said, under hiistorical determination.

Some Kaurav types emanated, with Shakuni kind politicians today, you have modern Duryodhanas, bestowed with ‘Durbuddhi’ – ‘crafty ideas’ to cheat the very electors. History repeats.

Judges if they become ‘Pals’, to these men in power, ‘people’ (citizens) get rough deals;

obvious, it is, you cannot be over whelmed with high sounding titles or designations as ‘public servants’ under so called Articles like Art 12 and the lirike.

Such men are your PM or CMs and their so called council of ministers, you should know, fellow citizens!

See, friends, now in Maharashtra state, ‘Fake Tribals’ is like a ‘laughter and funfrolick of Politics’ of India, a new religion, you see like Rajnesh yogi concocted his ‘sexploitation’ based religion.

In fact, the ministers are some kind of ‘Fake-caste-certificate-sexy-ploiters’ one can christen them!

When ministers do, ‘you call great legislative act, but citizen does it, you call, ‘illegal’, though citizen is indeed ‘dejure ‘ sovereign; but these legislator-worthies are just ‘defacto’ representatives.

You see your’great’ Chief Minister in Mr. Devenmdra Fadnavis, in ‘Tribal Advisory Council’, as chairman seemed to have said:

‘It’s not easy to take action against such a large number of people, who could be in their lakhs. There could be huge social and ‘Political’ ramification.’

What he is trying to say, that is ‘Wisdom’. ( but absolute ‘BS’)

What we did by ‘Reservations’ idea floated by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar for SC/ST community; he obviously, allowed people in Politicians like VP Singh, in1980s, (though it was happening since 1976 on), to take it, as a toss:

that way he used for ‘BC/OBC/SBC/NT/DT’ reservation idea so that his idea to get a vote bank (politics) came into being;

he just tried to use: what exactly, Mr,Ramsay McDonald as British PM then in British , did then.

India played by his idea of ‘Divide and Rule’, which perpetuated as also religiously followed by the great idea of ‘Partition of Bengal’; which some ‘Indian Politicians’ other than MK Gandhi touted for.

What ramifications, we got secured, you all know, (as you are no chidren – even small children are very clever!), I need not have to explain further.

What Devendra Fadnavis as CM does is ‘clever ploy’, that everyone did, in the past:

ie. ‘justifying a ‘wrorng’, what V.P. Singh, as PM in 1980s did;

So, Dr. B. R.Ambedkar did;

so Ramsay McDonald or Lord Curzon did;

so too, every so many in, right from the Ancient Indian History down today;

just ‘crying wolf’, on some so called wrongs done to castes’ (when really there is no where in the history of man some castes as such!;

so Yudhistra in Mahabharatha also said;

‘how can you determine a caste when women only give birth to childen and every man marries any woman from any caste, what caste you can say the progeny belongs to, besides every woman has been several times sexually assaulted too, like in a conquered country) –

Can two wrongs become Right? Think gentlemen, if you have that great robust ‘common sense’.

Again, you see, only ‘sheperds and cowherds’, moved in flocks, they everytime followed their own right and wrongs, in the general history of mankind.

Jesus from sheperds; and Lord Krishna from cowherds, all of you know.

They only founded the religions;

So Achaya Rajnesh Yogi rightly said:

‘religion is some laughter and fun’, how you can deny his
considered philosophical research?

He rightly resigned professorship, as he rightly realized, when you read, ‘books’ in a class, you only talk about some decades old thoughts that have undergone several changes by ‘research’ and the like… ‘so he said, ‘No more BS, at least by Me’.

He was honest thinker’.

So world respects, as he rightly defined:
‘respect = re-inspect’.

He correctly said, ‘your governments take years to sanction simple requests, and wants bribes, better i do things like illegal constructions in Pune’ in his commune.

He said, just because of him, pune became a great tourist destination and enabled Maharashtra earn a great tourist revenue.
Government paid him not even a ‘farthing’.

That is your governance principle.

Laloo prasad Yadav did same kind of ‘trick in Bihar’ like VP Singh, so too Mulyam singh Yadav ‘in UP’;

so every where, by so ‘crafty-clever communities’ just ‘wanted to ‘grab’, all plum things of life.

Therefore, Acharya rightly ‘phoo pooed’(made a great fun), on the ‘religions, in his discourses;

and rightly said, ‘religions are just master pieces of’ ‘laughter and fun’;

similarly funny pphoney politicians today, play ‘the religions and castes’,

when there is ‘nothing in fact’ in so called ‘castes or religions’;

but convenient mechanisms, just to hoodwink people;

so you have some Asaram Bapus, and so many funny god men we produced in India, entered into sexploitations, and even raped forcibly.

Yet they a not convicted as on date; besides they destroy evidences, obviously through political patronage.

All these godmen have some ‘leadership’ qualities (as found in LBDQ(Stodhill), since 1960s (used in training and development)(today used for training managers today as also Supervisors):

Just religious preachers use the ‘same technics’ just, to fool the people, like by the political leaders, of one kind or the other, all through the history;

you had seen Chanakya in Nandas rule, Alexander in Macedonia, Julius caesar in Rome, so Moses in Jerusalem, Mohammed in Arabia, Ashoka, Kanishka, Buddha saibaba and so on in India.

Then new avatars , in satya saibaba, today Sri Sri and like them ever so many;
they simply psychologically arrest you by ‘hypnotism’ or some such vehicles;

so too politicians in every political outfit, likefrom Karl Marx, oliver Cromwell, Robert Clive, Tippu Sultan, Akbar,and so on.

In fact Acharya Rajnesh Yogi rightly made ‘fun of all these guys.’

Any religious teacher is intending to oversell the idea of ‘renunciate’.(saying , if you are raped, these worthies say, just be the ‘an observer never get disturbed, so just accept, as if you do not care’.

You can appreciae this factor when he said

‘any book published is already several decades old thought. Indeed it is indeed a great fact.

As ‘reservationists’ sold the idea ridiculously some several decades old thought, that the ‘non existent’ ‘castes’ were exploited by ‘equally non existent’ upper castes ;

Okay if so what, does that several years old idea of ‘fake’ exploitation is there today by the so called upper castes, obviously cannot is the real fact, in that so called ‘doctrine of exploitation’, whether those so called lower castes ;(in fact those so called exploited castes only ruled then too!)

‘So called exploited caste’ have had a great idea to convert ‘Non Exploitation’ as ‘Exploitation ;

obviously, they started new way of Exploitation of the other ‘so callled’ upper castes today.

Obviously Exploitation prevails that means:

‘ Exploitation’ as such, that is like a ‘Circumferance’ concept;

, as no one could say where is the beginning and where is the end of Exploitation Cycle once and for all?

In fact, we are hell bent to continue ‘Exploitation Cycles, like the religious ‘high priests’ for ever.

Likewise, the TAC – Tribal Advisory Committe’ is perpetuating by allowing the ‘Fake Tribals’ as a new caste, in Maharashtra, is greatly Obvious.

That means political classes as such perpetuate ‘ Exploitation’ with new idea of exploitation called ‘Fake castes’;

if Devendra Fadnavis Committee allows ‘Existence’ of those lakhs of ‘fake castes’ in public service, an another kind of political patronage, obvious flouting of the ‘constitutional tenets’.

Do you think a great ‘Wisdom’ surfaced?

Do you think other conscious robust common sense people would tolerate?

Do you think that there would be no social unrest in the country?

Do you think the people are ‘nincompoofs’, even if the Judiciary also ‘joins’ this our great TAC ‘gangster monstrous idea of pardoning these ‘Fakes’?

Do you think, the Advocacy would ‘die’, a natural death, at the incompetency of the state government , even if the so called Modi government supports Fadnavis idea of salavaging the ‘Fake caste certificate’ holders, for so called ‘vote bank’ politics’ ?

Do you think, people have become ignorant as in several centuries before?
Fat fact is now we have a ‘new religious political class’ is surfacing, so social and cultural civilization too;

Would it not cause New Restoration (in India) like under Oliver Cromwell in the then King James I Britain;

or the King John of England(1215) who had to sign a Magna Carta;

today in India new Restoration simply would close down these so called ‘political parties’ once and for all;

as people are not concerned with any political party/ies survival;

but the people would assert ‘Freedom of thought and Expression’ under Art 19 read with Art 21 -’Life’ and Liberty

Similarly the People, who could not take him (Rajnesh, tried to drive him, from place to place, from 21 countries;

and yet he survived as people supported his ideas or ideology of religious practices in India, as they were fed up with religious practices prevailing in India, under so many ‘covers’.

People are taken for granted by magic taunts perpetrated Swamijis under different garbs, obviously just to fool the people, by so called, ‘Tantrams’.

He really drove the western ‘sanyasins ’ mad and for granted.

Yet He was careful not to ‘over sell’, the same ideas to indian audiences, except rich and wealthy for they are longing for ‘sexploitation’, like Rajneshji.

He really being intelligent sold the idea, that there cannot be democratic idealism, but only arbitrary moves by politics of religion;

as long as people are greatly enjoyed sexploitation.

You could have seen so many Swamijis used it like Asaram Bapu, Nandakumar in Gujarat and Bangalore respectively.

Man has an inherent insatiable desire to ‘rule over’ another human being, for any reason.

Object is of ‘over selling indian philosophy’, as long as there is a market for such ‘trash’ ideas.

Vijay Mallayya by King Fisher Airways surfaced by great ideas of Proful Patel, as a Minister for civil aviation from great political outfit called NCP floated by Sharad Pawar:

who used all ‘bad characters’, in every party to help him run his great NCP, as a party;

which is a great Exploiting Party in the Maharashtra:

conveniently used by the Sonia Gandhi to run her so called UPA I and II in the last 10 years;

To just rape the tax payers moneys, by her cohorts like the DMK, and others under great PM-ship of great Dr. Manmohan Singh, most ‘incompetent’ ‘Economist’ PM india ever ha;

, as he was some kind of defacto PM, like defacto parliamentarians, for he was just a Rajya sabha member all through 10 years of his premiership, contrary to constitutional principles.

He in fact, cheated obviously by his great ‘Economic theory’, as he himself never questioned economic theories, like a great thinker but he exploited that great economic theory, like a great ‘good man’ innocenti.

He played ‘innocenti’ so well, that allowed him to exploit the people’s privacy under his great idea of Aadhar card;

by his great idea of exploting ‘eye iris’ of citizens , indeed a great security hazard under unique identifacation theory with the great help of Nilenkeni of Infosys technologies.

Exploitation galore since 1976 went on by all sorts of roadside politicians, I would certainly call them, why by every man of robust common sense, – indeed Common Sense is Uncommon as Frijit Copra rightly called.

Tell what is wisdom? (part 1)