Basic purpose of  Rule of Law  is avoidance of Tyrranical  Laws and/or Tyrranical  Execution (like Income  Tax/ Central Excise  firstly!!! And there are so many statutes of the whole system of Indian governments both at union and at states!!!!!!) { as Law is  itself a smooth flow mechanism like a lubricant in a Motor car!!)


  • Montesquieu


                  • Dr. Guru Balakrishnan


Prescription by Montesquieu :


Rule of Law is for public so too the King (governance system):


Quality of Mercy  – why it seasons Justice – just b ecause any governance out to be mellow and f ought to be people friendly, if not you have to maintain ‘equal number soldiers’ if any untoward thing happens; indeed it is an impossible proposition;


People would bend so long as his bending is not really very painful; if painful extremely, there erupts the so called ‘Civil War’.


Therefore, Montesquieu rightly said  ‘Rule of Law is  (itself) avoidance of Tyrranical Laws and Tyrranical Enforcements, so mellow, so smooth, an essential ingriedient of any great ‘Democracy’.


Albert Davies too said:


Essential ingriedients of Law:


  1. Law is only absolute supremacy over regulatory Rules:
  2. Law is ‘Equal’ to all; no partiality at all; (for partiality might bring in anarchy)( as is caste based Reservations, then Creamy layer reservations, today Fake Castecertificated new Reservation, …many more might surface as Reservations …in the fasionable – new political party systems as in India…:
  3. Access to the Justice , and development of Law, by the Judges (by judicial reviews on statutes as also Constitutional amendments in India – a great country of surging constitutional amendments….);


Political parties simply too many like in  Great India, unlike the USA/ the UK/ the Europe where mostly two party systems prevail – in India, every alternate man needs one party or the other obviously telling that the people are not happy with two reasonably big political outfitsCongress, and the other – BJP .


More the political parties, more the troubles are usually common. No uniform thinking even in the one group of politicia ns, leading to splinters:

From Congress came NCP in India; so also from Communists came – Communist Maxist CPM, Naxals.


No point talking on all other state political parties; they are only just very hot headed, unfit to be  some meaningful governments. They just do not undersandand what to? They do not understand what is a project is? They only know how much money their party need to net , nothing more nothing less – obviously ‘No meaningful Programs’; If they have  not enoug

H moneys they would rap,  kill, loot, a  nd the like – modern day ‘day-robbery gang’ one may   fthem; So I am not giving any credence, but they make their share like protecting or security of some garrages, shops, mills, some industries, what not; besides two large parties give them some kind of help, due to their nuisance value only and nothing else – it means some new employment opportunity to otherwise none would in normal course appoint them is obvious.


Nothing much on all these outfits. Even some employees in Google might be woried of them . So they would not allow you to write on them in detail!


These worthoes use ‘Fear’ as their weapon of warfare on people.


Rule of Law if you talk to them, they would say why it is not applicable on him he would say, and  boldly say police men need to depend on us, or we finish the police man ; but could not happen during British  Days, I had seen these kind of people why they  were physically very strong then more these men; but they would sulk when a puny police man with a ‘lathi’ walks the area; today they are some great ‘political workers’ – fact is they know nothing anything in any decent way – they are basically highly ‘Depressed Psychotics’ – such kinds are increasing today such men beat their wives or divorce them at random; so some women too became equally good , that means that lady would chastise that man at home too. Such men and women filled political outfits you can call; you can identify them on the road – they would behave more than any normal person; They are hen pecked ; else that lady would chastise him in a very right way no police man may know;


Our police personnel  mostly are not brave but just persons talking too big of themselves, perhaps they would tell you how connected is he or her! These things are daily occcurings; Some lawyers not earning well fall in to this group ; and would handle bails by charging unconscienable fees too; but in these fellows cases they would serve as their abject servants, that you can see in every police station; problem is more supply of lawyers with legal knowledge but with some degrees, like it happened glaringly in AAP party, all might know, what fake law degrees, very normal, some too are touts masquerading as Advocates in local magistrate courts, courts men also know buy they get their ‘mamuls’ like policemen get or police station gets, promoted by state governments in place.


We talk big  big things some big ideals; just on some paper tigers only.


Today I was reading what professor Hamid Ansari spoke, a scion of CJ Shah Sulaiman of Allahabad Court during the British.


Poorman is forced upon a job by the government on him to make the judges of Allahabad high court to adopt some ‘judicial Restraint’ by quoting CJ Mr Stone but judicial restraint never works in the USSC too, recently USSC overturned circuit decition in Evanson v ….. Wherein the Court ruled Electorate need to include even immigrants, aliens in the township, that cannot be limitted to just only American citizens delivered by J Mr Gainsberg , recent appointment in place of drowned J. Mr. Antanioo Scalia, appointed by president Mr Obahma.


Actually this decition  affected   Republicans in Texas, they Republicans cried wolf, but nothing happened, USSC is Supreme, true state courts invariably viley there too. Lawyers there are called vultures like here in lower courts any client or accused or Accused in jail is really targetted.
I have seen personally. Every where all kinds are there. But public need be careful. During judges elections there things are different in states, unlike in India, here no election.


Here, politicians talk about advanced countries thinking all people in India are just depend upon their inputs, a wrong notion. I travel almost every year for 3 or 6 months depening upon time availability, different countries in both hemispheres more frequesntly after the beginnng of 21st century.


Even  Allahabad HC Mr. CJ Dhananjay Chundrachud  did his Jus.D in the USA. \


I wonder how politicians try to talk great wrong knowledge, poor man Ansari is taken for granted by the speech writer obviously  BJP govt some law officer or some IFS-man or so;


Non-Leadership factor theory:


French-phrase: Implies –


‘The ‘Laissez-faire’,  leader  takes ‘hands off , let things-ride’ approach

                         (Market based/dependent) .


This leader abdicates responsibility, delays decisions, gives no feed back,

                       and makes ‘little effort’ to help followers  satisfy  their needs. There is no  

                       Exchange with followers or attempt to help them grow.

   E.g. of Laissez-faire leader is the president of a small manufacturing firm who calls no

           Meetings with plant supervisors, has no long range plans for her  or his company,

           and makes no contact with Employees.’.




is based on Laissez faire principle just dependent on markets, i do not understand  

what Mr Hamid Ansari talks about – whether he understood , what is he talling    



When things just depends on market demand and supply what the government

could do?


Market structure:


Market demand = industry demand, and the firm’s demand – possible to compute  

                             price elasticities and income elasticities for either kind.


One would expect of an individual firm’s  demand to be greater than that of

                              Industry demand, since company faces competition from similar products of   

                              rival firms ,


Firm’s  demand function could include ‘variables’  related to prices charged by    

                              Competitors and their promotional  activity;


Such as:

Variables  often take  the form of a ‘ ratio of  the firm’s price to an                                                    

                                               Industry average price and ratio of the firm’s outlay for promotion to    

                                               the estimated  industry total outlay. The precise relationship

                                               between   industry demand and firm’s demand depends on the

                                               nature of competitition within the industry – on the structure of the    



Indians seems no bearings on ‘globalization’ it appears.


There need be no controls what so ever, only free up export and import conditions. Else, you will strangle business. You cannot make possible to sell all good things cheaply by your so called ‘cash assistance.  But precisely do what not to be done. See the USA do they do what you do? sorry


Without ‘Laissez faire’ concept there is no market driven economy. Government needs to keep its hands away from market; There is no management, except normal rule of law of contracts and las of crimes, constitutional conditions, not so called some new statutes should come up.


If business man can export let him if not let him not; if he can import let him, if not let him not;  is called free market economy; PVN knew better than you all fellows put together; so if viable let businessman take risk; not the people of india through the so called government; Government wasts tax payers funds; wastes executive time of the state in an area not its right concern; so what you do not know

, better not indulge is the rule of law as well.


Americans take good nutritious food; but indians like some one sells his person too in the name of export that is not globalization all Indians must know; what you do you make poorer more and more unhealthier, that is not globalization friends.

What Indian government does is Tyrranical Laws and its implementation is equally Tyrranical, Mr, Professorsab!


You are taken for granted by unwisemen in government.
Wisdom is serve one who is really wise doing things what he knows not any copying man . No copy can ever be Exact. (Ends)