…..Were all part of great ILLUSION….

Eventually you died, every such ‘wish’ turned out to be a great ‘Wishful ‘ thinking only.

It all left behind.

All these things craved for,  worked for,  slaved for, WHERE was the point in them?

Said Prothima Bedi,(Gowri) an ‘Oddissi’ dancer, though born in  wealthy Haryanvi-Bengali, with so many linked in different  cultures, simply taken for granted girl, lady, by all kinds of men of power, pelf, and politics, simply used her like a ‘toilet paper’.

All that mattered  was the ‘Present’, she concludes.

Just at her tenth year she was rapped by her cousin  regularly daily, and, she could not complain, as she was not a beautiful girl with thick lips, brownish girl, and her grand parents never wanted her as their son’s second daughter. They  adored the first daughter not second, is the main issue.

Her mother loved her.

In fact, Haryanvi  grand parents did not like their son loving a Bengali girl; in fact, he had to leave his parents and had to slog as some worker at New Delhi, leaving Haryana where his father was a successful businessman; he too was; but ‘love’ for a Bengali girl affected him; but he was steadfast lover.  So Prothima says, ‘Love’ as an ‘illusion’ so too in her own life too she experienced, similar problems, she just became a sex kitten, as she was rapped by her cousin, since her 10th year.

She had education at Panchgani, near Nasik, as she lived major part of her life in Maharashtra, schooled, but she was taken for granted; therefore she says, one has to get along with  the ‘Present’, ‘Now’ or never, only;

She had a great connections like with very high and mighty men like   kingmaker Barrister Rajni Patel who only  made Antulay or Sharad Pawar, the CM  of Maharashtra, as he was smt Indira  Gandhi man. All knew she was the most powerful PM of India then in 1980s.

So she rightly says, ‘Security’ means big Nothing.

Ms. Bakul Patel,  wife of  Rajni Patel never liked Protima’s closeness to Rajni Patel though Protima was just like a daughter like girl.

‘Affection’ is an ‘Illusion’, as Rajni Patel could not get her close to him at his death bed, but Sharad Pawar msde it possible to see Rajni Patel on his hospital bed, then; that way ‘Care’ could not make her possibly with Rajni as he too loved her  any, then; and enjoyed sex with her, in his own way, as she was very accommodative to him.

Hence, she says, ‘Care’ is as well as great ‘Illusion’;

Even Kabir Bedi who married her, had two children with her , and had passionate sex with her did not last long.

She says, many might tell she was a most successful in life but fact is an illusion she describes.

What  Life mean?

She says ‘Life’ is a gift to have.  What more one could want, she  says.

She says , ‘you are not born, you’e not dead’ but, just you’e a visitor to earth, like ‘Urvashi’ several times landed and went back; Like that we come and go.

Similar view Osho also held, we do not come, so we are not born , but an illusion and we do not die that too an illusion; but we are all visitors to Earth and go back ; Indeed both were contemporaries and both passed away before end of 1990. She came in 1949;But he came in 1931 and he moved out  in 1990;she in 1998.