Apropos your ‘dna’ 4th issue, on ‘70%  Corporators involved in illegal buildings’…’despite complaints from RTI activists and residents, civic body fails to take action. by Rahul M Tavde.


I agree with the report.


Problem is, no body understands what is a Democracy meant ‘by the people, for the people and to the people’


Three positions never mean nexus with each other is the essence of Democracy, that is obvious vital clear separation of powers.


Therefore three positions are Judiciary, Executive and Legislature.


In any Corporation, Corporators (law makers), Commissioners (Executive) and normal Judiciary not linked to the Corporation.


Therefore, all three always need to be  questioning each other vice versa, to work for the peoples protection in the corporation. So also in  the State, or the Nation.


But in the corporation both corporators and executive is in nexus ; NGOs fight the nexus by filing cases in the courts, as always Executive curry favors from the corporators, that way the police a part of corporation toes the line of the along with other fellow executives like commissioners and others, to hush up, that is what makes even the FIRs are just scuttled by police if one attempts to file.


That way in the British era when the police fails to take an FIR from pblic, the public can move directly to the judicial magistrate by filing a private complaint with the magistrate; under Cr.P.C , a procedure code.


But today judicial magistrates in most cases do not entertain the private complaints, that is obviously a very serious ‘felony’ one can move the High court under art 226 r/w 227 for writ mandamus to the Magistrates concerned.


Pity today all three in the Municipal corporation areas seems to be functioning in nexus is  obvious.


I can cite a case here, I sent private complaint on behalf of a client by way of private complaint u/s 125 of Cr.p.c. to the Panvel judicial Magistrate some time in a case of an ‘Khade’ community lady, in 2011 or so, but the court has not taken cognizance as her son had several times approached the court, none gave any proper response to him , he is one Khade, as the issue is connected to a policeman of Aurangabad where her husband, father of that police man, under  bigamy living, so nexus is obvious, when I told the boy khade son of the first wife he told me that his father with the help of the policeman son out of the bigamous lady would eliminate him or his mother, the fear psychosis is there in that family living near Panvel, i did not press further.


If I wanted i would have seen that magistrate is duly punished by the honorable high court  of Bombay;


The nexus is so much between the law makers, executive and some part of judiciary at lower levels, that way even the CM Fadnavis is trying to protect the faked caste certificate holders numbering about a lakh fellows functioning just only in Maharashtra , as so called public servants since 1976, per your dna report, which is an investigative report by a dna reporter.


Now Aurangabad bench stayed the CM committee  idea to regularize such faked caste certificated men in public service, i do not understand how Maharashtra civil service regulations protect those faked men ; so the court said better you pass a statute we may allow; but any one moving a writ under Art 14 r/w 226 r/w 227 obviously wpuld declare sch a statute ‘Ultra vires’ the constitution of india;


This position might clear a thought all three wings need to fight for their own rights but judiciary under the constitution is supreme over other two wings as the custodian,


Once the statute is declared ultra vires the constitution; naturally same old position on the faked caste fellows would dawn; obviously all those one lakh fellows need to be dismissed from service; they cannot move the high court or supreme court as their hands are tainted; so they cannot move any writs at all.


Here coming back, the honorable High Court of Bombay can suo motu take on the NMMC and the corporators can be arrested and investigated upon for their involved they could be convicted for felony and may be sent to jail under rigorous imprisonment nothing less than two years; they cannot contest as Corporator.


People as citizens need to question such men or women , citizens need not vote them that way election commission rightly provided a slot in the voting machine ..’none voted’..


people need to have guts to fight back vehemently;


see there is an article art 102(c) in the constitution, it says no reservation even under ‘economically weaker sections; when so how creamy layers or other backward could get  reservations, under fake statistics of Mondal commission. it is as good as your maharashtra faked caste certificated men since 1976 all over india; people need raise their voice;


If people do not raise their voice politicians would take the people for granted, that is the 68 years of experience of the great Indian Independence; yea Mahatma Gandhi warned on the eve of independence in 1947 itself.


thank you for your article on corporators to enlighten the public who read your dna as a local paper. keep up the tradition to fight back the politicians public would sport you, no police can attack you if they support wrong politicians who rob the people.


Dr. Guru Balakrishnan PhD ML

professor emeritus

kharghar sector 20, bhoomiraj complex, a/5, sandalwood

flat 104; ph 27740069