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What is ‘Gyana -shakthi’ (Knowledge based on Wisdom) and ‘Kriya shakhthi’ (actions based on Wisdom)


By  Prof. (Acharya). Dr. Guru Balakrishnan. PhD M.L


Gyana (Jnana) -Shakti (Knowledge based Wisdom)  and on ‘Kriya-Shakthi’ (Knowlege based action of Man) (so too of Animals and all amphibians). Every living creature is itself a ‘Creator’himself or herself like very God.




Gynana shakthi is called (Medha = Wisdom based knowledge);

Kriya shakthi is called a ‘ Tapas ‘ based ;


Obviously, ‘Manusha’ = Humans (Men)  includes all Animal world, as Man several times behaves like ‘ignorant person’.



(just illustrative only and you can add many depending on your own life experieces, that can be some of your own ‘Upanishadic thoughts’, so any one can write from his or her real life experiences can objectively write the thoughts, by just being impartial observers, then in Aranya vasam , living in forests as a single person, once one spouse dies or one takes to ‘sanyasa’ (mostly people choose to walk out of his famiy) l(leaving all properties and all that he held close to his chest) and the one chooses  to live all alone without any assistance  – else spouses will be ‘selfish’(indeed true, you see why you people get things for your grand children and their children, you can realise) is the basic concept )


Root cause of all trouble is ‘Desire for wealth or anything in material form. So In Aranya ashram, he just despices all’ material form wealth, is the paradigm propagated by this last ‘dharma’ called ‘Aranyam’.


This material wealth problem has caught in every part of the universes. So Stephen Hawkins recently said in his research reveals some more powerful  beings are likely to reach this earth, as we (men) unnecessarily contacting them, that will be [perhaps the end of this ‘human’s civilization, jst because those beings just could vanquish man- humans just in ‘No time’ frame, it is stated in the latest research…yes, ‘we started internet, that would extend their reach on us – Humans, it is believed – what is once acceptable would soon turn into very bad proposition.


We have an experience in Nuclear power, of what happened in Hiroshima, Nagasaki in Japan in 1946, or in Chernobyl (Ukraine) (Russia) (USSR), in the 1980s (now it is said it would take about 1000 years to rever the position of very Chernobyl as a township as then on;y some people or kiving beings may/ can survive as is presumed now;


In 2004, we experienced ‘Tsunami’ due to underground earthquakes in Aceh (Java)(indonesia). That took a toll about a lac of people in the area covering the Indian ocean, like Sri Lanka,Taiwan, Malasia, some parts of Australia (North zones) , India, and so on…


so also in Bhopal Union Carbide ‘Isocynate’ explosion which just killed about 20,000 persons and a lot many disabled in various ways;


We saw in Fakushima (Japan) in 2011 or 2012, in Dai- chi thermal power plant explosions, due to flooding the reactors just gave in deadly radiation.


Fact is any ‘advancement ‘  materially has a lot of consequences is a great facr, after all any material desire in bound to have its side bad effects too is again and again confirmed by natural events , like Plateu plates in india and other countries relevant to the plateau got affected and seriously suffered, due to Tsunami caused  by earthquake in 2004.


Therefore, how well the Upanishads reveal the facts  is no exaggeration. Nature adjusts to new series of effects naturally besides by ‘Man made ‘ disaters one can visualize.


Again see, how valid is the Upanshad on Janashakti (Wisdom based knowledge). See below somw illustrative examples:


Recently in the State of U P,  at  or near Bhulandshar, some high way rapist  

            cum robbers, attacked a  car and forcibly stopped the car and  robbed and  

            pulled out females from it, and took them to some secluded place and gang  

            Raped the women  – a teacher and her teen aged daughter and left them    

           There and escaped; the attacked  family walked the distance to a near by  

           police station; and lodged their FIR on the irreconcilable event on the high  

           way – obviously due to  non presence  (absence) of High way police in the    

           Zone‘ –  instead of the State taking liability and responsibility and

           accountability to that family as also to India citizens, as also wporld  

           community – its State  Minister one Mr. Azam Khan tries to say ‘ robbing and     

           rape ‘ perpetrated by  the llocal  opposition politicians to ptove the exis ‘so   

           called’ ,   ‘S P (Samaj ( = Society protector) wadi),  party) in power try to bask  

                                     in  its own glory, simply to clean itts very  dirty linen,  used that man in Azam  

                                     Khan to say so, obviously hurting the sentiments of the family which rightly    

                                      asked for the trial in some other state other than  the UP (obviously for want of

                                     ts confidence on the government in power in the U P);




It is indeed on the part of the State or Azam Khab obviously not a  

wisdom based knowledge (Gyana); but some ‘useless Knowledge)  

that resuted, ‘ blasphemous statements by the Stae under non

wisdom based (Kriya shakti) action of the state concerned; while the  

affected family rughtly used its wisdom based knowledge ( Gyana

shakti) to request the court to transfer the case to the state other than

in the UP fearing ‘ justice is not possible’ to be obtained as trial

courts work under tge very obvious ‘failed’ state and such action falls

under ( ‘Kriya shakthy’ – wisdom based action)


One can read here why the rule of law is there saying when

one complainant moves a court not confident to get right justice at the place that person can request the very local trial cpurt or rthe very high court to transfer its case in the interest of ‘Justice’ ( very pribnciple of justice is Justice is done , and the justice seemed to have been done)



Similarly, ‘Uri’ attack, recently, in Kashmir where ‘ Indian soldiers’ in the tent    

            sleeping,  unarmed were mercilessly shot dead by very Pakistan Soldiers –   

            obviously  such kind of action by any military force is not treated as any  

            glorious Military act (  Yuddha -dharma – gyana shakthi followed time   

            immemorial). ( such ideas are based upon Gyana shakti time immemorial)   

            and any such ‘actions following ‘gyana shakthi’  is called right Kriya shakti   



Another example:


I am given to understand in the state of Mharashtra, ‘Marati teachers’ are being removed as ‘Marati medium is not accepted as the pupils do not take to ‘Marati Medium’, just because ‘pupils parents want ‘ English medium schools, tha means government cannot remove ‘Marati medium teachers’ at all as that Marati medium was basically promoted by the very State, and started such teacher education programs, depending  on the program several persons chose to do as local government wanted vernacular schools to be promooted; it was not the folly of the marati medium teachers, ‘they too to Marati medium courses and then got trainedt  as  some chose to become vernacular teachers,

(but for the teachers how will the local governments can run marati (vernacular) medium schools; so it is obvious the government cannot remove marati medium teachers , but obviously  ought to maintain them even pupils strength falls as pupils choose  English Medium  ( That is Gyana shakthi  with right Kriya Shaki  – meaning Wisdom);(In the alternative provide them full pensionary benefits and thus retire them – you cannot discharge them without benefits , so that there will be some credibility of government is possible.) Obviously , the Marati medium teachers can form an association , and move the Bombay High Court under Art 226 r/w 227 r/w Art 14, Art 51A, Art 300A (property) citing the case L A Chandrakumar vs UOI case, to ensure them some livelihood relevant to their qualifications or retire them with ‘notional’ service benefiits counting their ‘future- Notional service’ as teachers , with the last pay drawn basis their pensions need to be calculated, so that they need not be on roads and need not ‘commit suicides’ as they are likely to due non availability of jobs in private sector , if not need be absorbed as ‘junior clerks with their last drawn salaries protected, in regular government offices where ‘marati ‘ as lingua franca is used; or use them as ‘translators’ into Marati from English or viceversa, by duky training them in the ‘in house training schools’ that is called (gyana shakthi);( Affected teachers can take to court for redress, that way the hon  Courts today use Judicial reviews as a Gyana-shakthy.(If needed the relevant groups of teachers can get my free legal advice, if approached) (ANY WAY I am posting here*  a specimen – Writ Draft (you can use to your relative circumstances, on *Face Book on my Time Line (you can open my account –


Same thing happened, in Andhra Pradesh, some decades back at Hyderabad, what then A P Government did.  ‘  A P government (then) retained the ‘Telugu medium teachers’, till their term of service was over, and bestowed on them ‘relevant pensionary benefits’; (Such action by State is to be treated ‘ Governance by a government in place. That is called ‘ Gyana -shakti followed by Kriya -shakthy; – Such ideas were perceived time immemorial).


If Humans behave like Sri Ram or Lord Krishna, or Lord Buddha,  Yudhishtra, Vyasa, Vashista, Valmiki, Lord Jesus Moses, Zoraster, Seer Tiruvalluvar , Avvayyar and the like, any Pope (at Rome), Mohammed, Bhakthi Vedanta of ISCON, Shankara, Ramanuja, Annamacharya, Lata Mangeshkar, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Albert Einstein, Newton, Mahatama Gandhi, Dr. Nelson  Mandela, and like, many others whom you call them as ‘Evolved Persons, (Gyanis – Wisdom based knowledge evolved)    (Medha(vis))(men of high order wisdom).


When such persons perform their actions called Kriya shakti then it is called Wisdom based actions.


If men like  Ravana, Hiranyaksha, Hiranya Kaspu, Duryodhana, later forms in Hitler, Mussolini, Chengez Khan, Osama bin Laden, all kinds of ‘terrorists’ ;and their kind (called as ‘devils; rapists and murderers as smaller devils types) when they perform , they generally perform , ordinary knowledge based actions. They also have ‘some  unendurable knowledge’ and perform persistently their own actions sans Wisdom.

(These kinds  said in 2nd category would  definitely corner everything for them is the critera.)


The issue of thought is , you like to have everything in exclusion of others – fellow beings, is the paradigm.


Similarly, today’s youth (as ill-educated by selfishness based education) are not inclined to be  duty bound;


unlike what  seer Truvakkuvar said types – ‘sons and the like if do things greatly exemplary’ would be treated as real meaningful progeny to speard their family names.


World has the second quality or type, in the greatest number possible due to wrong set of thoughts generated in the young age (like pasumarathil adittha aani pol = like a nail is driven in a live green tree),;


while the former type (wisdom based children) is in the least number; therefore , creations and destructions speed increases in an accellerated moves, that way they create more  and more ‘pralayas’ ‘destructions, or called (mentally paralysed persons;

like most of the modern politicians who look for their personal benefits forgetting their duty to their voters as also the citizens once elected to office; besides many of public servants do fall in this category, one may clearly decipher, all over the human race  world over.


Very concept of ‘Mausha’ quality (tanmai ) has lost its track.  Manusham means ‘justb human’. Do we find such humans in great number? Obviously NO, just because , our lop educated education is thev cause, education sans morality and ethics is no education in theright sence pf the term.


It is like, ‘you have i your hand a gun,would you test it on other fellow beings?’ Think a little .


Interestingly enough, no natuaral resource depletes, for that is infact ‘inexhaustible’ fact.



See you irrigate same soil over and over again for several years, do you find the land fails  

to  provide you food grains and the like even if you rotate crops;


See, you manufacture with machines whether ‘products’  depletes, every season you  

produce the products, as you did before; your ‘raw materials’ continue to flow again and  

Again, provided you are not greedy man – see you say M&A = mergers and acquisitions  

obviously you want to corner the wealth, wealth is one progresses in an arithmatetical  

sence not geometrically ;


So too in any productive activities;  Can you have 100 children to be your clan; If had  

naturally ‘calamities’ like ‘sharing’ emerges, you saw why Dhuryodana wanted to expand  

his kingdom of Kauravas by planning to annex ‘Indraprastha ‘ of Pandavas, that led to  

Mahabharatha war, then;


Today there are several examples:


Why Pakistan wants Jammu & Kashmir?

Why Pakistan promotes Taliban kind terrorists?

Why Pakistan machinated the Uri killing of soldiers sleeping in the military tent unarmed?

Why Bangladesh formed?

Why North Korea expanding its Nuclear Arsenal?

Why Hitler wanted Germans to be the Police force of the world, what havoc he played on  

Jews, in Gas chambers?

Why then Japan Emperor Hiroshoto joined Hitler and Musolini of Italy?

Why Terrorists attacked in France and killed  people in the public place of ‘Entertainment  

Theatre in 2015?

Examples are plenty just think it would just  multiply.


Can you find any ‘adharsh purush’ easily even in Ashrams?


What Asaram Bapu did?(He is a big fraud) (played fraud on the disciples, misused disciples’ by so called ‘disciplines ‘ Asaram Bapu imposed – obviously he misused his ‘fake  knowledge on scritures.)


And  like ‘him’,  several aashrams are run, all over in India, (in fact, modern so called ‘seers’   

just want . (2nd Part of Upanishad appreciation.) (Ends)   



‘A Discussion on Saptana – Brhammana’

By Dr Guru Balakrishnan PhD  LL.B  M.L.


In Saptana-brhammana (a part of Brahadaranyaha Upanishad by Yagnavalkya says), it is said, there are ‘three wrolds’ –


  • World of Men; (physical world)
  • World of Manes ( ancestral fore fathers reside) :(attainable by ‘Karmas’):
  • World of Gods (celestials live) (Godliness)(attainable by Knowledge).


World flourishes and lives  in three different levels of Consciousness:


World of Men (physical world) attainable by ‘progeny’ (sons – your own clan) (so many want ‘sons’ mostly to propagate their own clan) ( X and Y chromozomes needed) (So every family ought to have male and female progeny , i.e.,  to ensure, as son alone cannot  produce children as 29 chromosomes of his and 29 chromosomes of the female counterpar obtained from other clans indeed a must combination, else ‘No Progeny is possible, from here commences the ‘Karmic theory);




  1. That is why ‘No Gay marriages were recognized then , though the ‘gays’ were too living then, but they cannot be any useful for progeny development – In fact  , ‘Gay Act in India among Hindus is questionable if viewed from ‘progeny ideas)(


  1. ( If legally contested, the  hon Supreme Court might declare the applicability of the Act as far as Hindus are concerned might get ‘Severed’ under Doctrine of Severability – as parents believe the ‘sacred rites ‘  to be performed by ‘Sons’ when parents die, is my  personal view, as Hindus stauchly follow the ‘rites and rituals’ for these rites and rituals to be rightly admissible even for ‘intestate succession’ per Hindu succession Act as it has to read with some aspects of Indian Succession Act,1923, that means, even law makers have no rights to question the valdity of Hindu succession Act, if they do , that might get treated as ‘extra constitutional  jurisdiction’ the hon Apex Court might declare.) .


Son’s duty:

Well said by Tiruvalluvar (a Tamil sait Poet cum great Thinker:


‘Magan Thanthai ku attrun  udavi, ‘Ivan thandai  Ennottran en sol’ (ennonbutru, inda maganai pettran enbade aagum),  ….’


I.e: What kind of great good things this father did, in his life  to getf this   

         kind of this kind of son, ‘the world need praise that son, in his life time,  

         then only the ‘Son’ really qualifies to  confirmed by the world ‘this is a         

  great son’; else he cannot qualify to be a real good son to  be called a ‘great’ son.  


Notes & Remarks:


  1. ( This today’s many Sons may not qualify into this  

                                         Category, at all, as most sons today just ‘disown parents’ , that  

                                         Means, many tenets of Mitakshara or …Dhayabhaga schools would   

                                         not qualify sons to ‘inherit’  the father’s properties under ‘Interstate    

                                         Succession paradigm, too, if read deeply into the Hindu Law of

                                         Succession  or the Hindu Succession Act, if read properly under Hindu  

                                         Law of Interpretation obviously to be studies by taking into account  

                                         Hindu Scriptures as applicable to Hindus, it tantamounts to.)


Remarks: Tiruvalluvar himself a great interpreter of Scriptures  in the   

                                         classical  Pali and Tamil literature ; (Several Tamil Kings and

                                         Tamilian families followed his tenets, even today his ‘Coupulets

                                         are propagated in Tamil Nadu, that can be seen in  Tamilnadu                                        

                                         Government  busses and else where) .


  1. (This is as far as  the Scriptural understanding  of physical nature of man as such as perceived by ‘Seers’ in those ancient days and also their perceptions were closely followed by the ordinary pesantry class.


World  of Manes: (attainable by Karmas – Duties mentioned in Scriptures, besides real physical worldly workings and one has to perform his duties as Grahastaha (Family man, married and ruuning te family and duties to fore fathers called the Ancestors) :


Only dutiful son earns name and fame for his father.


Even father’s death, his father’s name indelibly remain and remembered through his ‘progeny’.


Therefore, all wish for a son wh would  take charge of his duties (meaning , every family follows some occupation that becomes hereditary, as children need not run out seeking for some job as an employee of some other, that way ‘occupation’ of his father is followed like King’s son becomes a prince and after the king is dead the prince takes over kingsgip, the same rule followed for every Hindu family created – that way hereditary occupations were conceived.


Unlike today just once you finish some education you are on ‘roads’ seeing for some jobs, that was not the case, besides, ‘high specialization of the occupation ensued like in Agriculture.


You expect government to get for you a ‘job’ or ‘occupation’ today that concept was not there, as Americans even today say  , what government,? –


‘ I need to stand on my own, so my individual liberties and individuality cannot be bartered by any one, after all I pay some ‘Tax’ to government as my contribution to governance so that the State protects me and my individual rights, like that’.


Thus, there emerged the idea of ‘fundamental rights’; – that way the theory Montesquieu emanated ,


-‘the Theory of Separation of powers between three arms of the government – Legislature , Governent, and Judiciary, not repeat not inter changeable’.


This means your destiny is clearly ear-marked out already; before you are born is the paradigm.


That way there were then those democracies, like in Vaishali (then India) where was born Lord Buddha like Lord Krishna at  Dhwarakha confederacy.


Therefore, you shall do your respective carved ‘duties’ dutifully’ without any kind of tanit whatsoever, unlike ‘today’ concept of living and life.


Those who followed those rules were called that they followed, Rule of Law, unlike today you grant some defacto powers to some so called  representatives whom you  designate them as your ‘Elected Representatives’ (a corrupt form); Corrrupt because, ‘Representative ‘ is not unanimously elected by all’ but different persons following ‘different ideologies’, naturally the apple cart of government would ‘wobble’ like a ‘rocking boat’ on river or sea waters, whn so hw do you expect them to care your interests is an another paradigm, stated in this thought process.




From this one can clearly note , the ver people themselves decided things of their culture and cicilization is apparent from this read.




Routine Karmas (actions -work) or Meditation cannot help any accomplishments, at all, cannot help if good sons don’t perform their duties in a righteous manner ia impressed – we cannot attribute that great kind of duties todays’ sons do, one needs to know, from this research paper.


Third World:


It is a world of ‘ Knowledge’ ( called ‘shining world of ‘celestials’(otherwise called the Godly world)


Note: One needs to clearly understand -’goddliness can be known through unstinted pure knowledge, understanding, and meditation thereafter, and certainly not by no other means such as progeny orvsacrifices. It isso because, this God’s world is very very ‘subtle’.


It cannot be acquired by ‘material’, and ‘gross instruments’ or means like ‘son’,  and ‘rituals’


Those whoare able to  meditate and understand  the subtle meaning of the ‘Scriptures’ and thus practise meditation,  do attain to the ‘world’  of ‘Gods’ and becone identified  with those  ‘shining celestial ones’, by virtue of their PURITY and KNOWLEDGE.


Scriptures speak  of seven  worlds,  of the Celestials – ‘BHUH, BHUVAH, SVAH,MAHAH, JANAH, TAPAH and SATYA. – of which  the first three  are said to be  ‘Mortal’ and the last four ‘Divine’. We will discuss in my next contribution on the scriptural thoughts. (Ends)


River waters – one need to realize can never be steady ever – if any one thinks it should be steady – You fool yourself! God gave man some Wisdom. Wisdom is to think ‘alternatives…

Source: Commonsense is the greatest gift to man!

River waters – one need to realize can never be steady ever – if any one thinks it should be steady – You fool yourself! God gave man some Wisdom. Wisdom is to think ‘alternatives’; alternatives never means same ends like. Farmers need to think ‘crop rotations’; Politicians need to think if they have some Wisdom. If not the politicians are the worst fools, the voters need to realize. Never elect them back. See what ‘alternative’ one can think of, when ‘rains’ fail. Rains might fail. After all , very politicians are the cause. See if you destroy ‘forests’s or reduce hills or mountains into ‘rubble’ for gravels or for you construction activities mindlessly, naturally, rains will fail. That is normal common sense. Another important Wisdom every voter shall have is the ensure – whether the MLAs or MPs to be or would be have basic ‘common sense’ , never be just carried away by their so called ‘degreess’ that is so called ‘qualifications’; it these polticians as ‘representatives’ to be do not have that ‘basic common sense’ just do not elect such fellows; for they are like the ‘Sorrow of China’ called the river ‘Hoyengo’ of China, in your own constituency where you live. Need to have high care on this front. Else, you would be made more Mad by these ‘worthies’ like in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu the ‘farmers’ just are made ‘Mad’ by these politicians there. Similar problems might arise anywhere in India, in any state. Do not be simply carried away by some ‘facts’ like your ‘representative ‘ is an Advocate or some other professional.
Without solid robust common sense’ in him , he would drive you Mad, So one needs to be very careful when electing his representative. No ‘University education’ can be a big substitute to great ‘Robust Common Sense’. Every one of us need to realize. Common Sense only says, ‘every problem’ has thousands of Solutions’ if you just have ability to think. Never think, there is ‘No Solution’; if you think there is ‘No Solution’ there can never be born such a great fool like you, you need to realize. In the past the whole world worked just on ‘Basic Common Sense. That way we had developed many great ‘civilizations’ that is so stated by ‘Historical Determination’ on Man. That way Man was really evolved. It is a greatest fact, ‘nothing diminishes’, but only shifts positions only. Rain comes, excess water drains into rivers and unused water goes into sea that is all ; that way the water ‘recycles’ into ‘Cloud formations’, if forests are there ‘ rainfall ‘ occurs; that way that alkaline (salt) water turns into ‘fresh water’ called ‘potable water’ , useful for several purposes. That way ever ‘Mineral’ given out by the earth. Unused ‘minerals’ move back into earth by merging with the earth. Every particle has same tendency; How ‘manures’ are caused, if you know ‘waste material of any kind’ recycles itself that way your ‘food grains’ get evolved.
That way you ancestors in the ancient past realized unlike you today. Sun, Moon, and other planets, as also gases, and oils evolve , re-evolve after becoming some waste products. If you understand ‘Agriculture’, ‘biology’, ‘physics’ etc in pure sense. As long as man used ‘common sense’ he lived a better life than you and I live today, just because you have some ‘New fangled’ without realizing the ground realities of the ‘Nature’ and its bounty. That way only honorable Supreme court judgement ‘give 12000 cusecs of water ‘ to TN emerged. In fact Supreme court ‘thinks’ in ‘right’ terms; while your politicians admittedly fail; so they make you ‘meaninglessly fight’ for big Nothing. See, just ‘think’ a while, why you can get that ‘water’ drained, how you can get that ‘ran water; how you can get that ‘rain water’ how the rain water can be recycled and so on. But your so called ‘I T and engineers and scientists and like’, in Bangalore or in India, cannot think, ‘realities’ of Nature, for all of them ‘lost’ the simple robust common sense as to how to find solutions since 1924 in Mysore, but all simply blame ‘British’ made you sign and give Cavery water in the Madras state then. Think, Think, Think. You will get solutions. But you need to think, that is all. That ‘think’ only would fetch you solutions, those solutions would just make your problems disappear.
You can if you want same crops, as if you cannot live with ‘rotation of crops’. You can desalinate sea water and recycle for your use, or re-divert your river waters into some new ‘holding lakes, tanks and the like’ or harvest ‘rains‘ and so on; or ‘connect all rivers’ by canals like Buckingham Canal did the river ‘Krishna river water water’ to get water for Madras city, British could ‘think’ but you….? Problem is you only not the rivers, or the water or the ‘crops’ pattern and so on. (ends).
Irrigation has to be attended by any political party, if not no government is worth it. people may recall the governments!
Irrigation has to be attended as a first priority by any Government is called governance – If not Government is of no use, just a drag on people! By Dr. Guru Balakrishnan PhD., LL.B., M.L. etc In 1970s during Smt Indira Gandhi’s time as India’s PM, her Irrigation Mininister in Dr. K.L.Rao rightly suggested to her to ‘connect all rivers’ in India, as India is essentially a great Agriculture country , like Canada, so governments must attend to irrigation as a most priority sector of the economy, just because India is also a most populou country next to China then. He added, about 70 % of people live by Agriculture; besides, India needs to be a granary of food grains, more than industry. Industry is needed but that should work in tandem with agriculture, like getting agricultural implemements, as the population growth needed ‘food grains’, more than any other food items; He added , that Agriculture alone could generate a great job opportunities, in a most modern manner; so that agriculture people need not run to other industries, as other industries cannot provide all employment opportunities, every one in India. Jobs might be different; Jobs might be divergent; so too agriculture also needed agricultural engineering, (like in the USA, Canada etc). You cannot be complacent with one kind of job opportunities, in fact Agriculture alone can provide a lot of job opportunities like in textile industries, both from illiterates to literates, after all you cannot make all educated persons within a set stipulated time, like in five or ten or twenty years or so; in fact today we have completed six decades plus years, could we say we have educated all; why could you say ‘No Illiterates in India’. Obviously not. Education takes decades to sprout in any man; see today we have Em\ngineers, CAs, Lawyers, Medical men etc, could we say all these persons are properly educated ? If you say today educated are properly educated, why then terrible deficiency in their professional competencies? For example, we saw few days back mostly every year ‘river water disputes’ where poor people fight their plight , why lawyers the other day go against ‘Apex Court ‘judgement, though these worthies are called so called ‘Court officers’? Would you like your employees go against the management? You won’t, just you would say, ‘against discipline’ that way you have ‘S O’ – standing orders in your companies, you would terminate such employees, irrespective of Industrial Disputes Act of 1947 or other Labor laws; you would say employees cannot go on illegal strike, or such things leading to break down of work ethos. Other day, TCS, terminated a lady employee, she moved Madras high Court for justice and she insisted the application of labor laws besides ‘Industrial Disputes Act of 1947 be brought in the I T industry; honorable Madras High Court found proper ‘reason’ in her argument, and the honorable court said the I T companies need to follow all Labor laws right from hours of work besides to follow ‘Industrial Disputes Act’; I T industry association Nascom too objected; so for the said ruling is yet to be strictly followed though T N government promulgated the hon Court orders; when so why I T industry is not following in India? Corporate has a control on the union government so union government is just silent; why many I T employees elsewhere in India has not moved the hon Apex court for right ruling on the I T industry? Just becase, the I T companies threatened the employees of dire consequwnces? Do you think such ‘dire Consequences’ threat by I T industry on such I T employees (so called soft ware engineers – in fact just they are just high skilled workers as in the USA these so called software engineers are treated as just high skilled workers, not called as ‘Software Engineers’, as Indian software industry is just fooling these so called software employees by terming them as ‘Engineers’; Can we fool the employees just like that how long would you just think? Coming back to irrigation issue and water resources. Politicians just fool people by every means possible. Similarly today the politicians are follong the poor agriculturists, by so called agricultural tax benefits, just ensuring ‘ that these poor agriculturists’ would not ask for innovations in water resources management’, un that way , many agriculturists committed suicides for want of irrigation water, see in Marathwada maharashtra, and like that in almost every state of India; and yet no meaningful solution is provided in spite of 6.5 decades are over from the 1950 Indian constitution promulgation. Is it really difficult ? Obvously not. You know, during ‘Green Revolution’ some reasonable genuine interst was there to protect agriculture and domestic animals like Cows, Buffalows, dogs, cats etc. Why that revolution did not take up? Obviously, politicians just dance with their own priorities of short term fast earnings for them. You know India has so many perennial rivers, starting from sources like Himalayas, Vindayas, and Easter ghats as also Western ghats, water is mostly wated in the seas or in the gulf or in the bay of Bengal, for so many years after independence, why? Reason is there is no Will in the politicians to work out meaningful solutions just because he wants to control agriculture labor a biggest vote bank in the country; how do they control? Just by causing ‘scarcity of irrigation water as also ‘drinking water’ is obvious truth;
Poor agriculturists are just kept mostly ‘illiterate’; why? Just to see that politicians strangle hold on him should not be lost. For that politicians machinate even ‘suicides’ of agriculturists, for want of irrigation water, usurious loans, banks also isa part in that game thouh you have so called agricultural lending banks, then why he should commot suicide; your politician wants him to commit suicide, to generate some so called ‘public sympathy’ , in fact if your politricians plays ‘Machiavellian politics on the Agriculturists’, you cannot know just because you are equally ‘perepheral’ in your great educational attainments too , just because ,’you avoid ‘Thinking’ why all these dramatics’.
In fact, you have ‘National High ways development’, a so called Economic development drama; also your politicians say ‘poor need housing’ but most of the houses are built for the well to do only, besides your politicians just convert a lot of lands into NA (non agriculture) in fact ‘you can make it a fertile agricultural land’ why your politicians would not do; just because he wants you to give up lands and become some ‘caravans’ and seek some ‘helper jobs’ in building industry in fact that building industry shares a lot of loot to the politicians like te corporate does provide to the politicians, in fact you really are such ‘wise man’ that you cannot understand or comprehend things, if comprehendable you will not jearing a back lash fr5om politicians.
Here i have to state, why your politricians did not proceed for so many years on ‘connecting perennial rivers’ since 1970s.though N T Ramarao tried, as CM of AP, but he could not as he was made ineffective during his time in AP, just because he married smt Parvati a brahmin lady, your great Chandra ?Babu Naidu and NTR’s sons opposed his marriage with that lady. And in fact Chandra Babu Naidu is also a similar kind of moderen polticians just to keep control on agriculturists, as the agriculturists form the major vote bank to his party so to any political party; All these men like Karunanidhi is also similar kind of politician, so his don Stalin. So also the UP chief Minister Akhilesh Yadhav, or his great father Mulyam singh yadav, who also inherited the charaterisics of V P Singh who played on ‘ Mondal commission’ idea to ensure the poor agriculturists to be swallowed by the so called ‘caste reservation politics’, for the poor agriculturists never understands the politiical machinations, so too you BJP so too the Congressmen so Communists and so on to name few, as all wanted the art of ‘Divide and Rule’ idea of Ramsay MacDonald then PM of Britain who contrived the idea of divide and rule; so you all might know your own politicians are again some great ‘divide and rule’great new architects. Problem is agriculturists are just hood winked by the politicians all over in India, by using the river water disputes or causing scarcity of water, when you can really augment water resources if you just think meaningfully, when you say you have so many ‘irrigation engineers’ and other specialists in the country, but you just gag them is the Obvious fact. In place of National high ways expenditure you could have spent for connecting the rivers of the country, why your politicians did not? They would not. If they do , political parties would just fall as a great pack of cards initially.
Again, well then, you have such a 3000 miles coast line in the country, with 12 mile territorial waters as your National property, why cannot you put Desalination plants, just for your drinking water purposes, thus allowing the extra water to irrigation or why can’t you get the desalinated water for drinking purposes, while partially desalinated water for other purposes of your so called cities, that means a lot of fresh water would be usesful for the irrigation, after all without irrigation what would you ear Man? Again, when at the water is getting into seas at that locations you can divert the water into water harvesting big canals to recycle the wanting water, so that the water can flow back in the same rivers, if you cannot make meaningful big canals like Buckingham canals in the country. Or that recycled water would be easily available for the agriculture and irrigation purposes. I think you need ‘sensible really meaningful thinkers’, as your MPs or MLAs, whio need to control all the relevant political parties; Obviously RBI will not give these governments any monetary easing any more as RBI is a better thinking person like the Judiciary, for these institutions never work on ‘divide and rule’ paradox. (ends)