Irrigation has to be attended by any political party, if not no government is worth it. people may recall the governments!
Irrigation has to be attended as a first priority by any Government is called governance – If not Government is of no use, just a drag on people! By Dr. Guru Balakrishnan PhD., LL.B., M.L. etc In 1970s during Smt Indira Gandhi’s time as India’s PM, her Irrigation Mininister in Dr. K.L.Rao rightly suggested to her to ‘connect all rivers’ in India, as India is essentially a great Agriculture country , like Canada, so governments must attend to irrigation as a most priority sector of the economy, just because India is also a most populou country next to China then. He added, about 70 % of people live by Agriculture; besides, India needs to be a granary of food grains, more than industry. Industry is needed but that should work in tandem with agriculture, like getting agricultural implemements, as the population growth needed ‘food grains’, more than any other food items; He added , that Agriculture alone could generate a great job opportunities, in a most modern manner; so that agriculture people need not run to other industries, as other industries cannot provide all employment opportunities, every one in India. Jobs might be different; Jobs might be divergent; so too agriculture also needed agricultural engineering, (like in the USA, Canada etc). You cannot be complacent with one kind of job opportunities, in fact Agriculture alone can provide a lot of job opportunities like in textile industries, both from illiterates to literates, after all you cannot make all educated persons within a set stipulated time, like in five or ten or twenty years or so; in fact today we have completed six decades plus years, could we say we have educated all; why could you say ‘No Illiterates in India’. Obviously not. Education takes decades to sprout in any man; see today we have Em\ngineers, CAs, Lawyers, Medical men etc, could we say all these persons are properly educated ? If you say today educated are properly educated, why then terrible deficiency in their professional competencies? For example, we saw few days back mostly every year ‘river water disputes’ where poor people fight their plight , why lawyers the other day go against ‘Apex Court ‘judgement, though these worthies are called so called ‘Court officers’? Would you like your employees go against the management? You won’t, just you would say, ‘against discipline’ that way you have ‘S O’ – standing orders in your companies, you would terminate such employees, irrespective of Industrial Disputes Act of 1947 or other Labor laws; you would say employees cannot go on illegal strike, or such things leading to break down of work ethos. Other day, TCS, terminated a lady employee, she moved Madras high Court for justice and she insisted the application of labor laws besides ‘Industrial Disputes Act of 1947 be brought in the I T industry; honorable Madras High Court found proper ‘reason’ in her argument, and the honorable court said the I T companies need to follow all Labor laws right from hours of work besides to follow ‘Industrial Disputes Act’; I T industry association Nascom too objected; so for the said ruling is yet to be strictly followed though T N government promulgated the hon Court orders; when so why I T industry is not following in India? Corporate has a control on the union government so union government is just silent; why many I T employees elsewhere in India has not moved the hon Apex court for right ruling on the I T industry? Just becase, the I T companies threatened the employees of dire consequwnces? Do you think such ‘dire Consequences’ threat by I T industry on such I T employees (so called soft ware engineers – in fact just they are just high skilled workers as in the USA these so called software engineers are treated as just high skilled workers, not called as ‘Software Engineers’, as Indian software industry is just fooling these so called software employees by terming them as ‘Engineers’; Can we fool the employees just like that how long would you just think? Coming back to irrigation issue and water resources. Politicians just fool people by every means possible. Similarly today the politicians are follong the poor agriculturists, by so called agricultural tax benefits, just ensuring ‘ that these poor agriculturists’ would not ask for innovations in water resources management’, un that way , many agriculturists committed suicides for want of irrigation water, see in Marathwada maharashtra, and like that in almost every state of India; and yet no meaningful solution is provided in spite of 6.5 decades are over from the 1950 Indian constitution promulgation. Is it really difficult ? Obvously not. You know, during ‘Green Revolution’ some reasonable genuine interst was there to protect agriculture and domestic animals like Cows, Buffalows, dogs, cats etc. Why that revolution did not take up? Obviously, politicians just dance with their own priorities of short term fast earnings for them. You know India has so many perennial rivers, starting from sources like Himalayas, Vindayas, and Easter ghats as also Western ghats, water is mostly wated in the seas or in the gulf or in the bay of Bengal, for so many years after independence, why? Reason is there is no Will in the politicians to work out meaningful solutions just because he wants to control agriculture labor a biggest vote bank in the country; how do they control? Just by causing ‘scarcity of irrigation water as also ‘drinking water’ is obvious truth;
Poor agriculturists are just kept mostly ‘illiterate’; why? Just to see that politicians strangle hold on him should not be lost. For that politicians machinate even ‘suicides’ of agriculturists, for want of irrigation water, usurious loans, banks also isa part in that game thouh you have so called agricultural lending banks, then why he should commot suicide; your politician wants him to commit suicide, to generate some so called ‘public sympathy’ , in fact if your politricians plays ‘Machiavellian politics on the Agriculturists’, you cannot know just because you are equally ‘perepheral’ in your great educational attainments too , just because ,’you avoid ‘Thinking’ why all these dramatics’.
In fact, you have ‘National High ways development’, a so called Economic development drama; also your politicians say ‘poor need housing’ but most of the houses are built for the well to do only, besides your politicians just convert a lot of lands into NA (non agriculture) in fact ‘you can make it a fertile agricultural land’ why your politicians would not do; just because he wants you to give up lands and become some ‘caravans’ and seek some ‘helper jobs’ in building industry in fact that building industry shares a lot of loot to the politicians like te corporate does provide to the politicians, in fact you really are such ‘wise man’ that you cannot understand or comprehend things, if comprehendable you will not jearing a back lash fr5om politicians.
Here i have to state, why your politricians did not proceed for so many years on ‘connecting perennial rivers’ since 1970s.though N T Ramarao tried, as CM of AP, but he could not as he was made ineffective during his time in AP, just because he married smt Parvati a brahmin lady, your great Chandra ?Babu Naidu and NTR’s sons opposed his marriage with that lady. And in fact Chandra Babu Naidu is also a similar kind of moderen polticians just to keep control on agriculturists, as the agriculturists form the major vote bank to his party so to any political party; All these men like Karunanidhi is also similar kind of politician, so his don Stalin. So also the UP chief Minister Akhilesh Yadhav, or his great father Mulyam singh yadav, who also inherited the charaterisics of V P Singh who played on ‘ Mondal commission’ idea to ensure the poor agriculturists to be swallowed by the so called ‘caste reservation politics’, for the poor agriculturists never understands the politiical machinations, so too you BJP so too the Congressmen so Communists and so on to name few, as all wanted the art of ‘Divide and Rule’ idea of Ramsay MacDonald then PM of Britain who contrived the idea of divide and rule; so you all might know your own politicians are again some great ‘divide and rule’great new architects. Problem is agriculturists are just hood winked by the politicians all over in India, by using the river water disputes or causing scarcity of water, when you can really augment water resources if you just think meaningfully, when you say you have so many ‘irrigation engineers’ and other specialists in the country, but you just gag them is the Obvious fact. In place of National high ways expenditure you could have spent for connecting the rivers of the country, why your politicians did not? They would not. If they do , political parties would just fall as a great pack of cards initially.
Again, well then, you have such a 3000 miles coast line in the country, with 12 mile territorial waters as your National property, why cannot you put Desalination plants, just for your drinking water purposes, thus allowing the extra water to irrigation or why can’t you get the desalinated water for drinking purposes, while partially desalinated water for other purposes of your so called cities, that means a lot of fresh water would be usesful for the irrigation, after all without irrigation what would you ear Man? Again, when at the water is getting into seas at that locations you can divert the water into water harvesting big canals to recycle the wanting water, so that the water can flow back in the same rivers, if you cannot make meaningful big canals like Buckingham canals in the country. Or that recycled water would be easily available for the agriculture and irrigation purposes. I think you need ‘sensible really meaningful thinkers’, as your MPs or MLAs, whio need to control all the relevant political parties; Obviously RBI will not give these governments any monetary easing any more as RBI is a better thinking person like the Judiciary, for these institutions never work on ‘divide and rule’ paradox. (ends)