‘No Authentic Proof of any – When you are what Caste as such? You can never be able to say ever!’

Prof. Guru Balakrishnan PhD.M.L.

“True Loving is not Passive ‘taking’, but a dynamic ‘giving’.”



Anyone can marry any one from ‘the mankind system’ from anywhere, that instantly kills ‘the idea of castes’, as such; it further states, ‘any woman’ takes the ‘surname’ of her husband.once she marries or cohabitates (in the past ‘living in’ with any man confers her the surname of that man), an aother fact. to assertain the fact, just a dynamic ‘giving in’, obviously not passive ‘taking’.

Time immemorial , since ‘Ramayana days’, Sita joined Rama, so she is noted as ‘Sitarama’, so too all joined ‘Radha’ became Krishna’s loves, so they are called ‘Radhas’ though they were hailing from so many different persons, as most ‘Radhas’ are calledjust ‘Radhas’ only meaning Krishna’s loves only.

In the same period, in the Mahabharata age, Draupathy married Arjun, who shared her with his brothers – ‘Pancha Pandavas’, thanks to their mother Kunti’s dispensation to share cohabitation under ‘living in ideas’ with other brothers, that way Draupathy is considered  as ‘Chaste woman’ , restricting cohabitation with the five specific men -Pandavs.

When Duryodhana wanted to share her with him too, when Yudhishtra lost her in the game of ‘Dice’ under contract of winner gets right over him. She terribly objected, and that was the precursor for the Mahabharatha Kurushetra war, every one of you know.

When Kings or Princes marry they marry any other King’s daughter(s), meaning there was ‘no restrictions’ of any religion, or any caste as such, as every King is considered, since time immemorial , he is from ‘Warrior clan’ (Kshatriya clan) (sanskrit);

Similarly, any one is a merchant, or trader, industrialist , he or she is just called as ‘Merchant class’ (vysyas clan) (Sanskrit); So on with with ever profession or occupation that is all; how can we divide ‘these classification’ as ‘backward’ and forward; after all ‘Economy ‘ of every one normally fluctuates every now and then, for there is no hard and fast rules as such.   

You might have seen even most ‘Maharishis’ (Saints or Seers) (dheerga dharshis) , (one is bestowed with abilities to forsee things)  married women from different communities, like that these women were called wife of Maharishi, obviously very learned person he was declared , therefore severa; Kings time immemorial sent their wards to their Gurukuls, (these Gurukuls are unlike todays’ ashrams where ‘rapes’ are common, daily reported in media); in fact , the ‘Gurukuls’ definitely gave good meaningful education, (they never said like Modi ,PM of India today, saying , ‘Science is universal, technology (tantra) as some local work mechanics (after all education by very nature is Universal perception.

Similarly in Pali Culture (in India Tamils Culture) , Avvaiyar ( a great tamil poetess( Born of a parentage , father from priestly class and her mother from ‘helpers’ class (Sudhras) (Saskrit) (there was no Scheduled castes or tribes as such [but some concoction by the British India, ] said, in Tamil language – ’ Jhadhi irandu ozhiya verillai, satrumkal, Ittar Priore, Idadhar Izhikulatjoor. Pattangil Ullapadi’. I.e per  in the Yore (highest learning texts) , it is said, ‘there are just ‘two classes of people’, One is thouse who ‘give to any one’ is a ‘superior class of people’; those who ‘desists giving’ is called the ‘most inferior class of people’;

How cold a politician just play with his imaginary ideas about castes and classes of people – this problem started right from ‘Justice Party of India’ in Tamilnadu, tamely followed by the British Indian Government, by so called ‘rotation of roster’ in employment opportunities then; then like the British PM RamsayMacDonald, tamely used the classification in a most clever  to ‘divide and rule’ the Indian communities, as he could put ‘one against the other’ in case of serious conflicts if arises; same idea Dr. Ambedkar worked for the so called ‘SCs  and STs’ (when such communities never existed but just helping castes in Agriculture called Sudhras(servants class) which only tilled the earth and provided food grains, like, rice, wheat….so on); but he used a new classification called ‘Dalits’ (followers of Gautam Buddha of Kapilavasthu of 6th Cent BC) ; Buddha never played with the lives of people but British education (as Lord Macaulay said, ‘ to tame Indians’ covert them to poverty, that is possible by injecting western education system , that way , he made Indians abject poor, poor , rich, and wealthy and the like, that way he divided the Indians who never experienced ‘poverty as such’ even under Moghal rule. That is historical perception of India.

Similarly V P Singh developed the idea of Backward, other backward, and so on, under Mondal commission idea   which was just a study of the british ‘rotation of roaster’ for indians to get jobs only, nothing else, which is also most inaccurate study which then PM Mr Morarji Desai in 1974 just ‘shelved’, just because ‘ statistics provided therein obviously clumsy without any fundamentals (which our great judges could not decipher being obvious , under the facade of ‘Judicial restraint’ (most misused paradigm) (always questioned rightly in the U S A Supreme court by very judges themselves, when some protogonists like Frackfurter, Stone were there; that way several times USSC Judges just declared ‘ultra vires’ of any statutes that tried to affect the American Constitution, but in India otherway around in the early stages, thinking Indian Politicians including Jawaharlal Nehru as PM just misused the Indian Constitution to empower the parliament, that way he was responsible for the Sch IX in the first Constitutional Amendment, every one needs to know that he was the very man upset the Art 13 power of the fundamental rights wel crafted by the Constituent Assembly in 1947.

Indian politicians from day one indeed one kind of ‘crafty men’ like Mr Trump of the USA, trying to become (now to be – ‘the president of the USA, obviously by his ‘crafty instincts’ (he may not succeed there); he must have learnt that ‘crafty art’ from Indian Politicians only, who always ‘played’ ‘drama’ of ‘working for the poor’ but just ‘fooling the very poor’ only)


Politics today just msread and misconstrue the interpretation of  the ideal of ‘Education’ as such.

Politicians today just a variety like Mr.Trump , a contestant for the office of President of the USA, just rolling out all kinds of ‘PR’ tactics, just to reach out to his aim to become President, a shrewd tactic.

That way the past PM in V P Singh rolled out the idea of ‘Mondal Commission’, though he never constituted the commission, but by the predecessor PM Morarji Desai who shelved the very Commission’s report saying , it had all ‘wrong statstics’ and irrelevant ‘statistical reasoning’: but V P Singh missued the irrelevant statistics to fool around the people, that way he massacred several students by making them to commit ‘immolations’ when tey questioned the validity of his great foolhardy idea of castes; Constitutional Court , the Apex court called the ‘Supreme Court of India, then, to took ‘umbrage’ under ‘Judicial Restraint’, and allowed him to gladly misuse the idea of ‘Backward classes’, when there is no ‘castes’ at all just because ‘castes’ ideas are just ‘imaginary’ thoughts , that politicians misused from Mr Ramsay McDonald, the then British PM, controlling British India, prior to Indian Independence.


Why no authenticity?

One needs to note, Life begins for any, by following some  or any ‘occupation’ ; after all that ‘Occupation’ worked,  causes one’s identity, in any society.

What do we understand by ‘Grahastasra Dharamam’?

What we call as ‘Grahasthsra dharma, obviously, based on what ‘occupation’ you follow’?

 Our life becomes highy activated , by this ‘dharma’:

– once one gets married, by saying his ‘occupation’ or ‘profession’ ; and express his progeny;

  • but today the very man lost  his ‘identity’ touch with the reality of ‘love and relationship’:
  • with a fellow  new female entering his household;
  •  unfortunately, he thinks  his ‘‘wife’ is still some ‘foreign object’ (not human like him) :
  • and he treats so;
  • -that means he lost touch with ‘reality’ what he has to  be as ‘humanistic person’;
  • I came across several persons as grooms just they think ‘wife’, as a provider of ‘sexual desire’ ends ;(you could have seen, one such, in a Delhi family court, one man petitioned , that his pregnant wife did not allow him to have sex with her so it should be treated as ‘cruelty’ as a ground for divorce, promptly ‘family court rejected, so too the Delhi high court. – what do you gather here on 6th November 2016 court cases ).
  • and not ‘family life’ ;
  • that only ‘offends’, the progeny ‘factor’, in the shape of children;
  • when ‘love with wife’ breaks, the ‘life of’ children is just lost ;
  • and children feel, ‘unwanted’;
  •  Get ‘dejected’ and lot of ‘some weak minded’ commit suicides ;
  • or fall a prey to all kinds of ‘terrors’;
  • who is responsible?  ‘this ‘great’ man only is responsible;
  • as he is ‘ not accommodative anymore’ wiife; ’where is the Grahasthasram dharma?
  • his  own ‘previous generations’, that ‘respected’ the ‘grahasthasrama dharam’;
  • if you cannot ‘look after your wife’, what you can be ‘trusted at all’ , do you not think, ‘Man’ (called as ‘new era bridegroom’ turned  new fangled ‘husband’)?

When you are untrustworthy , even for yourself, What ‘caste ‘ you talk about’ sir?

Are you a caste of ‘untrustworthiness caste’?

Any one who is ‘untrustworthy’ is considered to be the most  inferior caste – as Avvaiyar said,

‘Jadi irandu ozhia verillai, ‘Ittar  ‘perioore’’ ‘Idadhar’ Izhikulatthoor’ (Tamil)


The one gives (accommodative too ) is representing ‘Superior caste – highly respectable caste’; those who do not give is one called ‘most inferor community (caste) – as there are only ‘two castes’, as stated above.

You are not reliable even for you, you do not know  when you can break the marriage bond yourself,;

just like that, at the ‘drop of hat’ which you don’t know yourself;

   So you cannot trust yourself is very obvious;

when so, how poor lady who joins you as wife can trust you dear?,

as you are some ‘great mercurial person’ only is further obvious;

when you are such worthless person, how you could be trusted by the woman who enters your doubtful house manners house, sir?

– that house you choose to call ‘with pride’ as some superior kind ‘caste’ person as such you presume?;

,If the ‘ house ‘is obviously ‘worthless to be trusted’ as you prove by your behavior, obviously, it is  ‘no longer worth’ to be treated as ‘a great house’ at all;

{I would recommend all ‘grooms ‘ to be must deposit some Rs.     25  lacs in fixed deposit to be goven to the ‘bride to be’ once before marriage solemnization. In the grooms defaukt manners, she takes the money as some ‘safe security for her’.}

as the ‘people’ who own that house are not just ‘humans’ at all you proved by your behavior when you choose to discard the woman after using her as ‘some sex object’ , is the character you have.

Can’t you  realize?

but poor girl realizes and tries to run away,out of ‘consternation more so?

that means you make that situation by your meaningless ‘lothsome’ ideas for ‘corrupt moneys’  called by name as ‘dowerys’ moneys; and the like , and all the more you need to enslave that poor girl, is proved s it not?

when so how could you dare say,  ‘you are  some ‘gentleman’ need to be loved at all costs?(some kind of great Mr Trump of the USA)

that way, you, as ‘the great husband’ you don’t deserve that place of ‘husband’ as such at all;

but you ‘claim’ like an ‘unsocial’ claim that you are some ‘gentleman’, if so, what ‘caste’ you belong sir? You better assess yourself. ;

as you don’t seem to realize , perhaps:

Huband means ‘hus’ = ‘husbandry type’. that binds the both’ but you don’t deserve to be given the title of ‘husband’ is it not?

Don’t you think so?

When you are unfit to be a ‘husband’ (wherein there in ‘no castes’ are involved; but mutual regard and respect for each other only ,

nothing more, nothing less,

that is called the great ‘Grahasthasram dharam’, paradigm.

When you are not fit to be a husband, unlike  the past generation of husbands;

what right you ‘to claim’, some traditions as such , don’you think so?

Obviously , you don’t deserve any sympathy under some so called consideration like caste based, (when ‘caste as such ‘never a reality’ ;

But some ‘self imposed ‘discipline);

which you just had shattered by your own volition.

If so, what clalms you can seek ?

Under what ‘ Reservation’ please sir?

You don’t deserve any reservation, you know yourself;

just face the world as it is;

that is called the ‘right governance paradigm’, by any meaningful governments to be.

You just cannot clain ‘citizenship’ when you lost the ‘finesse’ of citizenship.

You ought to realize in the first instance:

(politicians are the product of politics;

– Politicians’ so called patriotism ( scoundralism) (what they talk about) is nothing but last resort of a Scoundrel -like with downright scoundralism.)’ eg, MPs had last 20 years had as special assistants some foreign spies in very indians – do you find real patriotism,when a Pak spy in India when caught has informed indian police when he was caught and arrested, he said for Rs.10,000.- to Rs.100,000.- remunertion Indian counterparts sold defence of india details, this seems going on last 20 years or so, might be earlier too, who knows?

These kinds profess ‘Patriotism’ mascot!

How dare the Parliament is to call itself SOVERIGN?

You are used by the ‘politicians’, in  the way he likes;

that way you are just treated today, what use to cry on Spilt Milk sir? That kind is some ‘castes ‘ seem professing today.

Unless you have ‘wisdom’ – first know,

how to run your own household, in an orderly way, certainly not, like ‘scoundrels’  in political class , is obvious to you too, by ‘revelations, revealed day in and day out.

‘Scoundrels’ are treated in scoundrel like; way or manner only by any,

given an opportunity.

You are ’ not to be respected like ‘Lochinvar’ any more;

but you are a some kind of ‘worst mentally  weak duckling’ like,

unworthy to be entrusted with any thing is the greatest fact, you proved of late, as a husband too.

So the recent ‘Nobel winning Contract theory’ rightly questions and observes that  ‘all contracts today’;

as the ‘men behind’ those contracts obviously ‘look for holes’

to cause as much breaches as possible,

what contract you talk about?

You could have seen when the other day Supreme court of india said in ‘crystal clear way;

the government has failed to appoint judges suggested for appointments to high courts and even the very supreme court, as per the Constitutional proprieties as stated in the constitution;

which only created the ‘institutions’;

but the government of ‘politicians’, like the great ‘modern boneless husbands’,

just run for divorces of the own chosen wife,

as you. as a husband do not understand the term;

.’what is meant by your own chosen wife’?

Obviously, do not understand, what is’ ‘commitment of oath’

in the marriage by ‘Saptapadi’:

Similarly the government of india is formed under the Constitutional oath to protect the constitution;

But ‘it ‘blatently  violates the terms of the instrument of ‘oath of office’;

the so called ministers had taken,

(like by such vicious claims of the ‘great worthless ‘ husbands, invoke at the ‘family courts’ ;

by the so called ‘famished laws’,

made by mentally emaciated law makers;

as some so called ‘ill conceived  perceptions’ on ‘institutionslized (marriages as such.);

,that way the governent just not appointed the relevant judges already recommended;

( but held up the appointments, under ‘so called claims that the judges are not of  right quality,

like husband accuses his wife of ‘adultary ‘ of such kind of claims, obviously the contractual oblication is just vitiated).

If the judges just nominated by the Apex courts already worked as Judges earlier for pretty long many years;

if you had any problem you should have said, when, they are not fit to be judges then and there;

but now today why?,

obviously  governments’ idea is to appoint some ‘slave mentality judges ‘

so that,

some kind of so called BSY type men are to get acquitted,

like the other day the CBI court had acquitted, thanks to CBI just not appropriately prosecuted,

that shows the governnents power manipulated CBI investigators to help acquittal of BSY kinds,

that means it is obvious failure in understanding the ‘constitutionl proprieties as such,

that kind only led the Nobel awarded ‘Contrat theory’ says. How true is again proved by the CBI getting acquittal of BSY or like men;

You know if the new judges as recommened are appointed now at the respective courts as suggested by the Apex court, by the government,

the great central government finds any serious problems could move ‘impeachment proceedings’,

subject to ‘parlimentarians’ correctly arriving at the right decision on the ‘Impeachment proceedings’, obviously enlightens;

that, the ‘decision on impeachment’ calls for very many ‘law makers have to decide, after hearing their cases. as presented by their advocacy of prosecutors and the respondents,

not at the grand idea of PM or so called law minister alone,

 obviously cannot decide on the improprieties of any, that is obvious position of Art 14 itself,

judges also have their own fundamental rights too that cannot be swallowed by the great PM or the Law minister is prime ‘patent factor’ to be given credence.

So, obviously so called ‘castes reservations’, on the fact of non existent castes cannot be called as great castes,

by some public servants or a few law makers;

but should be accepted nothing less than 2/3rds majority of both the loksabha and rajya sabha in a joint sitting ;

and once passed as an act is again subject to scrutiny of the high courts concerned;

as also the Apex courts;

by suitable legal petitions or suo motu action of the courts’ jurisdiction concerned;

obviously the PMO or the LMO ‘cannot’ decide any legal issues is very obvious, one needs know.

Therefore, thus, we  analyse on the ‘proprieties of occupations’, as such;

that way only ‘Occupations’ assumed importance;  only ‘it’ decided the division of labor issues;

division of labor only created castes,

under ‘Skills Aspects’ as such.

Thus we move forward here below;


You know even today, if one is a carpenter, or blacksmith, or cobler, or shepperd, or milkman, that is he  chooses to call himself accordingly.

He never says what he was before.

You could have seen someone like Parsis they call themselves by their occupation,

like liqor seller calls ‘dharuwala’, an engineer he calls himself as Engineer, like Faruq Engineer, some one is from Mistry work, like Palonji ‘Mistry’ (builders) he callls himself  as ‘Mistry’, one seller of Boats, a dealer of steels, he is called ‘Lokhande’ or ‘Steelwala’, he calls himself as Bamboat, and so on.

Same  and similar way only, in the early Indian society,

agriculturist, calls ‘Agri’, barbars (hair dresser) he calls himself ‘Naiks’ and so on, so  on and so forth,

That way things of ‘caste’, surfaced,is the ‘historical determination.

Therefore, it will be obvious  when the ‘caste based reservation ‘ came as Mr Ramsay McDonald PM of Britain, in British  India developed , thanks to ‘Justice Party’ headed by Late Mr.  Bhatavatsalam, a Minister in the then Madras Government forced Mr Ramsay McDonald to give ‘caste based rotation roster system ‘ in jobs;

that way ‘Rotation idea surfaced’ in British India, that way idea of forward , backward communities surfaced in 1920s or so.

I had seen that  my father was one affected by this great idea, till his 27th year of age, he could not get any job, though he was selected five times, 4 times he lost the job opportunity at the altar of the  ‘rotation of roster’ in railways.

He was directly selected by the District Traffic  superintendent,(DTS)  of South Indian Railways, at Trichy (TN),

as my father’s father(grand father) retired after 35 years of the honest honorable service in railways as a chief clerk;

that way ‘forward community’ people have to prove their merit in their jobs, else, they were just ‘shunted out’  from services;

that way I acquired my classification as ‘government public servants’class..

Obviously, our ‘earlier’ occupations just ‘dissolved’ into new classification.

Morarji Bhai’s  as PM of India ,after Smt Indira Gandhi as PM,  appointed Mondal an M.P to go into the details on the caste system,

how  the British evaluated by the British Indian government under British P.M, Mr.Ramsay McDonald, to enable Morarji to use the wisdom;

of that great ‘rotation  system’; after the study , the report by Mondal definitely proved a lot of defects apart from statistical perspective of the castes, there were several lacunae how the caste system  first of all evolved?,

how continued?; how long it persisted? There are no ‘definite answers’ to correctly evaluate, that led him not to rely the system, for the ‘rotation’ idea was just to ‘divide and rule’ paradigm he assessed; and so he shelved the report as ‘most unreliable’ without adequate researches ;

for there were no sociological researches base could be obtained, from the shelves of universities of India.

But one study of Taxasila study, based on historical perspectives based but that did not correctly say anything in clear terms, except that the peoples occupations only is the clue, from the civilization s of Persia, and Greeks.

So ‘Rotation’ system also could not stand scrutiny;

as there were ‘No castes basically,;

but always ‘depended on the skills’ of the individuals supplemented by, the ‘family’s occupations which they consistently followed over centuries, not sporadically.

Like refugees do any work that cannot be any measure at all.

That way right and reasonable measurement is what one followed over decades became the ‘occupation’;

like we say how ‘character ‘ is evaluated is , ‘what one does repeatedly behave again and again help build one’s charater.

If one robs people repeatedly over years would become the characteristic of the famiily, that way , the people ibndulged in highway robbery over years were classified as ‘criminal tribes’;

likewise every repeated work over several generation if the community follwed that avocation only could determine the skills what his hands can be nimble of is determined.

So in a Parish, any one indulges in preaching several generations qualified him as a ‘Preacher’ ;

likewise ‘warriors’ (fighters) community, too were developed, and that way every kind of division of labor did surface is the only possible perception.

So any one could gain skills in any area that depended on how long he took interest in that ‘skilll area’ what the Skill Development Project ‘ is all about.

If one gain sklls in taking ‘bribes’ he became Master in Bribes taking’ so the idea of Liason  management skill is all about, even any area of managing, that way we have MBA courses today that are run by universities!.

That only caused alot of corruption areas today, like in smugglings, gold smuggling, and like, today we have several builders cheat the flat buut ers, but  till he is caught he is the honest man on earth.

Skill can be anything , it depends on what skills you choose ultimately determines your ‘occupation’ (you get occupied with that skill area development), Nothing more, nothing less.Like IT software.

You could have noted in the media reports on Marathwada, where a lot of people started using ST reservations by getting ST certificates and gained jobs entrries, besides they got promotions under the very ST quotas, just depriving the real STs classified, the number alone in Maharashtra civil services exceeded more than 100,000 officers in maharashtra govt since 1976 it was reported.

You could have seen ‘massive corruption’ at various certification levels, the ‘such great masquerading as ST officers community acquired promotions and  many held top government positions, obviously due to political obvious support, it was revealed.

What ‘Sovereign power they hold tell me?’

Aurangabad bench of High Court of Bombay high court stayed the government notification of exonerating such fraudulent officers instead of punishing them;

the court asked the government of Maharashtra to pass an Act of the legislature clearly ‘exoneratibg such corrupt practices’ to allow such ‘officers’ to continue in the top posts.

The CM of maharashtra himself headed such Tribal Advisory Committe, but today the TAC is non functional and its repirt in ‘cold storage

like condition’.. Same like ‘ Mondal commission report during Morarji Bhai’s cabinet in 1980s.

But great ‘intellectually ‘great honest brains like VP Singh ‘ did misuse the useless shoddy Mondal report to create the so called   shoddy ‘reservations for so called backward classes’, followed by other backward classes, then great mentally corrupt congress CM of Kerala Mr. Karunakaran passed ‘another shoddy so called reservation ‘ for ‘creamy layer reservations’ after the hn SC verdit on Idra shahani v Union of India case of 1980s.

These kinds of ‘shoddys’ emerged due to political patronisation, which was not questioned by lackadisical judiciary caught in so called ‘judicial restraint’ paradigm, leading the public to evaluate the state is failing leading to the constitutional crisis’ just because Apex court failed to use Art 142,144, to advice the President to invoke Art 352  to dissolve such shoddy parliament then filled with these kind of corrupt law makers, representing the voters  to usher in the ‘so called corrupt policies’ characteristically to make the people just to be the mute spectators of corrupt activities of the politicians characteristically ‘absolutely’ corrupt to get into any levels of corruption to cheat the voters in the so called nsme of Democratic India

Obviously, several times ‘judicial restraint’ idea is just forced to be misused by the politics played; obviously for the ‘self preservation’ of ‘Absolutely Corrupt Politicians’ today too masquerading as ‘great leaders’ of several political parties.

Such kinds number went on increasing that made one local political party in maharashtra to force ‘film producers’ to shell out Rs. 5 crores, in the name of the film producers’  having used Pakistan film personalities, as some forced donation to Army jawans, which is promptly rejected by  the Army establishment, every one is aware of.

Problem is politicians misuse by perverting the sociological perspectives of so called ‘Never Ever was a Caste as such’!

Just because you confered on the Parliament such power to say, but these law makers now say the Parliament is Sovereign, but in fact Parliament in India can never be sovereign as very Parliament itself is an Art 12 institution, when so how can this Parliament can claim ‘Sovereign Power’, why don’t you question these worthies please?

I am feeling how Indians after independence in 1947, still feeling like ‘subjects’ as they were under British Indian governments, since the time they were under Rajas. Sultans, Kings, after Vaishali confederacy, (Gautama Buddha was born there in the 6th cent BC),

It appears once subjects , they ever think so, that is sad indeed.

Even Lord Krishna ‘Dwarakha’ was a ‘confederacy’ – clear open democracy!

Indus valley civilization itself emanated from ‘democratic fundamentals, they knew No man is an Island, that doesn’t mean they can be enslaved!

But today politicians world over  try to enslave, like Mr. Trump ideas try to,

these ideas are not ideals but rich and wealthy wants to rule over you.

So Mrs. Hillary Clinton, however she is bad but less burdensome of Mr Trump, for the USA, might turn out to be the first Lady President of the USA by 8th November 2016.

She needs to expand the economy to accommodate the Poor and Needy immigrants too,

American citizen is promptly Intelligent when Trump tried to psyche the citizens – even ‘Whites’ but ‘immigrants’ really corrected the course correction, if you observe how the US election is moving around.

Mr. Trump himself just arbitrary person just tried to torpedo ‘Women power’.

Promptly, the women of the USA are more intelligent than ‘Men’ even in the USA.

Worse still, Indian Judiciary though more powerful yet it is very meek, under so called ‘Judicial Restraint’ paradigm.

Thus it miserably failed, when the !st constotutional Amendment surfaced with schedule IX,;

thank God it (sch IX ) was  ‘ultra vires’  the Indian Constitution since 2007 when  a constitutional bench of CJI Mr Y K Sabharwal declared so in the case ‘(Legal heir) Coelho v/s State of Tamil Nadu.

When indians will learn is a million $ question? , i used to wonder.

May be, when Indian Apex court judges turn more independent thinkers in their interpretation of the Indian  Constitution,


then they could handle course correction of Indian politicians, else some Amit Shahs (BJP) soon declare Indian ‘dictatorship’ to assert as new Emperors.

You need to assert as
Indian free citizen not subjects to any one, realize..

Else you may end up with another one hundred constitutional amendments just to dilute the solid structure of the Indian Constitution.

Hope you are aware Art 13 was being diluted, by the very first constitutional Amendment in 1956.

You need to know there is no caste and gender difference at all as all men and women are just as equal as the other, you will know.

Never allow the politicians to ‘gag ‘ you, for heaven’s sake!.



All MPs antecedents as also all MLAs antecedents be checked forthwith; as it is proved for the last 20 yrs MPs did fail under Art 51A of part IV A of the constitution; if any wrongdoings is found such MPs MLAS need be removed by their respective parties forth with, election commission need to take all relevant police and intelligence reports on all nominations received; if police and intelligence clearance if not recd , never permit them to contest elections, country’s safety is more important than these parties’ interests is my considered opinion .

In the same way every groom and bride need proper verification about their antecedents, then only you can reduce litigation of any kind.