What  ‘ Reasoning’ is the major question before one?


Every ‘Reasoning’ has two sides like the same ‘coin’ -but misused by politicians in power,  is the sole bane – would politicians accept?


‘Democracy is a greatly ‘misused (Ought not be misused) tool in the hands of politicans ’obviously.


So Alexander Pope said Politics is the last resort of ‘scoundrels’ (politicians by and large fall in this category), not without sound Reasoning!


That only degenerates the very democratic fundamentals of secular robust constitutions in the world.


Professor Dr.G.Balakrishnan, Ph.D, LL.B., LL.M

Advocate of Bombay High Court (OS)


In a Secular  Democratic Republic of India, how come we have to bow to so called ‘customs and cultures’ of multu cultural country, as Secularism is thebasic tenet of the Indian Constitution – some concessions under Art 25 if granted cannot be misused by every religion or every community, every custom and culture; if bowed India cannot be a modern Democracy in its right meaning as such;


[(Even, the USA, there are too many denominations among christians,one such denomination is ‘ Evangellism Christians’, in that order falls president Mr Trump, his denomination also subscribes to ‘refugees’ are some kind of ‘suppliants’; they ought to be helped and protected under all costs, as Hindu dharmic law is, when so, how Mr Trump pass some blessed ‘Executive Order’ under ‘Travel Ban’ as such (obviously some jittery reaction it appears, the President cannot take is the norm); that way immediate fmr. President Mr Obama now like fmr. Mr. president Roosevelt raised his objections of President Tuft, then; so it is obvious fmr presidents would rise against any unruly dispensations of incumbent president in the USA, why so? That is called  the ‘advanced thinking process’  of any advanced country, that way honorable  USSC interprets the constitution in the presence of 25th amendment too.


Travel ban cannot achieve any real barring of ‘terrorists’ of any kind, for ‘terrorists’ wear new hats in which you can never locate them, they might use any route to reach  that way they did in 9/11 attacks in New York then, so every npw and then – so obviously, Trump idea of travel ban could achiieve very little to stop ‘terrorits’ ; they could  reach even very white house, though Trump’s own security men, as it happened in the case of personal body guardsOf smt Indira Gandhi, she was shot in point blank range; and she was assasinated; so also LTTE men entered in Sriperumpudur where they finished Rajiv Gandhi – though you can have any theories – te objective is achieved by ‘Terrorists’;


So, there is no safety valve as such, be it a president ofb

USA or anywhere – in the USA even Abraham Lincolnand then  JF Kennedy weren finished – that says, any kind of your enemy might get access to Terror-managers anywhere , one needs to know – There is Nothing called greatest security – even the Nuclear buttons to bein the hands of the US president might get triggered by any, even in the highest security situation, after all ‘artificial intelligence takes over, Terrorists are well versed in high end technologies, be it in ‘Artificial intelligence’, Robot-technology – how will you identify if some such is in cargo room of Air Force One?


Therefore, one needs to build good cordon by great friends for the President Mr Trump – I several times wonder how he would be safe, in his ‘Tongue lashing ‘techniques’; he is in the proximity of some terror attack on him – now terrorist target is just one man in Mr Trump, most easy target for the Terrorist, anywhere – No great dsecurity can protect Mr Trump he ought to know if he is indeed a ‘prudent person’.)]


When so, why, at all, the honorable Indian SC need work under so called outworn ‘judicial restriant’ concept in the cases like ‘culture and customs’; politicians should be constrained by due process of law, that is in the domain of Judiciary to examine under very Art 265 too, though that Art is applied for Taxation matters;


All said and done, India is a ’Secular ‘ democracy’ by every definition, ‘greatest security to any Nation’; as too many religions, too many customs and cultures cannot survive, so very easily, in the secular society, that way Secularism is the best of all ‘security system’ in the ‘security arsenal’ (civilized society) is obvious.


May  I ‘say’ on two DNA newspaper  articles/reports of 25th inst,  my view: (whether you like or not?) .

I have to say for ‘I am no politician’, just an ‘Advocate’ of Law under the Constitution;  


We have a  ‘boundened duty’ to cause of  ‘public awareness’ to preseve the Constitutional fundamentals;


that is the obvious  ‘salient  duty’,  for any  ‘Law officer’ of Court;


if one chooses to be an Advocate; he or she has to ‘pursue’ the ‘said road’ of ‘rule of law’ meticulously;


Else why do you want to be an Advocate, at all, think Mr Advocate?;


See –


Obviously Art 51A (duties of citizens, whether in public service or in politics is mandatory under article), Part IVA of the Constitution of India –


so the ‘President of India’ in his address on the eve of republic day on 25th Jan said,


– the ‘highest form of ‘FREEDOM carries with it greatest measure of discipline and humility‘’ ;


Read Plato’s Republic (Republica) = (res = entity; + publicus =public) Question is what do we mean by ‘Republic ?


The common understanding is ‘Republic is ruled not rpt not by the King but by ‘public‘ at large.


Thus, a State is generally governed by elected representatives, in ‘democracies’, in secular republics too, not repeat not by ‘hereditary  rulers or monarchs’, not by means of ‘Decree or Dogma , but now it is by ‘Rule of Law;


In about 200 ‘sovereign’ countries/States today about 150 states of the world over = about 3/4th have official names as ‘Republic’;


Many are indeed ruled by Despots/Dictators, a couple of them even by Elected Monarchs.


Pakistan in 1956 first adopted the term ‘Republic’,


Iran  too after revolution but address themselves as ‘Islamic Republic’;


In India, Indian Conxtitution os called as *Secular Democratic Republic


it was in India, a  ‘Dharma’ is supposed to rule;


with the king or with any such ‘Nomenclature’, even ‘elected rulers’, supposed to be ‘merely’ they are ‘just administrative’ funtionaries on behalf of Public, ‘once elected by people’ in universal election process (universal suffrage), they try to convince the people why their ‘Party’ ought to be given a chance to prove their mettle; that way secure votes from people (public).


Read Book VIII of Plato’s Republic, Socrates discusses ‘various forms’ of governments, like, Aristocracy, Timocracy (Military rule), Oligarchy(by the Rich and Wealthy), and finally ‘Democracy (people by themselves under ‘Self Rule’ like Athenian democracy (city-states);


in big populated countries, by some ‘Parliamentary representative’ method, [by new innovation by the people, as it is just impossible for every one to participate in governance themselves].  


In this type, entered the so called ‘party system’ that emerged into too many parties as today;


Man by nature is some ‘x’ type person (mostly idle type);


that allowed today ‘y’ type men(mostly ‘active type’) to form ‘Parties’ to govern’ (as it is said under Pareto Economics, only 20% do all the good work for the benefit of the 80% of people; that way most men are are just wasters of resources, so ‘economies’ suffer;  


In this process 20% men sometimes tend to misuse the trust people repose on them that way ‘corruption’ surfaced in a ‘theory of corruption’:


As long as 80% is some ‘x’ (idle) type men , ‘corruption’ will be persistent, under various forms;


so, it is said, by many great Economist thinkers;


‘you can never weed out corruption, from the face of the earth;


but ‘be happy to see corruption is not allowed to grow in demonic proportions’;


if you do that only that itself is simply great,;


it is further said; (after all you can’t deny a man who takes honey from ‘honey comb’ if he likes ‘to lick’ his ‘back of his own hand’!  


what we find now is some ‘Mobocracy’ every where has also entered in the absence of due control on the very men themselves;


(see in TN mobs wanted some ‘Jallikattu’, ‘promoted ‘by some political backing(with their personal reasons), as if supporting some ‘culture or art or some such’ ideas forced the state ‘to bow down’ to their obviously ‘illegal’ wishes and desires – like harming ‘Bulls’ or ‘Buffellows’ or  ‘cocks’ in cock-fights’ and the like .


 what else  do you  ‘call’ the nefarious activities when ‘read with’ so called cultures ‘tortures’ of animals – very domestic animals?:


Indian Constitution is indeed a great  thought of most civilized persons by a ‘Constituent Assembly’ in 1947 – how many accept is seen today ;


– obviously ‘No one wants to be ‘Self controlled’ persons today, ;


Mahatma Gandhi and a lot of founding fathers of the Indian Constitution were mentaly very highly matured, unlike today men – see in Bangalore, people enjoy a youth is killed by the accident, none rushed to his help but allowed him die, but had temerity to take pictures on their mobiles, that is the present ‘mental level of people’ in a so called city called ‘IT hub’!;


President’s address on the 25th ‘on the eve of republic day’ falling on the 26th january 2017;


he obviously rightly ‘bemoaned and rightly ‘high lighted’ and showed the importance of Art 51A (duties and obligations of any indian citizen) -’ citizen is described under Art 5 of the constitution of India; Indeed it is falling under, ‘ fundamental duties’ like ‘fundamental rights’ (after all  fundamental dutied preceed fundamental rights meaning ‘you need to sacrifice your ‘fundamental rights’ in respect of ‘fundamental duties’ that is such great importance of that Art 51A,falling under Part IVA (directive principles -constituent functions of the state);


(Part IV is also treated as a ‘part of fundamental rights’, of any citizen so he can demand from the very state), tht means Part IVA is equally important fundamental right of duty, you  can insist on any institution right from the Parliament on, no institution is ‘immune’ to this Art 51A is the sum and substance;  


in India we don’t have a separate  ‘State Citizenship’  as such ;


just ‘Domicile or Residency’ qualification cannot confer any kind of state citizenship as such;


and it cannot take away your ‘Citizenship’ conferred on you under Art 5 of the Constitution, if you are a Good Citizen’ ,


as ‘domicile rule’ is just ‘some  kind of administrative action’


in this light, i do not agree with CJI Mr Kehar singh that any indian state can follow any law of its own; obviously it  permits ‘mobocracy’ is my humble view;


in view of ‘failure of any uniformity all over india’, as Nation  India cannot be governed, if it allows all ‘fissiparous tendencies’;


hon CJI could have just dismissed the PILwithout merits’ and allow the PIL petitioner to approach the relevant Hon High Court ;


High Courts can try under its Judicial Review powers under  Art 226 r/w 227  that is very  much wider power than  that Art 32 of the Supreme court of India;


in the absence of so called perception ‘state citizenship right’, the parliament’s obvious failure to maintain ‘rule of law per se the constitutional basic tenets where ‘We never granted  to States’ to be any authority to allow any such strange laws;


as such after all all states were ‘created by 1956 reorganisation of states’ for administrative convenience only; wherein We ‘never’ allowed State republic as such;


so I suggest to the hon SC being the Apex court ‘need to reconsider its stance’;


Hon Ct shall not allow any ‘Mob rule ‘ in the Indian democratic set up is my considered view.


If allowed, only ‘shallows and miseries for the country is my further considered view;


you cannot control governance of a vast Nation under such ‘contradictions’;


if done it is like President Mr.  Trump Executive Order that debars all ‘Muslims’ cannot be allowed in the ‘USA’ as refugees, why even very American Muslim cannot go back to the USA – a crazy idea of Mr Trump;


that such an Order simply affected even ‘Green Card holders- Muslims‘ cannot re-enter;


if they went to ‘tour away anywhere’ cannot come back as they would be just ‘barred’  at all American Airports;


so the Federal Court judge suspends the presidential Executive order temporarily till all the Green Card-Muslims reenter USA;


Indeed Mr. Trump is issuing ‘all types of ‘contradictionary Executive Orders’, as he is absolutely  New to Presidential functions in the USA.


I am sure our CJI is not new to the office of CJI of the SC; ‘slips could be possible’, that can be corrected suo motu or by curative petitions by PIL petitioner here cited.


PIL man need to put  up PIL in the state concerned High Court which has extensive judicial review control under Art 226 compared to Art 32 and Art 32A which empowers the hon S C much less;


so I say, the very honorable SC could have dismissed ‘without analysing any merits of the the PIL’ and directing the PIL petitioner to move Madras High court;  


that could have been a ‘better way of handling judgements’, instead of sitting on some such judgements;


why do we have High courts?, if hon SC could decide all isues, like the one referred in the PIL, as the differenetr institutions are conferred some special powers, that ought to be honoured,  is my considered opinion;


Now, my considered view is that  the SC judgement on the PIL is ‘no ratio decidenti’ as such ;


so some ‘Obiter Dicta’ only (not falling under Art 141);


further it is no constitutional bench too;


it is just an Obiter type opinion of the honorable CJI, he might have declared due to ‘ too many pending  cases’ in the said Court;


Even the PIL holder ‘can seek curative’ from the hon SC division bench which I am sure hon court would consider again; and do the needful to restore the PIL to be tried at the relevant High court;


– here Madras High court is being the jurisdictional court, is again my considered opinion;


CJI of the honorable SC never bulldozes like the governments today;


TN did, PM Modi governmet did , in this problem of ‘Jallikattu’ beyond its powers if very carefully examined; Modi’s approach bordered to that of Mr Trump’s.


Never any problem can be ever settled overnight;


like some ‘flying meetings’ as if some ’fly by night operators’;


but by highly considered thought process that might take very long time too to decide;so judiciary delays judgements, that doesn’t mean ‘Jstice denied’ sir.


so ‘judgement Reserved’ idea surfaced;


In this PIL ‘Reserved’ also doesn’t arise at all;

Never judges work of judging issues are so very easy, like some Advocate or the politicians in government;


so Judges hold high ‘credibility’ in the public’s eye;


Like, politicians even some ‘Advocates’ of Law; who without preparation rush to conclusions;


 so people doubt any ‘Advocate;

Every aspect of law and the fact ought to have to be very patiently need to  be considered, assessed and analysed;


if you as ‘Advocate’ cannot do good work, better leave ‘Advocacy’ is the ‘sane counsel’ for such great advocates;


they are mushrooming as Bar councils failed rightly filtering them – whether one can be some meaningful ‘Advocate’ if not ? Better weed out;


if not, naturally Bar council might get very bad name;


Politicians in government work in ‘fits and starts’ manner as ‘law makers’;


so no ‘Statute’ is ‘sacrosanct’, why even ‘Constitutional Amendments’ too;


Obviously questioned in any Judicial Review, a very sacred work of the very honorable Constitutional courts;that happened in Kesavananda bharathy v st of Kerala; then in Coelho v st of TN in 2007


So need to be ‘tested in the reliable court of justice- – called the ’Constitutional Courts’ under Art 226 or Art. 32 under ‘Writs are for Judicial review’ (need not follow ji]udicial restraint as such if found something is very strange dispensation’;


obvious ‘prerogative writs’, are founded in Britain;


there is also Art 51A by smt Indira Gandhi ‘rightly  and sanely’ brought in in 1976, a great mature politician India got in her;


After the above  submission, i have to register my views of


‘Reasonings’ are as such , that the word:


‘Reasoning ‘ is ‘most misused’ word, – mostly mis-understanding of its ‘weights’;



May be as we are today some kind of ‘language chavinists’, – very dangerous doctrine we follow in a civilized society;


‘that makes us lose our standing/credibility’,


‘Ignorantia Legis est Non excusat’, in Latin terms, used in very ‘English’ based legal system;


India legal system is too England based perception that credibly ruled india for about 150 years and even today for the judgements are even today emulatable;


I find one TN lawyer just intimidates AWBI that it cannot file against the TN statute (obviously the lawyer crossed his brief can be also perceived; why he even might  be pulled  up, if he utters such statements in the court) , ‘as if he is some great ‘judge’ himself, that shows how his Advocacy standing today has degenerated, one can perceive.’


Advocate cannot talk like politicians;


if done ,they can be ‘censured’, by very Bar council or by the honorable bench concerned.


‘Any one can go against ‘any statute’, to be tested under the anvil of the constitution of India, is the fundamental right of any and every citizen, even by a very poor man, under forma pauperis procedure!


that much ‘common sense’ I expected from the TN lawyer appearing for the TN state –


‘No lawyer is a judge’;


but ‘some prop ‘for his client’ only, to lead his client ‘rightly’; if not he takes him  the client ‘for a ride’;


 Certainly Advocate is  ‘ Lawyer’ and is ‘No Judge’ at all;


he should keep his ‘mouth shut’ till when the matter is heard, that is called the principle of Natural justice;


not ‘Nature Justice’ he ought to know so too his followers, then only law improves, nations improve;


law is No Politics or Politicking;


passing an ‘Ordinance’ into  an Act means  ‘Big Nothing’;


or the very Ordinance is ‘not’ based upon ‘right’ procedural rules, laid down on the passing of Ordinances by the relevant Governors, in this case;


so obviously, we lost tract of that Maxim ‘Ignorantia Legis’  est non excusat’ , obviously forgot the principle;


that is why, ‘similar kinds ‘humans as lawyers’  – numbers are increasing day by day; a very bad day for justice; Justice never means it has to suport to mob hysteria.

‘Untold Problems’ are bound to arise;


you as  political representative of people cannot behave as you like or liked to interfere with high court jurisdiction on the relevant State’,


afterall ,you are circumscribed by Art 51A of Part IVA of the Constitution of India, under ‘duties’ ; every citizen is bound, as duties are more important  and significant, than your so called ill-understood ‘fundamental rights, like we do the Art 25; well discussed by Justice Mr Kuldip Sngh in Vallothan v Union of India in 1995;


No rights you can enjoy, without your ‘sacrosanct duty to the Nation’;


Nation never means chavinists in your community;


you better be away from them; if they fail in their duties per se Art 51A of the Constitution of India;


Honorable SC did  very very ‘Clearly pronounced’ in the case of ‘Indra shahani v UOI’ , it did not want to ‘interfere with’ state of  Kerala legislation on ‘creamy layer’ issue but it looked for central law for its action;


On 29th January Telengana Government appoints ‘Brahmins welfare board; as the very State realized ‘Brahmins’ are very ‘Unity in diversity of India, so cannot be neglected, so put under retired IAS officer Mr KV Ramana, as chair person


Would ‘all other States’ follow suit, a million $ question?


But remains to be seen – it falls under very Art 51A of Part IVA;


Brahmins are and were some kind of Brain Trust of India;


if any one recalls their contribution to the Nation, from Chakravarthi Rajagopalachariar, Last Governor General of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Prakasam Pantulu, Padit Madan Mohan Malavaiah, poet Subramanya Bharathi, PM – Mr PV Narasimha Rao (PM in most turbulent times for India, opened the Indian economy,  Narayanamurthy of Infosys opened the outsoursing business in IT sector, why Sir Mokshagundam Visveswaraiah who created and built the Metturdam to tame Cavery river waters lest wastage of water in sea is properly tamed and diverted for  irrigation and Agriculture to name a few .


Are we not proud of these great meaningful social workers, even Vinoabha Bhave founder of Bhommidan movement in Maharashtra, Bala Gangadhar Tilak, Gopala Krishna Gokhale, Rabindranath Tagore, and so on, why your present President Mr Pranabh Mukherjee,  retd Justice Krishnaiyer  (recently passed away) of the hon SC; and so many more names to roll out see what is Ms. J.Jayalalitha CM of TN (recently passed away); if they and their  ‘likes’ were if considered ‘as really friendly souls of India’, don’t we find patriotic Brahmins of India?


Even poet shri Annamaiah who opened the ‘doors’  most important of temples  for Harijan entry in Tirupathi Balaji and other temples; shri Chandrasekhara Saraswati after Srt Sankara and so many like Ramana Maharishi, now Sri Sri so many and so many who contributed, like Swami Vivekhananda, and his guru in Sarada Devi and ……; recently we lost Ms Jayalalitha as CM of TN who founded ‘Amma canteens’, and like things to alleviate the sufferings of TN ‘poor’ people and her death was vey badly mourned by TN people in millions across in TN and so  on. And so forth;


unfortunately   then ‘No keralite or any from Kerala  filed a Writ against ‘creamy layer issue’, (outcome of ‘Indrashahani  case,)  found itself into the ‘Kerala Act’; for declaring the said Act ‘ultra vires’ the Constitution of India in the Kerala High Court; that way creamy layer showed its ‘ugly head’ ‘on and of’;


you ought to know how to fight, like in ‘Chakravyuga’ taught in  Bharatha War fought by Arjuna, but we are ‘full of Abhimanyus’ today, since then , how will you fight, you need to think – ‘give work to your own thinking machine’;


that way our population are, why even our  ‘so called legal fraternity’ –Advocates today are expected to work untiringly like like Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer, or Nani Palkiwala, Soli Sorabji, there is no easy path for any!


If so, why politicians seek easy route? ‘ They want always easy money, easy everything…’


Ignorantia Legis’, est non excusat’ , ‘obviously forgotten’, then why similar kinds numbers are increasing day by day, even today in the name of so called National Schools of Law too, I feel ashamed to say. Are we happy to cheat ourselves?


See hon SC would just need to look at  Concurrent List’ based Acts only; and take action, as and when needed to rectify ‘scales of justice to preserve ‘rule of law’;


as Hon  Supreme Court shall  never would overstep and visit state laws, as already explained;


But in TN Governor’s Ordinance how obviously  ‘illegally resurrected’, since  the legal draft was vetted by union home ministry and duly forwarded for asscent by the president;


That situation (bad in law of procedure) might totter the very foundation of TN Governor’s Ordinance (if court visits without judicial restraint doctrine’ ) (ought to be to establish the doctrine of rule of law) (as normally Governor’s recommended Ordinance is always scrutinized by the office of President’s secretariat, once forwarded by the union Home ministry but here practically ‘reverse’);


this fact  is it might face  the  ‘heat’ from the hon SC, I believe;


Honorable  Supreme Court doesn’t take cognizance or note what PM said or not said, –  but it will just look at the ‘legality of the issue concerned’; (Nothing more and nothing less),  the central statutes and their veracity are always questioned;


as Animals protection and preservation Acts fall squarely under ‘concurrent lists’ where the central government only has the only ‘Say’ – one needs to carefully note not the State individually’; ( it cannot take refuge under so called ‘customs’ and ‘cultures’, culture and customs don’t hold water uner ‘secular’ democracy’ is very very obvious as secularism is the ‘basic tenet’ of the indian constitution.

‘Manu’ says that ‘Jallikattu as some ‘tradition based idea’, as  if, as old as  some 1000, or 4000 or 5000 years old ,(obviously he doesn’t know is a fact of ‘when ‘ correctly.)


Tell me sirs, which politician ‘so far agreed’: –  ‘he doesn’t know’, (every one knows);


just some of his great foolish or  fooling ideas, –obviously he (politician’ is ‘fooling the poor people’ since considered the mostly ignorant lot by Politicians, like PM did by his great ‘demonetization idea’;


Demonetzation objective was to see BJP opponents ‘don’t splurge’  cash in the elections slated from February to ensure BJP to win the five states; but he told the world just he is doing great job! Obviously fooled the poor people. Poor haced the heat; now consumer prices have shot up milk cost shot up by Rs.4/- per litre now – it is the people have to pay not the government is subsidizing with windfall gains of cash taken under the unaccounted sources of the people who hoarded cash!


Politicians always try to keep poor people always ‘ignorant’ for obvious reasons like our TN worked overtime on ‘Jallikattu’ to bury the ‘hatchet of irrigation and Agriculture Disaster’, besides poor ‘farmers suicides’;


TN politicians found ‘good excuse route’ to get out of agriculture damages, they played very very compared to so called ‘Jallikattu’, every TN man must know, if bestowed by sound  ‘common sense’.


Thinking of OPS and Sashikala is ‘as if’ they are like Lord Krishna did with Satyabhama on ‘Abhimanyu’s birth’;

Thus they conveniently ignored Agriculture disaster and suicides in favor of ‘Jallikattu’;


instead of pulling up the youth looking for ‘Jallikattu’-  ‘how do you expect’ – Agriculturist suffered in ‘crops-loss’; would you love the great ‘Jallikattu’?  and  would he like to prefer suicides?


I some times wonder!


,  Lord Krishna thought, if Abhimanyu’s father Arjun  knows how to come out of ‘Chakravyuga ‘ if not taught to Abhimanyu, Arjun would not have made Abhimanyu to face ‘Chakkravyuga’ then, obviously.


the Kaurava and Pandav countries would perish anyway,( do you think Arjuna would have liked such eventualities, Lord Krishna be it  ‘Krishna is divine or not’!) ;


 if Pandavas or Kauravas are ‘immortal’, as if ‘immortals’ have not to  perish; (even Aswathaama an immortal is told he is killed by very Yudhishtra  just to ensure Dronacharya to be fooled’ so wars are just carried on deceptions mostly is revealed then too;


see even Parikshit has to be got killed by as ‘Nagaraja’ (king of snakes’) in the form of snake’;


None is ever saved in the history is the realism;


We fought and won World War I and II ; after that, are we in command?


Think a while; that is the story of  ‘sands of time’;

Lord Krishna’s logic was OK in the case of the Kinds of ‘warrior’ classes;


if you are a warrior you also need to die, as none is allowed to stay on earth for ever;


if allowed there cannot be any more generations of people and animals and likes..;


everything has great logic;


the logic is you are needed to be there on earth as long as ‘you’re productive else ‘please leave’ is called ‘RIP’ principle.


but same logic is not OK for poor ‘domestic animals’ for they gave much more  than they are supposed to, so Lord was always kind of Cows or any productive animals;


but that is a kind of idea to take ‘wrong’ analogies is a kind  of  ‘deception strategy’ ;


that is why General Sun Yat Sen of China then called ‘All wars are deception’;


Politicians think here as if  their ‘some enemies’ are considered their own ‘very voters themselves’;


that way Sharad pawar simply ensured to lose food grains in rains and allowed rodents eataway in FCI godowns just ‘rot’ , recently, in the name that he doesn’t like the food grains price fall, a spurious claim by him;i


if he wanted to help agriculturists he could have given ‘subsidies’ to alleviate the problem not by simply wasting food grains – obviously he was negative thinker;


and in fact ‘in practice’ lost food grains is a great fact as his mind seems to have moved to mental ‘plateau’;


for that great man you give ‘Padma bhusahan’ how Modi government arrived  at such sad idea, i wonder.


In fact he is a ‘dead weight on earth’;


why you want that man’s great friendliness Mr Modi, – ‘may be Modi would have felt Shiva Sena would leave coalition with BJP’!


; obviously it seems , ‘these ‘awards’ are some kind of baits’ to get coalitions’;


if so what ‘Padma ViiBhushan’is worth? I wonder.


politicians do think very ‘voters’ are some ‘deadweight’, so they treat poor people practically as their ‘avowed enemies’ but treated like jallikattu animals is obvious;


the  politician chooses to ‘deliberately deceive’ his voters; – one way or the other;


like Sharad Pawar (filthily rich and wealthy as a builder and IPL promoter, (but mentally ‘big blank’);


in cricket games in BCCI , alleged to be well known in all kinds of ‘corrupt activities’,;

why he simply ‘spoiled’ a lot of food, and food grains, in food corporation (FCI) godowns in Panjab during UPA rule as ‘great’ food and agriculture minister);


(in fact he could not think some  better idea other than wasting foodgrains then);


obviously, he ill-treated the agriculturist poor in his own constituency is obvious ( now this man is conferred great ‘Padma Vibhushan’ by BJP government, for obvious reasons).


as if Modi thinks as if he  is  himself a great human like ‘Gandhiji’ so he replaced his photo in place of Gandhi in a calendar of KVIC; (every politician is some kind of a ‘scum’, if closely observed!)


[any politician himself deceives by his own ‘building castles’ in the air], any politician thinks he is some ‘Lord Krishna’ himself!   


‘Reasoning’,  as such came from a French word ‘raison de etre’ – i.e. a civilized  read way of reasoning -that is  what do we understand by reasoning in civilized society today?;


that way only ‘Judiciary’ always works on civilzed reasoning always;


why Evidence Act is also some civilized ‘reason’ based  idea and thought, used in all judicial pronouncements;


so the idea , ‘benefit of doubt surfaced’ in criminal jurisprudence, all over;


  • ‘Reason’  is obviously, a civilization  based idea indeed;


  • Politicians use same kind of reasoning for catching  ‘votes for’ under ‘god forsaken’  some new ideas, ‘to take on old thoughts’, just to replace again the old ideals to breath in , in a new Awatar;



  • Politicians would like ‘jallikattu of  TN’, likewise just  to ‘defrauding’  the poor tamilians in TN;




  • ‘ No party in TN is really people friendly’, as it ought to be in a venerable’ democracy’ as such!



-AIADMK  OPS or Sashikala Natarajan ; both ‘look for   

          power’ in TN by all means – Nothing More,


Nothing Less’;


  • So   on ‘Buffalo taming’ of Karnataka;


  • Karnataka in Karnataka, and elsewhere at the altar of so called very reasoning , replace, sooner than later, once they find honorable courts ‘outlaw’,the Jallukattu and likes, for ever one needs to know how politicians are great turncoats;
  • after all their main aim is just to get ‘votes’ anyway is their main objective in their life;
  • if not, ‘Party would die sooner than it is born, see what AAM Adhmi Party ‘ = AAP under Mr Kejriwal does;
  • he spoke one thing at Jantar Mandir under very man who promoted him then;
  • you would have seen how he treated Prof Yugesh yadav and Bhushan,;
  • so you can ask Where is that Arvind Kejriwal’s so called ideals then?  
  • He would say, ‘I need to go with them just to defeat sooner than later’ !



  • Therefore,  Alexander pope rightly called, ‘Politics is last resort of a (any) Scoundrel’;




  • if you remember now , many would have been forgeten today;




  • as the ‘new genere’ of educated ‘forget’ what they learnt in just earlier ‘class’ once he passes out of that class;
  • either rightly royally passing or getting promoted, or under  some kind of ‘reservation ideas of politicians ‘ since mid 1980s



– and the like of which is seen  in southern, Eastern or Western Indian states ‘Politics’;


Did these worthies ‘bother about drought’ , ‘famine’, ‘suicides’ of agriculturists;


who just do ‘tamely’  feed the total population of India when the wealthy population too needs, (Be wealthy or any, could you survive without food grains to get your need of food?’) if and when they could not import food items of their choice,;


as some ‘Mr. Trumps’ do emerge in these gangs of ‘alleged Political Scoundrels’, find refuge in politics of ‘Convenient gaming’;


Why do very ‘Americans’ rise against Mr Trump like?;




so too in India sooner or later, likely,  against Modi or any, if not get ‘forewarned’!


If forewarned you are fore armed!


but you will not be able to be like ‘smart’ Americans;


“as ‘we’ are all some great IGNORANT LOT’;


Like we say ‘Pattathan Pappanunulkku theriyum’ ( if brahmin is  properly hit, then only he will realize his errors’ says a Tamil saying);


as we like to call ourselves ‘ Nee Ulagam arinda Pommanatti non onnum ariya Kammanotti’ (Tamil) (‘ignorant fools” very ourselves are a great fact);


yes ‘We’ are dwelling in some ‘prehistoric times’ of ‘kinds’, even in the 21st century;


what a great achievement, we, as  Indians ought to know, never ever over-estimate yourself is sane thought. what  you did so far proves  your ‘great intellectual superiority thought’(that could backfire like any gun could do, it has no relationship with you as such). some men like Mr Modi as PM would ‘declare’ – He is the most intelligent or clever as our Mr Trump is doing; after all he is ‘also some kind of species like us only’, how could he be different . when his DNA is from our species only!


These kinds ‘thrive’ in politics;


the fact is Arvind Kejriwal, though some ‘well educated some Engineer’, once elected to CM in Delhi UT state, (yet he wanted fast to encash) once in his hands, he worked out how he could make, great ‘enlightenments’ as if  ‘dawned on him’ as if some kind  of modern  version of Buddha, like modern ‘Dalits’ are  playing today,


‘Today ‘Dalits’ want ‘creamy layer reservations’ to the very creamy layer, obviously denying very very poor ‘Dalits’ though the poor lot among them is the creamy lot brethern too!


Like in all other backward species of  classes, we see, in india;


Backward ‘creamy layer’ succeeded in getting reservation for their creamy lot in the presence of honoroble SC ruling in ‘Indrashahani v UOI case, thanks to munificence of Kerala then so called CM Mr. Karunakaran what a great ‘merciful heart’ you found in the fellow man by passing the so called creamy layer Act, like VP Singh did the basic ‘Mondal idea’ (unfounded statistical  correlations), that led PM Mr, Morarji Desai has to shelve that ‘great useless report’ (might be very Mondal himself  perhaps wished its shelving even if he were to be some ‘backward or similar kind’ person.


It is obvious kind of though’ as it is obvious,even a fool would not like he is also fooled’  but for,  how he could have made sch a great foundationless ‘great report’ is itsef a million $ question, for researchers on ‘Reservations’ Projects;


See great PM VP Singh(even warrior community men are like Jats, would need reservation for them too), (perhaps  he ‘may be’, some kind of ‘Backward community or some such ‘caste’ of the very U P itself;


even Rajas there were too from ‘all kinds of castes and communities’ in the Northern states unlike real ‘warrior class’ as such;


so that  the ‘great background’  would have made him to second the great ‘Mondal Report’, when it was alreaday in ‘shelved state’, languishing in Morarjibhsi’s cubboards;


he kept the report there he has to  financially account for ‘Mondal commission’s spends;


as he might have felt that  he unwittingly ordererd the very Commission called very ‘Mondal Commission’;


any way VP Singh ,moved swiftly, to see, so called constitutional amendment to emerge, then to make way for the commission –obviously overthrowing the very Art 14 of the very Constitution of india;


Now you could undesand and appreciate  ‘why Alexander Pope, a great poet called, ‘politics is the last resort of Scoundrels’, ;


would you deny ?, if so, how?, please explain?,


Else once again, ‘ the thought of politics is the last resort of scoundrels’ would get doubly asserted and ‘confirmed, is it not?


So rushwith your great opinions, I personally welcome sir.  


People in State of TN is very vociferous on ‘Jallikattu’;


Obviously, that they forgot TN lost almost all agricultural crops’;


(could it not mean people became some ‘depresed lot’;


 so they loved to go for Jallikattu as some ‘sport’, as their animals would get ‘no food to eat’ if so, ‘better we  kill  by this great ‘Jallikattu’ idea,;


just ‘ political parties ‘infuriated them’ to behave so;


as they behaved (may be ‘political scoundrellism’ ‘raised its heat’ – in some ‘Jallikattu idea’ to be promoted  (in the garb of some god forsaken custom or culture);


(you w’ll know now the ‘secrets of politicians’ scoundrallism!);


after all ‘innocent’ TN people as such are just some very badly ‘innocent’ by nature;


they can be used or misused;


so TN politicians just used the opportunity very swftly;


even ‘forcing and small children to participate in protests’ (fact is once supposed to be some culture or custom taboo  surfaced;


that has generated very women  to be treated as some ‘properties’ that would be ‘just like ‘things-like’ properties’, man  always wanted that idea could emerge to  misuse theirnown women under this great opportunity;


here, they(women and children) are ‘Obviously’  misused  that cannot be just ‘dismissed’;


is obvious fact to be noted ‘by all women, men’, who support women as equal partners and to be liberated;


However.may be some ‘great Sati’ supporters might resurrect; and emerge in TN, under in a  great culture garb; that need to be subscribed, by a statute; then they would force a statute like they did for Jallikattu, which evoked so many new customs like in a Pandora box;


Whether honorable SC supports the ‘Jallikattu’ is no big thought now;


after all, the question is  ‘whether you have sound ‘great Common SENSE’ is the billion $ Question of this 21st century? !


ONLY FUTURE ‘ OF WOMEN OF TN will say, IS womenhood is  OBVIOUSLY IN STAKE, – any sane man might say; Why very great AIADMK general secretary Sashaikala if ‘sane’  would have bear out, – yea she is a woman she woukd need safety from very Nar=tarajan her own husband, who is tricky man every one why Sashikala knows;


If you have different opinion please, you too have a say here!


Reasoning is obviously ‘lost’ by Manu in some  just misplaced ideas  like ‘Sati’ idea to say the least:


Manu would hijack to the poor ‘the great inhuman ideas’; as he thinks ‘poor people’ would simply accept him, as if  as a great thinker f his class;


but it is  his reasoning is so badly ‘faulted reason\ing’ any one  among sensible people would adduce, sooner than later;


as he ‘lost’ his own perception of what reasoning is as such, thanks to his ‘lovely support’ to AIADMK;


perhaps he is some ‘Chinnamma’ fake  follower or fake supporter, proped by her husband Natarajan, i sometimes do tend to think, as his ‘vociferous’ support to ‘Jallikattu’ is much more in proportions compared to ‘drought hit issue in TN’, due to failure of monsoons and Cavery ‘scanty water’ supply from Karnataka’ for failure of monsoon which took away so many lives – do you find any great reasons in Manu?

Per intel reports, Jallikattu is augmented by anti national forces; obviously TN govt bowed to them by passing an Ordinance and as a result some some TN Act,  obviously the statute is a product of  poor governance of a secular democracy is obvious; that might call for hon Apex court need to quash the very governor’s Ordinance, as an ill-advised idea .

(ends )