f any one wants to write a will may get his will written f=by me for any one anywhere, he can pay what he likes to pay to my bank account that details can be given if he or she contact me on my email shown on the very post


Issued in the public interest’

In March 2017

Public circulation


a Duty of every person;

Remember death can visit any , any time – No Doctor can save you –

Moment you think of leaving anything to any – Do write – Delay Not Please !

You may miss the boat!! –

An Advice unsolicited!!!

(circulating for all, any can decide, promptly)

By professor Dr. Guru Balakrishnan

BA., Ph.D., LL.B.,  LL.M(Constitution & Contracts)

Advocate(Original Side) Bombay High Court,

Cell: 9769699018 : LL.27740069 (Kharghar) E.mail: rapidanalysts@gmail.com


Member , Bombay Bar Association, High court (OS), Mumbai

In my 45 years of Legal experience of writing ‘Wills’, ‘Codicils’ for a lot of people who wanted to leave to some of their properties – both – ‘Immovables and Movables’, to their ‘near and dear’;

I have to share my advice to one and all – whatever it…

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