If you compete with yourself, by comparing yourself with your yesterday personality, then  you can or may mark an ‘Advantage’ over you;

Then  ‘No corruption at all’ might exist!


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Kautilya (known as Chanakya) in 6th century BC innovated the idea of ‘competing with one’s own self’, as he found Mahapadmanandin .


a ‘Nanda dynasty’ Emperor Mahapadmanandin was  wasting and spending his lifetime in sexual orgies(like today’s politicians live on daily rapes and murders – (a 21st century phenomenon), but  safely and surely failed in the meaningful Administration of state of  Mahada (modern Bihar state ) at then having its capital city at Pataliputra (Modern Patna city), ‘never he listened to his own  Prime Minister – Rakshasa, a great advisor on state craft’, he tried to improve him but he could not that led to Nandin’s ignominous downfall, taken over by his own son , ‘Chandragupta Mouriya – of Mura community of then Bihar, thanks to strategic statecract planing by Kautilya , the author of Arthasastra ( modern day version of Economics – probably he the first book on Economics of any State;


Kautilya (‘Chanakya’ = ‘Smart (strategic thinker’) found, that Mahapadmana Nandin, had ‘a son’, with a ‘Chandalawoman’ -(lady),’ a (low ‘caste’ woman by birth);


and he abandoned that boy- then ‘Kautilya’ found an opportunity to do a dharma (rule of order); and took  care of him, in his aashram,  and adequately ‘well’  trained him,  in all  Martial Arts, relevant and suitable for a good King as such;


and also gave him appropriate  relevant ‘Administrative management  education skills’ to enable him to be a kingly virtuous boy, with the idea that he shall replace Nandin, at his prime age, as Kautilya found that the people of Magadh were severely suffering from all kinds of ‘indignities’ and  problems, as  their king Nandin, failed in his royal duties to the State assigned to him as a King;


after all then  ‘Kings are elected and made to ensure that the State is to be run on healthy lines;

and to ensure that  ‘all kinds of corruption’, is removed from the State, as early as possible,  being the Doctrine of sovereignty,


then that was ‘the idea of sovereignty prevalent in all those advanced civilizations’ right from Greece, Rome, why, even in ‘Mayan Civilization’ times on (say about 60,000 years ago from today) – why right from ‘Babylonean Civilization’ even followed in Indus valley Civilization in say 2000 B.C or so.


Fact is ‘Rome is not built in a day’ means, you need to build your own character on your own ‘self development mechanics’, as none can improve one’s own performance, –


just, by comparing with any other person;


meaning ‘Rome’ is ‘You’ only, you are yourself ‘such great city’ to be;


that way ‘you resemble like a  great city’, yourself, need to bulid yourself,


Never ever compare yourself with any other person; all comparisons are just odious;


however, great you are, or he is, is the ‘Doctrine of Invincibility’ of one’s own self’;


after all, you alone, –  being the  Master over yourself you  can masterly improve on yourself, by you initiating  better improvements, every day, by ‘self introspection’-  of what were you ‘yesterday’;


and what you want and how you want/wish to be ‘ treated’, as an ‘improved version of yourself’ today;


like that ‘every day’ yields for your own ‘improvement’, next day, to be, and to become tomorrows as ‘today’,everyday;


that way , ‘great thinkers like Upanishadic thinkers’ were made of, and accordingly ‘you need to move, ‘day in and day out’ everyday,  is the very fulcrum of what you will be today like ‘Rome’.


You need to know yourself very better everyday, that way Man realizes he is a ‘unique’ creation.


He is ‘so unique’, none can imitate him so too he cannot immitate others.


‘Idea of ‘imitation’ is just some ‘Hallucination’ of myopic perception,  taking place in your own ‘Mind’, day in and day out;


if you don’t understand this fact, naturally, you can never become ‘first class’ in anything;

but obviously you would be the ‘ abject’ ‘second class’ only


‘second’ means ‘you are not right  you’ to be the  ‘Unique person;’


Thus ‘you prove ‘time and again’ about your ‘falibility’ factor in you! ;


after all, ‘every move’ is by itself an ‘exploration’;


like ‘self-exploration’;



  • (like one scales Everest (like Tensing  Norkay, scaled the mount Everest then); or one who  found ‘South pole’ – ‘Ellis Rose’ (a Norwegian by his perseverence, every time he failed to scale South Pole – and he declared ‘Failure is sometimes greater than to Succeed’;


after all,  by ‘one’ (person) only can possibly  reach that,


‘Eminence ‘ or   ‘Pinacle’  –


You heard of Archer a King of Pandavas,   ‘Arjun’, who could only manage to succeed in a war based on  ‘Chakravyug’ that took place  in the Mahabharatha war;


– like one  in ‘Albert Einstin’ could find/discover the ‘Theory of Relativity’ ;

and like Madam Curie a twice Nobel laureate, (she did  get Nobel prize twice), as she was ‘first’ both times; so too her own daughter who too got a Nobel prize..in Physics;


If you are working ever till your end, why you will need ‘alms’ or why someone need give; if any gives he expects from you that expectation is corruption, depending upon degree of expectation.


How? Just because they did persevere to improve themselves by duly ‘sharpening their own intellect’, not by comparing with ‘any one’ – you could have noted if you observed them then.


Likewise  is sir C V Raman,  on the ‘Raman’seffect he could see in water itself! Millions of people use and see water how many could understand the very simple ‘water’; if you use a thing but fail to appreciate, naturally you are corrupt you need to know.


There are thousands of examples to quote.

‘None guides’; but you need to ‘self – guide’ yourself in the ‘art of living research’, so long as you live;  Possible if you work till you fall finally oneday for ever.


Purpose  of Sovereignty  is to ensure, there shall be No corruption of any kind in the State at all;


so for achieving that objective, people paid taxes and looked after the Sovereign, by ptoviding Military to protect the State from foreign aggression;


besides prime mnister with his cabinet to help the King to ensure  ‘Agriculture’ shall not suffer from any kind of disability;


like fresh water for irrigation and for drinking;


and to ensure the ‘rivers are properly’ tended and dredged year over years (YOY);


so that ‘no siltation takes place’, to ensure smoth flow of water for all necessaities of life;


as it was understood then,


‘Water is the Eixir of Life’ –


so, ‘for good water flow’, you needed good rains too;


so aforestation is taken up every now and then;


all kinds of vegetation is to survive, so that people get food at all times;


so that ‘None dies of starvation’, under any circumstances;


– in draughts, royal  free Choultries(Dharamsalas) at various locations are maintained;


free food and shelter is provided to people irrespective aliens too;


that means State shall ensure every one is provided for adequate shelter, food, and clothing, irrespective of caste, color, religion and the like;


All  prejudices are eshchewed  by one an all;


that way  ‘markets’ are also be maintained – where one can get all vital necessities down to luxuries of all kinds – that is the royal duty of the King,  


King cannot waste anything under any name, and he has to be  ‘duty bound’ to protect all ;


poor, needy, old, and disabled;


he shall never allow any ‘untimely’ deaths;


as life is considered ‘most sacred’ to be protected by the King as ‘his prime duty’.


King is one loved by one and all right from child to the old and disabled, besides aliens visiting the state –


state shall be be the ‘granary of the people’;


besides, he ensured that there shall be ‘No thefts, No  robberies or  rapes and so on;


that is, also the responsibility of the state;


that way  he ensued  None would attempt to steal anything that way :


‘No house is locked, there was No concept of locking doors of the entrance of the house of any level; even palaces and temples never locked.


State has to be ‘stately’ in all respects that was the responsibilty of the King ‘in ancient india’, why in countries like Greece, Persia, Egypt, Rome and the like,.


The duties of the king was ‘well defined unlike today’.


Today corruption of all kinds rampant.


Kautilya wanted that famed situation of state need to resurrect once again, as Nandins became corrupt of all kinds.


That way, Kautilya, also wanted ‘good hospitals’ be kept in good andd proper repair;


and maintenance with all kinds of good medical men and women;


besides, all kinds of ‘research’ activities undertaken in every useful sciences, as a basic state duty’


State provided funds needed enough for sciences and development in  – ‘every branch of useful  sciences or knowlege’;


Murders or Killings are  very rare then ;


every child when grown up need to take care of their parents


– as ‘Parents are then consaidered as the ‘ first living Gods to children.’


so parents were veneraated by one and all;


Even Kings used to repectfully bow before all  ‘aged persons’, out of veneration and great respect of their age and experience.


That way, life was safe and secure if there was a king, that way that character of Kningliness and royalty would be found in the progeny of the Kings;


that way ‘Kings Dynasties came into being and Nurtured;


after all ,every King would put himself at all kinds  ‘risk’;


nnd he would dutifully look after all the citizens.  


(Part 1 ends)

(To be continues)