The question arises today in Calcutta High Court Judge Mr Karnan, when he is suspended by the Supreme court of India recently for his recalcitrant activities.

He simply claimed SCI judges are corrupt without adducing evidence  in clear manner per Indian Evidence Act. Obviously, the judge  Mr, Karnan  exceeded his powers; he out to know, as a judge, when any one complains on corruption on any, he ought to file an FIR with a police station or he can file a private complaint before a judicial magistrate having jurisdiction – the minimum rule of law,

If he failed at the first procedure under Cr.P.C, obviously he failed under Art 14 of the constitution of India,

Obviously, ‘Audi Alteram Partem’ rule  under Natural justice he failed, obviously commits Contempt of Courts Act 1971; being a judge, he has no exception any where in the Cr.P.C nor in Evidence Act nor in the Constitution of India, when he ‘fails’ , obviously he fails on the procedure – procedure if fully followed it any complaint stands on four legs.

Obviously, being a judge who failed in following the procedure, cannot claim sec 16 of the Contempts of Court Act, which provides exceptions for a judge of Court of Record – that is the High Court – but having absolutely failed, he cannot  claim that ‘immunity’ of a judge of a Court of record – the High Court – is obvious.

when he condemns the procedure of the Cr.P. C. he fails to be a judge worth to be trusted – he is some one like any politician kind manipulator – so obviously he need to be discharges of judge duties of any Court of Record, when he is not even fit to be a just a criminal magistrate is obvious,.

Rightly, the hon SCI, suspended him as the Judge of the Calcutta High Court, when suspended , he automatically loses the privilege of a judge of any court let alone hon court of record.

If suspension is to be meaningful, ‘suspension’ withdraws all privileges be he anybody.

So, Karnan exceeded his powers arbitrarily is proved beyond doubt, by his own various actions;

If you allow him to be a judge he would cause innumerable harm to petitioners in the court , so obviously, on ‘Suspension’ he loses the powers of a judge absolutely;

Above all once suspended, and on trial at hon SCI before seven members bench, he issues NBW to all seven judges of constitutional court with temerity knowing no bounds on him – suspension can be like a ‘bramastra’ by higher up judiciary, the hon SCI,

Further, he avoids the the hon. SCI arrest warrant under execution on him – he runs here and there and now seeks hon SCI to recall the Arrest warrant as if he is more superior to very constitutional court of the SCI.

Therefore, hon SCI collegium needs to be careful in recommending appointments to courts of record, if wrongly done not understanding the mental perversion levels of people even if well educated, but obviously education perverted is never any great education, is my considered view.

See, this man ought to appear as an ordinary man, not even as an advocate much less as a judge, once suspended; but he still asserts, that shows, he has been over playing his so called ‘Dalit ‘ Card, not realizing, any body can be a ‘dalit’ why slone this man being of some caste/tribe he might be – there is no restriction for any other community man to be a ‘Dalit’ if he understands what is Buddhism – it never restricted any to be a Buddhist ; Buddhism never recognizes any caste or tribes or communities what Mahatma Gandhi said that there shall be no castes or communities (it includes tribes of all kinds);

Obviously , One needs to understand when Dr.B.R . Ambedkar christened  SC/ST ,obviously , he meant ‘No caste or Community’ of what  Buddha announced – when so Art 17 used in  the Atrocities Act 1989 or earlier never, ever, described any one of SC or ST but all people is to be perceived, if to allow Atrocities Act, so Karnan alone is not the beneficiary of that Act – even the SCI judges too , so he as karnan misuses the Atrocities Act only in his favor to be its beneficiary can be interpreted too.

That way he proves beyond doubt he tries play words – with his own low knowledge of laws is obvious, is my considered opinion.  (ends)