fact is Prophet mohammed was a more considered man just because he realized life was brutish and short then – a lot of men died in war or otherwise, so too many widows were there – most needed life needs of food , shelter, roof, else they were exploited – so he said a man can marry only those widows not for sex purposes obviously but may use for sex when his normal wife is ill or otherwise disabled for any reason – that way he said only 3 more widows he needs to support – that his own resal first wife willingly agreed in token of Prophets endearance and his thought that way widows only three were widows he can take and support if he can support else Islamic society too following Monogamy, wherever the husbands cannot obviously support more widows , so according to his ability to support he can pick up upto 3 three more widows only – f he can support one widow yes he can take one widow and her children too, that is all – that great humanistic ideal is conveniently misused by Mullahs for their own convenience that way Mullahs became just a great menace to islamic society that hon court need to realise as nether Kapil sibal or any lawyer fighting for the board would bring out – in fact Prophet was a great humanistic thinker of that time that way he wrote Quran obviating Hadith and other illiteracy based ideas, so those many years these advocates quote is quoted irrationally. The court can say if one can afford to maintain up to three widows – widows only can pick up upto three widows as additional wives not contracting fresh virgin muslim girls that way their pleas can be rightly defeated. – obviously one needs to be financially sound to provide decent food . decent roof , decent shelter , else his taking additional widows in his house hold is obviously against very Koranic dispensations is my considered view.