Trump and Modi – a ‘deadly combination’ to the Asia and Eastern Hemisphere; if one looks closely the way they place priorities on Terror as if they are not very Terror themselves! –

Professor (Emeritus) Gurumurti Balakrishnan – Free Lance j

Journalist/Advocate (Bombay High Court)

Under Art.21 read with Art 19 of the Constitution of India, Life and freedom of speech is the right of every Indian that is the ‘basic tenets’ of the Constitutional Fundamental rights under Part III of the the same very Constitution, so Art 368 expressly never permits any Indian Parliament to pass any constotutional amendment to fundamental rights declared expressly in Part III of the very Constitution – if one reads what CJI Mr S R Das (FB) held ‘setting aside Madras government order by duly reading – ‘Art 13(1) and Art 368’ (saying explicitelyParliament/ state Legislatures cannot change the term of the Constitution of India) in Champakkam Duraiswamy v St of Madras (1951) on theMadras government order for seat reservations for Medical and Engineering colleges in the then Madras State (now Tamil Nadu, Kerala,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh put together, but constituted as separate states as AP/Kanataka (forner state of Mysore added together)/Kerala, since reorganisation of States came into being in 1956) and by the 13 member bench in Kesavananda Bharati v St of Kerala(1980) (by clearly bypassing the idea of ‘prospective ruling’ by CJI. Mr. K.Subbha Rao in the Golaknath v st of Panjab(1966) – should be taken as the ‘ratio decidenti’ of Kesavananda.

But however, the Indian Parliament behaved ‘arbitrary’ obviously ,( by taking the idea of ‘prospective over ruling’ – that the ‘rule’ (can be) is ‘bypassed by the so called ‘ BJP led parliament’, when earlier amendment if is ‘ allowed’, the certain Acts were included in Sch IX to survive till the judgement of ‘Golaknath’; asprospective over ruling , an obvious ruling only in just Civil issues only; and ‘not’, on Constitutional issues (CJI mr SubbaRao failed to notice then) ;

American Constitution never had some fundamental rights as clearly demarkated, but ‘individual rights’ as established in 27 amendments only;

In Irish constitution or in the Constitution of India (1950) there are clear fundamental rights listed;

while ‘prospective ‘overruling’ doctrine is of American Origin, not, for Indian Judiciary to use in Constitutional issues, but ‘may use’, for some’civil’ issues, (India has a lot many civil issues too , that will be dealt with in an another article).

(Our problem today is what to use when, for what purpose is the greatest issue; if doubtful ‘ better not misuse’ is my sincere advice to any one.)

Carl Sagan rightly said ‘ignorance +power = deadly combination of combustible


Modi + Trump mix indeed would very seriously impact Indian economy very badly as Trump is asking Modi to change Indian Drug regulatory system in tuning with pharmaceutical lobbyists of US = Indian patients in India would face seriously financially, if not , need to take lnsurance coverage, in India too, like in U S

if Modi is yielding , as he is a business supporter, he may yield for rich people benefit and in the interests of business,;

‘Workers welfare is secondary for Trump as also is to Modi; ‘but they will talk volumes on workers welfare’, – a ‘normal connundrum of behavior of all business fellows’ all over the world, that way only , ‘workers collectives came into being’.

Modi is getting ‘Drones’ from USA (says a friendly gesture of Mr Trump,- ‘ (Mr Trump wants all over Muslims shd be decimated as he is plagued by ‘fears of immigration of Muslims’, in USA, a personal agenda for Mr Trump; Today USSC allowed Travel ban partially, a shot in Trump’s arm.

Modi’s personal agenda ‘he wants ‘Hindu India’, (as that is RSS agenda since its formation) (Modi is an RSS man himself) , like Trump’s Whites America’;

 what is the aim of both friends (Trump- Modi) is just to’ escalate’ further tensions between ‘Pak and India ;

  • already our relations is in ‘high voltage’ turmoil since separation of East pakistan (now Bangladesh);

– tension was there since 1947 blood bath for Independence from each other Hindu- Muslim and vice versa ;

– see what Iran is saying it will give support to Kashmiris, RSS is talking about removal of ‘Minority Affairs ministry altogether.

Obviously tensions will increase.

In fact situations are becoming like :

When a ‘democracy’ has been reduced to a criminal farce, legal niceties will be seen as insensitive & irrelevant’.

If we, Pakistan, are unwise, they, India and Afghanistan, are foolish’ said a Dawn correspondent in ‘ Dawn’ paper:

The fact is ‘India is made as foolish as USA’ by very USA, when you see joint communique of Trump and Modi’ on Modi’s visit to USA.

Any way Americans would sell drones at some billions of $ , Indians would pay through their nose, is obvious.

‘Tragedy if region is some Military trap,’ is anybody’s guess:

This could mean you will end up with continuous war or skirmishes like hundred years war between Pakistan and India and vice versa.

This is the great Modi’s USA trip.

Americans are smart salesmen , Indians’ political representatives in BJP are also smart businessmen – ‘who bothers about common man or ‘Man on the street’!

Both Trump and Modi are sanguine about ‘business’ interests in each other countries;

– Trump has ‘Trump towers’ business of Royalties as he promotes in all his foreign tours as was evident when in Saudi Arabia;

besides Trump’s objective reduce tax burden of the ‘Rich ‘ and ‘wealthy businesses’ (most know Trump never paid income taxes for several years, as he doesn’t want ,so too he wants a lot of rich and wealthy in the USA, to be in truck with him, also would say ‘Businessmen need not pay’ or pay just ‘pittance’ and he would spread the loss of tax on others middle class and poor, with his sole objective he never pays tax or pay very little even if out of office;

Same way . Modi wants ‘rich’ and ‘wealthy’ pay low taxes but loss of revenue is secured from ‘middle class’ or ‘poor’ by so called ‘Pay commissions’ to feed the government employees’ and the ‘poor ‘ be subsidised by some NREGA kind that means he would draw back from such subsidies through ‘indirect taxes – his strategy is GST idea of all indirect tax would be paid by consumers from any kind in retailares – (See now you will pay 18% on Banking services!).

while rich and wealthy is looked after under ‘depreciation’ modes; if he is some industrialist like Ambanis or traders (traders get ‘unconscienable’ profits from retail consumers – mostly very poor class ; the poor class can be palmed with ‘substandard good and services too like some middle classes who ( say bureaucrats live more by bribes (corruption only increased manifold times today) .

Bureaucrats don’t live by their salaries and allowances as most goes into their savings ; bribe income is their really looking after their ‘consumption of goods and services’(GST! drama);

Therefore, Modi also allows ‘agriculturists ‘ ‘No income taxes’ to them;

but poor agriculturists is ‘No one’s liability’ so they say, ‘better die by suicides’, if there is a draught, distraught famine, he achieves by this mechanism ;

– some kind of population reduction by his innovative strategy – but he would say ‘ I am for poor’ that way he will fool them;

Again jobs for ‘poor agriculture labor dwindles’ – idea is he need not create jobs for poorest agriculure labor;

and thus rich agriculturist ought to pay more wages that way he sees that he indirectly increases ‘wage increases’ this in turn would increase ‘input costs ‘ and ‘out put costs ‘ too increases that means;

middle class and poor as consumers would ‘end up paying more costs’ for agriculture products, so too services,;

like washerman gets for pressing the clothes of different varieties he charges service charges heavily varies from each type of cloth or sarees but who meets very middle class , apart from bureaucrats surviving by bribes, other non government employees pay through their noses :

so costs are just escalating day by day by one kind of juggliery or the other – so you can make out Modi is like Trump another New rich’ man ideologues.

Likewise , Trump just cheated  poor coal miners(coal today replaced by solar energy in the USA) assuring them he will give them more jobs better wages – how he would, when coal mines are closed as alternative energy like solar is catching up by leaps and bounds.

All business men all world over same or similar kind of strategy cheaters –

now many CEOs he met mostly Indian origin and some trump types , they live at the cost of consumers – india has a big market of consumers;

– as middle class alone in 1990s stood at 300 millions now the figure should have shot up if we check consumer index figures today will bear out the facts –

India is indeed biggest market next to chinese (but today chinese are smarter than Indians obviously and even a lot of Americans;

so Trump doesn’t get along well with China like India for different reasons).

So both business heads meeting their own personal business goals only, goes further and further.

Nothing meaningful to ‘middle class or poor’ of india would get by Modi’s USA visit but at the cost of tax payers moneys – Modi makes dramatic jaunts here and there :

He tries to see his own RSS man in Mr Kovind to take over as the next president of India, as ‘none knows Mr Kovind’s credentials’, except some advocate at Delhi where he fought for some BJP minister Bangaru Laxman’s case;

but for that, ‘nothing big cases’ are cited by anyone so far ; –

see Ms Meira Kumar clearly says what she can do as president by her letters to electoral college MPs and MLAs, by quoting ‘duties’ ;

– so far Mr Kovind did not say what as a president is his duty is; obviously some big ‘Rubber stamp’ of Modi’s PMO’s.[Ends]