EMERITUS Professor

I appreciate  the thought: Roscoe Pound thought:

There are three ideas involved in a profession: organisation, learning, and a spirit of public service. These are essential. The remaining idea, that of gaining a livelihood, is incidental.

– Roscoe Pound


‘It is like what Lao Tzu said;

‘give a man a fish and you feed him for day.

Teach  him how to fish and you feed him for a life time ‘ ;

That way is very peaceful existence.

Religion too is to have the three attributes so too Constitution of any country.

Similarity a professional is too; Learning too is. So religions too taught very art of ‘peaceful existence’; so also every Constitution of any country trying to teach everyone the very importance of ‘peaceful existence’.

‘If you fail to appreciate, the very Life  is indeed “brutish and short” ’..

So its livelihood though ‘incidental’;  or ’ yea, ‘essential for living a lifetime’ meaningfully;

but needed . true;  one lives ‘by charity’; and another,  by paying reasonable and affordable  taxes ;

Charity can never be  ‘forced mechanism’;

but tax is by cruel force , say  that by  so called ‘penalty processes’  . So penalty levying for ‘failure of paying taxes is generated by excess taxation every governance need to know’;

Easy money is easily spent – that governance mechanism  is today’s way , obviously censurable.


‘The fundamental principle enunciated by Baha’u’llah, the followers of His Faith firmly believe, is that Religious truth is not absolute but relative,

that Divine Revelation is a continuous and progressive process,


that all the great religions of the world are divine in origin,

that their basic principles are in complete harmony,

that their aims and purposes are one and the same,

that their teachings are but facets of one truth,

that their functions are complementary to each other,

that they differ only in the non-essential aspects of their doctrines and that their missions represent successive stages in the spiritual evolution of human society

. – Shoghi Effendi, Summary Statement – 1947, Special UN Committee on Palestine’.

Never any Constitution talks about war but involves ‘in peaceful existence so planned, for a rule of law’.

Why then Nations promote war? Is the million $ question.

I find too big  and bigger  military forces, arsenals just to kill fellow human beings, is it a right think,

think friends, while staring  at these very  thoughts.

Religions talk about ‘Quality rather than quantity’ that only matters .

Similarly the Constitutions of the Nations, need to ‘by promoting peaceful coexistence  principle’;

else what is the great idea of globalization?we all talk about.

One good turn  deserves another’, says  Petronius (d 66 CE) first magestrate or counsul of Rome.

He was a favorite of Emperor  Nero;

Petronius was   called the ‘judge of elegance’ but his own position  made or earned for him ‘a lot of enemies’.

Nero’s men and women engaged in ‘all debachery’, as Nero himself was ‘no better’ -Petronius  found  a realistic picture of  decadence and social manners  of Rome  under Nero .

‘Education is a treasure’, if it promotes ‘ethics and/or morals’ among people; and also in the ruler;

else, what power  has law where ‘only  money rules’!

same problems we face today all over the world – so all crimes emanate.

He said:

‘I was to learn in life  that we tend  to meet  any new situation  by reorganizing ;

and  a  wonderful method,


it can be  for creating  the ‘illusion’  of progress ‘while producing  confusion,  inefficiency,  and demoralization’.

Similar kind of conditions are prevailing there today, in politics and political governance;

the ‘ultimate loser is the citizen’, of the country;

what use it is to have, the  ‘so called Independence’.


Seneca ( a great stoic philosopher ) (4- 65 CE ) says,

‘Quality is vital ‘ that only matters’ anywhere.


In 49 CE  he was elected Magistrate and was appointed  as a tutor of Nero , the adopted child of Emperor Claudius.

What use it is, Nero though was  under his guidance for first five years;

but yet Nero was a ‘different mold of man altogether’ ,how Seneca mend him?;

so Seneca lost control on Nero;

– Nero was jealous of Seneca’s fortune Seneca accumulated,

Nero tried to poison him.

Fact is ‘No amount of influence by good men can ever change wicked men.’ is the universal fact.


Same is true even today.

Seneca’s 124 famous letters to  Lucilius provide advice and wisdom on Stoicism.

He believed  in ‘virtue being the sole good.’


That way Bahai thought is.

Being virtuous  itself is the quality.

Therefore, ‘only certainty is that Nothing is certain ‘, says Pliny  the Elder, a natural philosopher  in  23 – 77 CE, in his ‘Historia Naturalis.’

His other works –

‘The  best plan  is to profit  by the folly of others.’

(politicians misuse that profit!)

‘From the end  spring;  new beginnings’;( start)

( all beginnings appear great!, not necessarily, that is life teaches by experience process – so Confucius says experience is the bitterest! )

but yet, you have to accept and learn to negotiate your way out of issues.

‘Home is where  the heart lies’;

(Never be home bird – if so you might have to be dependent).

‘There is  always something new  out of Africa’.

(Always any new pastures are good however uncertainty prevails!)


‘The believer is happy,  the doubter is ‘wise’, Hungarian proverb.

Might be, but ‘doubter’ has a lot to work, a lot –

see American President Mr Donald Trump life is ‘miserable today’, as he is questioned more than anybody, as he doubted more on Mrs Hillary Clinton for his own political ends – ‘doubts also can be dubious’ he proves by his ways, very same peoople promoted him fear to promote him further – Never be dubious, another thought emerges ;

Your own doubts can be your own enemies!

and in this process he had ‘maintained links with Russians’ and President Mr Putin that has turned out ‘some Albatross’ on Mr Trump’s back today.

‘By overplaying’  unneeded ‘doubts’ , the Republicans wanted to be in saddle of America, any way, ‘that way they compromised with Mr  Donald Trump;

however the Republicans in fact, are not very comfortable with him and ‘his rants and tweets’, as he is a person always enjoys  all kinds of controversies;

No party can afford ill will with voters-

the party might ditch Mr Trump anytime.

They need voters backing in any democracy.

and he ‘messes up political governance of the USA’, putting law makers in some unwanted troubles;

besides affecting the life of ‘smooth life of citizens’;

that way the White house is ‘wasting time  ‘in his issues’;

and that affects normal business of the State as a Federal  body of the United States –

so it is said ‘never tie with any wrong man’, ‘life would fail’.

That way only we asy ‘never join hands with any kind of terror’. Even wrong men themselves can be classified as ‘terror’;


see Mr Trump unnecessarily appoints some so called “Integrity commission for elections’;

as if very Republicans or Mr Trump are ‘most integrated’; much superior to Democrats –

that wastes Judiciary time as well as State’s precious times of governance get wasted on meaningless issues.

‘Doubts’ though a wise option; but it has its ‘own inbuilt problems’ ,;

like some two sides of very same coin – ‘good and bad’ is a part of anything,

one has to control ‘bad’ things as much as possible ; and high light good things as far as possible;


See , when president Mr Pranab Mukherjee while laying down his office spoke things ‘more philosophically rather than pin pointing the defects of the present BJP governance’, at the union level as also several states’ governance defects,;

it means , he just asks the citizens to be ‘more vigilant’;

so as to see the citizens to be  ‘as very powerful watch dog of the politics as politicians at play’.

That is a ‘wiser’ method.

Voters too ‘have their own responsibilities’ to oversee their own elected representatives,;

else like some Mr. Modis like Mr Trumps will emerge more to the very consternation of the very citizens;

see how Russians  or Chinese people try to ‘control the politics’, in their own respective countries, they gave  up their very lives – recently one Nobel laureate died in Chinese prison – (dictators are everywhere given an opportunity they pounce like tigers!;

else probably the politicians would  not govern meaningfully;

instead waste the scanty resources of the people,

NO real impact on wrong doers;

as it happened during UPA political governance too , like useless ‘Aadhar’ identity,  the very peril;  and peril of very voters personal identities;

at what a cost, over some 40,000 crores of rupees, at the very cost of tax payers  own monies,;

politicians would play ‘as if’, they do ‘something great for people’; (obvious cheat)

– but only caused ‘more lazy men’, in the country – w

What politicians taught you is super ‘laziness’ and idleness – as they did with caste reservation ideas – degenerated to so called ‘creamy layers’!


per se ‘Pareto already said ‘some 20 percent people in any country work very hard to help live ‘some 80 percent lazy live’, at their cost;

but now the lazy men number might have increased and jumped further by 10 percent more to ‘make lazy men number’, may be today 90 percent in place of 80 percent.

Obviously ‘X’ type men number is shooting up, invariably very creation is itself more idle and lazy men; but politicians increase ‘lazy men’ – you need to know you are made lazy to be ever dependent on politicians, that is what the politicians do teach you,

and pushing burden on’Y’ type to bear mighty higher burden

that is all ‘what Trumps , Modis’ do  want to achieve, by so called  clever touting so called  ‘doubts’;

that way politicians make their own strategy, to stick to power.

see in India so called ‘demonetization’,then GST, bankruptcy laws, meddling with RBI functions making nationalized banks just lend to ‘useless corporate’, that way country NPA jumped to 8 lac crores may be soon cross   to 9 lac crores or more,; these politicians increase National debt who pays – ‘You’ only by way of taxes;

reason is many useless politicians float so called ‘useless educational institutions’; and some companies just to strap ‘the poor citizens’ wealth;,

their  hard earned moneys today just by ‘debasing the value of the rupee’ – steadily falling like a pack of cards;

as rupee is falling like a pack of cards, in its value so badly that indication, you can see through ‘stock markets indexes’, shooting up ‘vulgarly’, day by day, some political strategy,;

no value can shoot up healthily in  such an environment of where ‘lazy men number is increasing’ day by day ;

besides, unemployment shooting up as good industries are winding up activities like TCS as their customer base is eroding day by day.

Politicians are now the ‘worst type of terrorizing scoundrels’, like Alibaba and forty thieves all over India, just playing high the so called ‘doubts’;

so without citizen vigilance Constitution of India is  ‘eroded in favor of the incorrigible politicians’, to whom, you as voters, entrusted  and surrendered by so called ‘representing’ power –

The representative  is ‘degenerating’ like to ‘arbitrary ‘ political Scoundrels.

What is said to be ‘good doubts’; that degenerate into bad doubts;

that hit more the very citizens

so we saw, how Hungarians suffered  serious problems in their previous several decades,

so ‘misplaced doubts’ are ‘no Panacea’ for any, ;

however ‘doubts ‘ are really a good idea..             


‘Religious truth is not absolute but relative, that Divine Revelation is a continuous and progressive process, that is evolutionary’ always.

So peaceful coexistence is fundamental even for Constitutions, therefore  in  expectations ever can work’, but would ‘fail miserably’.

Trust in evolutionary process – No expectations.

Hence vitality of religion or Constitution is ‘peaceful coexistence’ that way Nehru signed with china in 1960s Panchasheel .

Do we understand ‘Peaceful existence’s’ importance?


But for Dunkirk at the Jaws of death of by a charge of light brigade of 600 soldiers willingly laid  down ‘their precious lives’ to save allied forces of 330,000 men, –

indeed a great sacrifice,(emulated), a what Schweitzer says, in his  statement.

‘Between May 26 and June 4, 1940, the British were able to evacuate more than 330,000 allied troops from the French beach at Dunkirk, aided considerably by a flotilla of fishing boats, pleasure craft and other small ships.

They had been routed; those who remained were sitting ducks for a fatal blow.

Home, as the soldiers who queued up in the sand while the Nazis shelled and strafed them, was almost close enough to touch.’

By the close of summer of 1940, most of Western Europe was under German control or that of puppet states.


Would England fall as well, and usher in a ‘Nazi empire’, with its horrific Jewish genocide, that might have lasted well beyond the war’s end in 1945?




Hitler knows he will have to break us in this island or lose the war,”

Churchill told his countrymen on June 18, 1940.

“But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted by the light of perverted science.


Walking along the sand of the English Channel, you can’t help seeing those shivering boys at Dunkirk,

part of the World War II generation that will soon be gone entirely.

‘Before they ‘disappear into the churn of history’, we owe them another deep thanks, for the speculation that can remain just that’.(credit:Washington Times)


That is called ‘great Peaceful existence’


same idea Lord Krishna touted when he worked for diplomatic move with Kavravas, (some kind of Hitlers then), but Kavravs never understood their imminent destruction) they all got wiped out in Kurushetra war (Mahabharatha)

Peaceful existence is vital for survival of all humans that every religion is spoken in detail.

But, we use nuclear arsenal to destroy each other thinking we alone survive – Never it happens one need understand’ –

No Man is an island.

Nuclear arsenal need ‘be phased out’ once and for all, if man has to be a Man, if not Man is phased out from the earth! (ends)