Governance is highly confused territory – so Laws too are complicated jig-saw puzzle – Governments would fail – Problems galore – No government can address ; simply making laws won’t serve any longer is the new message of 21st century!


Professor (Emeritus) Gurumurti Balakrishnan of India now in MA Boston

It is vital to be humble and have a good character if not there will be No governance at all is the theme of this article.


‘But for those of us who have been elected, our job is to communicate, so we must communicate. We can’t just pander and promise impossible things. Because the truth is that there is no easy solution to our changing economy. The truth is that we are producing about twice as much as we did in the 1980s with 30% fewer workers. The truth is that coal probably isn’t coming back in our lifetimes, that auto plants that once employed hundreds will now only employ dozens, that automation has made our economy more productive than it has ever been.

Inside Trump Hotel: the glittering hub of a billionaire’s Washington


‘We will simply have to find a way to make sure that those who are just starting out are going into engineering instead of political science (my chosen major), and that if you’re 40 or 50 years old the future includes you, too, in a way that can provide a stable income and retirement. But it will be the future, not some rose-colored past. And it won’t be easy. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is not telling you the truth.’Granted, none of that is as catchy as “the American dream is dead and you’re the victim of a rigged system”. And none of that is as visceral as economic nationalism and fear – fear of the other, fear of national decline, fear of the future.( excerpt from Conscience of a Conservative published 2017 by a senator)

Donald Trump originally a democrat but suddenly entered the Republican ring in 2015, just to destroy both democrats and republicans, may some scheme of Russians that could have been ideal  for Mr. Trump!

Washington DC  is indeed a big experience , ‘Novelty is nothing new there’ (1897 -1919) even now same position there –

(Isabel Anderson wrote in her book – ‘Presidents and Pies’),

‘In Washington  there is always  something new  under the Sun’.

Her friend, Stewart Alsop said, ‘ after years of Washington , he ‘understood why John Gunther, had never written , ‘Inside Washington’, although he at one  time firmly intended to do so. There are too many Washington,  to get inside of’.

City cannot be reduced to any single dimension.

During New Deal , FDR, , as part of Federal Writers projects,  of WPA -Work Progress Administration -,  ‘set Americans  to work writing guides, to great American cities – ‘their ‘fact’  was, Washington was created for a ‘definite purpose and has been developed’, with many modifications. Per se a definite plan.

Therein lies it is said, , ‘its unique’  distinction among  American cities,, among all Capitals in the Western world (Eastern capitals were not considered do you know the reason? Why? (fact is easterners were not a civilized lot!!)

Walter Lipman says, ‘shine the light’ on twenty six of Washington’s  best and brightest  men of that era; ‘some of the less than  best’,

He paints vivid, and incisive.

Vice president Mr Coolidge , ‘ a politician who doesn’t who will not , who seemingly,  can’t talk’ and says of him,  , ‘ it appears from the meagre record,  that he thanks  of himself  as Peter Pan , the boy  who never grew up ‘to be a man’.

A long time ago, – ‘this humid hills  that is  now the Washington scene,  have been different, it must have been.

It passes  belief,  how little  is known about Washington by the country at large, and yet ‘No city is more written about.

It is hardly appraised  by the people at home.

They seem to see  it through ‘a refracting  and magnifying (glass) haze.

New York,   and Chicago and San Francisco  and St. Louis  and  New Orleans, they know  and estimate justly. Visualized  clearly, curiously true, , almost every new comer to Washington and every visitor suffers  , ‘a sort of Stage Fright’.

O.Henry’s in one of his stories  tells,  about cowboy  going to New York and being  ‘diffidaent’, before New Yorkers,  until discovered, , they were  just some people,  just like Grover  Cleveland and Geronimo  and the Wilson boys’

.No citizen in Danville, Illinois,  or Pike County, Missouri , or Springfield. Massachusetts, would make  any ‘average American  tongue-tied’, or step  on  his feet with embarassment .

These three laces,   have given  three Speakers of House of Representatives (Congress) and a Speaker of the House is a great personage  in Washington.

Tourists  to the Capitol peer into his room with awe, nudge one another,  ‘furtively’  and say – ‘That’s him , ‘ when they pass  him happy  chance





, ‘


Confusion all over. Why?

Oscar Wilde who once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

You flatter laws, see what it does?

All Addressing systems failed.

Governors in Governance not adequately equipped.

All systems are aging.

Replacements if not provided in time, everything would collapse, as every system is inter-dependent ideas based.

Institutions created by Constitutions of countries or Nations are ‘checks and Balances. You can’t tinker on the Institutions.

Governing systems try to tinker on the Institutions a very bad idea. Can’t work  any longer.  If one does, every thing will fall like pack of  cards.

Every system can’t be made interdependent . If attempted, naturally all systems would get into logger heads.

Conflicts management itself become a new problem.

Conflicts always existed in the Natural laws, from day one of creation.

God likewise has designed.

He never ever wants all to be ‘friendly’ if so, that itself would batter natural systems of Natural law logistics.

Therefore, conflicts are bound to be in every aspect of life and living.

We can’t make every thing need to be congruous. If attempted , definite failure you will face.

None can cure.

That way, you have 12 vegetation ,12 climates.12 different regions geographically. In Lithosphere so too in Hydrosphere. Oceannosphere too got developed.

Geologically too we re divided.

Living is also like wise divided.Conflicts are natural.

Theoretically , you can talk on ‘Statics’; but fact is everything is based on  ‘Dynamics’

. Therefore, naturally, ‘aging takes place’ – yielding to new.

We call it ‘ Evolution’ based.

Everything is right or  wrong, depending on beholders’ eye.That’s where imitation takes over. Indeed a flatery.

The way you look at, is the ‘perceptional’ philosophy. That is based on how you perceive.

What is wrong to one obviously  is right  to the other.

Hence conflicts based upon, how one,  looks at the circumstances.  

Your ‘Innovation’ is based upon the idea of interdependence concept.

Fact is every thing wants its own existence; but never bothers about the other.

See ‘rich and wealthy man’ , as long as he needs some labor, at lowest expense, he wants poor man to live; if not, he chooses to destroy the other, depending on his strengths. No compromises.

As long as Americans needed cheap labor, they wanted cheap labor in any form.

America allowed Mexicans and central Americans ;


Once the American rich or wealthy find ‘undocumented ‘ immigrants of Mexico or central Americans numbers cross about 12 millions or so, allowed under NAFTA or earlier treaties overnight becomes a serious burden;

so the American ‘whites’ don’t want them; and try to unload;

So Mr Trump as president signs ‘no need to bother about environment’, to build a Mexico wall; to not to allow the ‘undocumented immigrants’, hitherto allowed prior to 1965 – deliberately now became suddenly a very serious burden.

Very same Americans allowed seasonal labor as white man could not stand weather to work in farms or in agriculture, but wanted some incarcerable  humans as slaves;

Once does with their services, in fact not yet, perhaps not at all, but now, wants to stop them.

Besides very man used them, want to deport them. ‘That is human sociological conflict  behavior psychology, as ‘his own convenience’ predominates other parameters.

In 2010, the United Farm Workers decided to confront  the ‘myth’  that ‘they (immigrants)  take our jobs’ directly.

The Union Organized a campaign called ‘Take our jobs‘,  inviting citizens,  and these ‘Green Card’ holders to apply  for agricultural work.

The campaign  got an ‘extra publicity boost’,  when comedian ‘Stephen Colbert’  took up the challenge,  and then testified  to before the ‘Congress’, about the ‘experience’.


Three  months into  the campaign the union announced  that  its website, ‘takeourjobs’.org, had been  visited  by 3 million people, 8600 had expressed an  ‘interest in the job’ , in agriculture, but only seven (7)  had actually followed  through.

‘These numbers speak  that there are  more ‘politicians’,  that ‘finger-pointers’, interested ‘in blaming’ (like our  Mr Trump now 2017;

‘undocumented  farm workers’ are found fault with, for America’s ‘unemployment’ crisis ‘than, there  are ‘unemployed Americans’, who are willing to  harvest and cultivate America’s food,’’ the Farm workers union  concluded’.(United farm workers, ‘Takeourjobs Update’, September, 24,2010 http// &b-no=7812&page=7&field=&key=&cn=680)

Again ‘read -’Grapes of wrath’ of Journalist in John Steinbeck – also ‘the Economist’ in 2010 ’Okies’;

In 2010 US department of Agriculture published  an analysis of the ‘probable impact’ of increased immigration enforcement on US  agricultural sector.

‘‘The report cited  the common  figure  that over half  of the agricultural labor force  consisted of undocumented Mexican labor.

It again stated, ‘A reduction in ‘undocumented (Mexican )migrant labor  would lead to ‘rising labor costs, concluded,  and, a different  scenerios , depending on  the characteristics,  of the crop. ‘Potential existed for ‘mechanization  would spread’. …..- farmers would  face face market  loss due to higher costs’.

Report added, ‘in no case,  it could foresee,’improved working conditions  or  rising  employment of domestic workers,, in agriculture’.(exploitation is the mantra.

US fruit and  vegetable industry competes in a global  economy with  producers  from other countries who often  have much lower  wages. With increasing trade , competitive pressures are greater than ever. In summer 2009, the Federal minimum wage was  $.7-25 per hour and the minimum wage in California  was $.8 per hour. But in Mexico it is $.33.49- 4.16, very report highlighted.

It is no surprise  that so many  of fruits  and vegetables we find  in the super markets  are labelled ‘product of Mexico’!, THE REPORT FURTHER STATED.

Labor share  made up  42%  of the variable  production costs of fruits and vegetable farms, and labor  is the  ‘single largest input costs’, for many crops. (USDA report).

It warns,non-agriculture would absorb with in a decade of beginning to work  in the fields.America only – what Mexico wall idea of Mr Trump? (Just to bully Mexicans and central American labor!)

Mr Trump as President of USA,  is used to ’ furthering’  ‘bullying’ tactics every one; now  extended, including Senators, congress Representatives!

I don’t think it is going to work magic for him.

May be soon,,  things may change. Labor revolts possible. No white would do farm work at so so low wage or farm may not give higher wages,

What is big idea of NAFTA rewriting?.

Sorry, without malice on any.

Further, one needs to know the USDA predicts, ‘the supply  of farm workers  for US produce  industry largely depends  on the continuous flow  or influx of new foreign born labor attracted by  wages above  those in workers countries of Origin’.

Immigration policy helps  to determine  whether  the produce industry ‘s labor force  will be authorized or unauthorized?(Linda Calvin and Philip Martin, ‘the US Produce  industry and Labor facing  the future global economy’; USDA economic research report 106 November,2010. .


See again when Insurance  costs grow up, rich and wealthy  would not pay ;and he wants every one pay his health issues based costs, no more government funding – that way Affordable care Act proposal came forward as against Obamacare MedicAid Act,  by saying government  can’t protect all, though Human Rights convention says .’it has to be – all need be protected’, though America is a signatory for Human Rights Convention;

he jumps out as it jumped out of Paris climate accord a few months back, by president Mr Trump’s initiatives as against every other western countries always obvious ‘selfishness’. .

So,   very same ‘selfishness’ ruled again on Americans;

Mr Trump, as if,  ‘assumed’ spokesperson for   Americans, he told Germany and other Europeans they pay less let them compensate the loss when America walks out and meet the costs, so too in case of NATO maintenance costs. Mr Trump wants to walk out of NATO;

Anyway, the American Congress didn’t agree so there is clash of views and serious differences, between Mr Trump and Congress on climate, NATO, Paris accord on climate, Obamacare, etc.

So ‘selfishness ‘overwhelms’ against general human interest, we see just because we work on currency $, not based on ‘barter’ or yellow metal called Gold standards.  If so, not based on $ currency, naturally selfishness works differently.

Therefore, Confusion is confounded in governance systems of today.


So,  ‘Every thing lives on every other demise’.

Living is based on another’s death or demise.  


Fraud and Waste:

The area of fraud and waste remains a persistent public sector challenge, and a big one (to the tune of billions of dollars). “While a portion of that is true fraud,” says Carlos Otal, national managing partner of Grant Thornton’s Public Sector practice, “much of the problem stems from poor record keeping” and other process and people-related shortcomings.

Otal reports that public sector clients are interested in deploying predictive analytics and other risk-based approaches to reduce fraud and waste.


US infrastructure is aging and improvement lags behind other countries. “Bridges, roads, rail and seaports demand modernization and basic repair,” Ray asserts, noting that traditional funding mechanisms may have reached their limits. “The public sector must find a new way to approach these challenges, and perhaps, partner with the private sector where it makes sense.”


: Discussions about infrastructure improvements often progress to chats about the ways that Internet of Things sensors embedded in bridges, stoplights and other transportation features could transform how the public sector upgrades and manages infrastructure.

Although many forms of new technology can deliver dramatic improvements, traditional public sector mindsets also need some transforming, notes Boston Consulting Group Partner Danny Werfel.

“Innovation is a topic that a lot of government leaders are thinking through right now,” he says.

“They’re trying to figure out how to build ‘innovation’, into their culture;

and into the ways in which solutions are deployed.”

More agile solutions represent a common form of innovation.

In terms of technology improvements, this might consist of developing a much smaller technology solution to address a challenge much faster than a larger, more expensive technology solution would take to address the same challenge.

This type of solution requires a modern IT environment, which is why modernization progress is so welcome

Every other country looks differently though every where we have similar kind of human beings.


We live ever after by conflicts of interest. 

We are out and out SELFISH BEINGS , but we call ourselves ‘Humans’ – see how human we are!

Do we call this. Is Government or governance?





We need to accept Emerson’s thought ‘Every Institution’ has a vital role to play, (ends)