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I was piqued yesterday when CJI Vigyan Bhavan in CJs and CMs conference on 24/4/2016.

by Dr. Guru Balakrishnan

It is a pity we have PM/CMs who know nothing of Principles yet they are constitutional heads of India and states, that is is the great ‘durbagya’ bad luck  of Indian independence, British ruled better between 1929 and 1950, but great Indian independence is just permitted all arbitrary men to hold power with negligible knowledge of what a constitution could be though well drafted by men like Dr. B.R.Ambedkar but properly quenstioned by people like Pandit  Mr. Hridayanath Kunzru (United Provinces then in 1947, even on important questions on important article like 356, 357.)


Art 224 A –

224 A. Appointment of retired Judges at sittings of High Courts.- Notwithstanding anything in this Chapter, the Chief Justice of a High Court for any State may at any time, with the previous consent of the President, request any person who has held the office of a Judge of that Court or of any other High Court to sit and act as a Judge of the High Court for that State, and every such person so requested shall, while so sitting and acting, be entitled to such allowances as the President may by order determine and have all the jurisdiction, powers and privileges of, but shall not otherwise be deemed to be, a Judge of that High Court:

Provided that nothing in this article shall be deemed to require any such person as aforesaid to sit and act as a Judge of that High Court unless he consents so to do.

Was rightly drafted then , perhaps,  believing PMs or CMs might be incorrigible , power hungry – indeed they are today , when they passed satistically unsupported but by fake statistics in Mandal commission which was appointed by PM Mr. Morarji Desai but he shelled it noting ‘most unreliable data, but revived by great politically ambitious Mr VP Singh who followed as PM.

By a constitutional amendment which resulted in so many precious were lost in self-immolations due to government killing ‘Merit’ in colleges and universities besides affected public employment due to unreasonable ideas of reservations to once ruling communities as ‘backward communities’ while really badly affecting the really economically backward people in any community.
Besides after Indira Shahani v UOI case verdit by SC resulted  the Kerala incorrigible government under  the then CM mr. karunakaran just to save his chief secretary from being prosecuted under Contempt of Courts Act 1971 by the very honorable SC, he passed ‘Creamy layer bill’ to allow rich and well to do Backward communities to enjoy reservation even at the very cost of really  economically backward communities, as these ‘creamy layer’ just cornered almost all the quota of BC/
OBC/etc communities besides including some as special backward communities just the Congress government wanted backward classes votes in an Art 14 proposed ‘Equality’ before law classes, meaning majority of BC/OBS etc would corner most of the university seats as also government jobs.
Besides, now Maharashtra government would allow some 10 lakhs ‘fake caste certifies reservationinsts’ to be protected instead of sacking them, as it is a laid down of settled principle of law, tainted persons cannot even move writ petitions – here, these fake tribal  fellows are from again backward/OBC categories as their greed just balooned about to be exploded.
Could we think these governments supporting ‘fake Tribals’ among backwards would ever be good governments of good governance, certainly NOT is obvious – would these shameless governments  ever reduce the burden of 5 crore or 3 crores pending cases, with always very meagre- strength of judges besides many a time governments draft the already low number of  judges ever just to  man their doubtful  ‘Tribunals’, besides, these governments failed to allow the president to appoint already recommended judges by SC collegium – NO s also obvious – but the governments just ‘Tom Tom ‘ their so called commitment to reduce so many pending cases, obviously increasing day by day, besides since 1987, about 25 crores people  increased  the population by that number;
The government in the center wanted to bring in NJAC Act by a Constitutional amendment No 99, but rightly the honorable SC 5 member Bench rightly declared ‘ultra vires; the Constitution;
Central government wanted to control the judiciary, an equal level constitutional authority  with absolute control in the area of ‘Justice’, i,e., Judiciary, obviously so earmarked  by the founding fathers of the Constitution of India, with clear insight that this judicial power could never be in the hands of the Executive, for Executive would become absolute power hungry would just usurp the  judicial system in the country with all arbitrariness available;
The ‘setting aside’ of the 99th  Constitutional Amendment caused the ‘bad blood’ in the Executive – the union of india government headed by the PM and CMs in the States made the Executive highly desirous of making the judicial system to collapse, by its strategy to choke the judiciary expecting it to make judgments without following the constitutional tenets, by making the cases ratio per judge not only unmanageable besides indeed impossible expectations like making 50 judges to handle 18000 cases just only by honorable SC , i.e., per judge handle 18000 cases divided by just 50 judges; so also  balance in 3 crore cases to be handled by other High courts/ and other judges  – indeed an impossible task if you see world over in advanced democracies 1 judge handles 81 cases; if we compare the indian ratio, one would wonder whether the government really wants  the cases by rightly judged or judged haphazardly would become clear – would the CJI take this as a great comfortable system of judicial governance, so obviously this situation  made him to breakdown in the public conference – the world clearly thin- Indian democracy itself is great fake.
He being a conscientious man he never wanted 3 crore cases  now pending , mostly filed by many accused languishing in jails without trial for years could not be wrongly convicted; yea he could simply acquit them for want of trials or convictions not confirmed by higher judiciary; but he just not wanted to do that either, so obviously he is really the Most Honorable chief Justice of India,
I like to narrate an experience of Frank Koch in ‘Proceedings’ , the magazine of the U.S Naval Institute:

              ‘Two battleships assigned  to the training squadron  had been at Sea on maneuvers  in heavy weather for several    

                Days. I was serving  on the lead  battleship and was on watch on the bridge as night fell. The visibility  was poor and

                Patchy fog, so  the captain  remained on the bridge  keeping  an eye on all activities.
Shortly after dark, the look out on the wing  of the bridge  reported :
                        ‘Light , bearing  on the starboard bow.’


                        ‘Is it steady or moving astern?  , the captain called out.
                        Lookout replied, ‘Steady, Captain, ‘ which meant , ‘we were on dangerous collision  course with that ship’.
The Captain,  then called to the signal man, ‘ Signal that ship : ‘We are on a collision course, advise  you  change  course  20 degrees.
                    Back came  a signal ; Advisable for you to change  course 20 degrees.’.
The Captain said, ‘Send I’m Captain, Change Course 20 degrees’.

Back came:  I’m a seaman, second class, ‘Came  the reply,  ‘You had better change course 20 degrees’.
By that time,  the Captain was furious. He spat out, ‘Send  I’m  a battleship. Change course 20 degrees.’
Back came the flashing light, I’m a Light House’.
What do we get here, friends!.
The Paradigm shift experienced by the Captain – and by us as we  can read this account – puts  the situation  in a ‘TOTALLY  different Light.
We can see see  a ‘REALITY’ that is super-ceded  by his (Captain’s)  Limited  Perception –  ‘A REALITY that is CRITICAL for us to understand  in our daily lives, as it was for the Captain  in the fog – ‘Captain is mentally fogged’, as he was in the ‘fog’!
Cecil B deMille observed: ‘ of the PRINCIPLES contained  in his monumental movie , The Ten Commandments’
‘It is impossible for us to Break the Law. We can only break nourselves against law,’
While individuals  may look  at their own lives; and, interactions in terms of  Paradigms or maps are not territory .
The “Objective Reality’,”   or the ‘territory itself’, is COMPOSED  of ‘LIGHT HOUSE’ principles govern  ‘HUMAN GROWTH’; and  Happiness – Natural Laws that are woven into the Fabric of Every  Civilized Society throughout History ; and comprise  the ‘roots of Every Family’ and Institution that has ‘endured’ and ‘prospered’.
The’degree’ to which our mental maps accurately describe the Territory doesn’t alter  the Existence..
That was, the actual problem PM faced like Captain; so CJI rightly said like seaman second class,  ‘Light House’. This is an analogy.
CJI is right PM is wrong not really understanding why there were crores of pending cases.
PM failed on two fronts so too CMs – one not allowing appointments of 170 judges already recommended by SC Collegium, in the result , the President didn’t issue Warrants of appointments; as also not invoked Art.224A of the Constitution of India.  




You cannot take it for granted -dear Parliamentarians! Media cannot play with politicians I mean in India

S R Bommai v UOI judgement really made Sarkaria  commission report statutory under Art 141, by the 9 member constitutional bench, since its verdict.

Justice Sarkaria Commission became a reality in 1983, when Smt. Indira Gandhi had to appoint just because all opposition leaders got jerky of the Art. 356, when it is used like a staple diet of Congress, while Dr. B.R, Ambedkar assured to Pandit Hridayanath Kunzru, in the Constituent Assembly when it was discussed for clarity:

Kunzru ( representing United Provinces: General) asked  BRA:

May I ask (you) my  Honorable Friend –  to make One Point Clear – ‘Is it the purpose  of Art 278, 278 A (356, 357), to ENABLE  the Central Government (today’s Government of India)  to ‘Intervene’ (at the drop of the hat!) , in Provincial Affairs, for the sake of Good Governance  of the Provinces (now States, forming part of the Union of India)?

BRA : (Emphatically, ) NO, NO,  – The Center  not given (empowered) the Authority . 

PHK : Or, only, ‘when there is  such a mis-governance in the Provinces to ENDANGER  the ‘PUBLIC-PEACE’.

BRA : ‘Only when  the government   is NOT  carried on ‘in consonance’  with  the PROVISIONS as laid down  for  the Constitutional Governance ,(per se the Constitution os India),  of the Provinces (States).

He added,  – ‘Whether there is  Good Governance  or Not, in the Provinces is ‘Not’ for the Center ‘to (Decide) determine.

He further ‘clarified’ -(Crystal Clear Terms ) ‘I AM QUITE CLEAR ON THIS POINT’.

Further, ‘I share the ‘sentiments’, expressed  by my Honorable Friend Mr. Gupte – ‘Yesterday’, – BRA said ‘the the proper thing,  ‘We ought  to expect  in that, they would ‘remain ‘ a ‘Dead Letter’,(obviously, Art 356 might be used in the :

‘rarest of rare occasion only’ 

{ Art 356 (5) was inserted by the 38th Constitutional Amendment), in the Constitution of India; (reading)

‘(5)*   Notwithstanding,  anything contained in the Constitution, ‘the satisfaction of the President’ ,  mentioned in 356 (1), shall be ‘final’ and ‘conclusive’; and shall not be Questioned, on ‘any ground’.

{However, thanks to the 44th constitutional Amendment( Constitutional amendments have become some kind of statutes normally made by lawmakers – ‘Legislators, with half baked knowledge of  ‘Law making’ duly supported by half-baked legal parliamentary draftsmen, a *laughing stock-type), brought forth’, in 1978. by prime minister Mr. Morarji Desai, the Original Article 356, (as originally envisaged by Dr.B.R. Ambedkar), was RESTORED BACK.

{ Due to all these ‘dance dramas’ of politicians, opposition leaders naturally got jittery, and that forced  Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1983, on March 23rd to appoint the justice Sarkaria Commission, to go into  the ‘Centre – State Relations’ ).

The Commission took five years of deliberations and gave the Report  to the government, but , government never took decision, till date, but (the Honorable Supreme court, rightly studied, and, accepting the Commissions’ views, it passed, its unanimous 9 bench order in S.R.Bommai  v Union of India, that way its main recommendations have become Art 141 – Judge made law; and the same decision has become mandatory on the Parliament as also the President  of India. one needs to appreciate.



that way



…..Were all part of great ILLUSION….

Eventually you died, every such ‘wish’ turned out to be a great ‘Wishful ‘ thinking only.

It all left behind.

All these things craved for,  worked for,  slaved for, WHERE was the point in them?

Said Prothima Bedi,(Gowri) an ‘Oddissi’ dancer, though born in  wealthy Haryanvi-Bengali, with so many linked in different  cultures, simply taken for granted girl, lady, by all kinds of men of power, pelf, and politics, simply used her like a ‘toilet paper’.

All that mattered  was the ‘Present’, she concludes.

Just at her tenth year she was rapped by her cousin  regularly daily, and, she could not complain, as she was not a beautiful girl with thick lips, brownish girl, and her grand parents never wanted her as their son’s second daughter. They  adored the first daughter not second, is the main issue.

Her mother loved her.

In fact, Haryanvi  grand parents did not like their son loving a Bengali girl; in fact, he had to leave his parents and had to slog as some worker at New Delhi, leaving Haryana where his father was a successful businessman; he too was; but ‘love’ for a Bengali girl affected him; but he was steadfast lover.  So Prothima says, ‘Love’ as an ‘illusion’ so too in her own life too she experienced, similar problems, she just became a sex kitten, as she was rapped by her cousin, since her 10th year.

She had education at Panchgani, near Nasik, as she lived major part of her life in Maharashtra, schooled, but she was taken for granted; therefore she says, one has to get along with  the ‘Present’, ‘Now’ or never, only;

She had a great connections like with very high and mighty men like   kingmaker Barrister Rajni Patel who only  made Antulay or Sharad Pawar, the CM  of Maharashtra, as he was smt Indira  Gandhi man. All knew she was the most powerful PM of India then in 1980s.

So she rightly says, ‘Security’ means big Nothing.

Ms. Bakul Patel,  wife of  Rajni Patel never liked Protima’s closeness to Rajni Patel though Protima was just like a daughter like girl.

‘Affection’ is an ‘Illusion’, as Rajni Patel could not get her close to him at his death bed, but Sharad Pawar msde it possible to see Rajni Patel on his hospital bed, then; that way ‘Care’ could not make her possibly with Rajni as he too loved her  any, then; and enjoyed sex with her, in his own way, as she was very accommodative to him.

Hence, she says, ‘Care’ is as well as great ‘Illusion’;

Even Kabir Bedi who married her, had two children with her , and had passionate sex with her did not last long.

She says, many might tell she was a most successful in life but fact is an illusion she describes.

What  Life mean?

She says ‘Life’ is a gift to have.  What more one could want, she  says.

She says , ‘you are not born, you’e not dead’ but, just you’e a visitor to earth, like ‘Urvashi’ several times landed and went back; Like that we come and go.

Similar view Osho also held, we do not come, so we are not born , but an illusion and we do not die that too an illusion; but we are all visitors to Earth and go back ; Indeed both were contemporaries and both passed away before end of 1990. She came in 1949;But he came in 1931 and he moved out  in 1990;she in 1998.




AMBITION and Reality in Independent India!


Prof. Dr. Guru Balakrishnan


{One has to know – ‘Indeed, if it was for the fact, that  the creditor – foreigner were Rulers of India, the debt  service charge  would hardly  have  the ‘Emotional  Impact, it did.


Proportion of NDP (National domestic product),  the  debt  was 136% in 1861;  and 15% in 1899, the ‘Drain’ amounted to between to between  1% and 2.5% of NDP, over the same period.


Home charges were Rs.8 (eight) Crores in 1861; Rs.29 (twenty nine ) crores in 1894; and Rs.24.5 (twenty four and half ) crores in 1899 of NDP, over the same period, (per se reliable statistical data).


In contemporary term  of debt servicing  burden , is hardly remarkable, any one would agree.}  


With the above preamble, I write down the facts, as per preserved records available, to  us, in our own Archives;


I have to say how our Nationalists cheated the innocent public; so too the present genere of politicians , either deliberately or ignorantly:  


Nehru spoke before Planning Committee of the Congress Party (Indian National Congress) – , great Big EMPTY take :


He said:


‘The aim  was DECLARED, to be to ensure  an Adequate Standard of Living for the Masses, (like any strategic Politician, obviously unlike any great Statesman (but yet we called him as a great Statesman – indeed, a great Fakester then;  and, indeed mesmerized by his charm,


{like (Laloo Prasad in Bihar; or Mulyam Singh Yadav or Mayawati, in the UP; further on Krunanidhi in T.N…),  did in Bihar/UP/TN, in the later period to bring up his(their) rowdy elements filled party to power: (but ‘then’ Congress workers were not that ‘bad’ roudies,  then!)}  


In otherwords, to get rid of  the ‘Appalling Powerrty’ of the people.


The ‘irreducible minimum’ – interim of Money – had been  estimated by Economists at figures, from Rs.15/-  to Rs.25/-, per capita per month  ….;


We calculated, that a nearly a progressive standard of living would necessitate the increase  of the National wealth by 500 to 600 % (percentage), was, however,  ‘Too Big’, just for us ; and we  aimed  at 200 to 300 percentage increase, within ten years (Nehru (1945, page. 333).’


Question :


How ‘Ambitious (here obvious ‘greed’ (as it was, next to ‘Impossible’!) the Aim  that was to be,  just in Ten years?’


{ A rate of growth  of 200 to 300 percent over just in ten years, that means, you needed, a growth rate of 7% to 11%  per annum, is to be contrasted  with “much  more, ‘modest goals’,” , set out  in the plans, subsequently, to say,  – NOTHING  ABOUT  the EVEN  more Modest Achievement.}


A  minimum of  ‘Living Standard of Rs.15/- in ‘pre-war prices’ would mean , at least  ‘twice’, as much as,  by the ‘mid 1950s’. ( Does any one even today, may not, be able, to achieve say after 55 years, (that is in 2016, if the conditions prevailed then really adapted the present standards in mid 1950!). (It should convince you in 2016 even we could not really touch tha ambitious living standards except for people like Ambanis, Mallayya, some soft ware professionals, then all public servants since the 6th central pay commission recommendations which were adopted by great Dr. Manmohan singh government, as the PM then.


Obvious, how people are fooled, if you go through the data and the narration below you will definitely come ; but no congress man would accep, as they were the beneficiaries, so too all other politicians.


Today you could have noted 33 crore people are draught affected, living practically with no water, apart from drinking water, if you have read S C, warning to the government; if no reasonable monsoon a lot might die of starvation; as starvation deaths loom large on India, today.


That is your great political ‘shameful’ democratic rule, just they would tell you when you die sim;y say Bharat Mata Ki Jai, bring Khohinoor Diamond, and some blessed National slogans – saying you would end in Heaven; but in fact you would end in ovens only!.


Thus, ‘Poverty’ just beacame a great ‘Joke’, then itself, like today; like that  ‘well-to-do’ would ‘joke’, at the ‘poor people’; even today, in 2016!


The ‘poverty level’, when fixed  in 1960s at Rs.15/-, indeed, was. ‘Way below’ then itself, what would have  matched ‘Expectations’ ?; of Independence Movement; any might, if bestowed with common sense, would think today.


Any could say today , ‘how our ancestors were just duped us’, like, what Robert Walpole as PM of England said, ‘If you want to hang a dog, (just) call it Mad and Hang it!’ ; same kind of clever ploy was Nehruism  then , just because, ‘everone just depended on this one Man – but Mr . Mohamed Ali Jinnah really ‘fathomed Nehru’, not even, beloved M. K. Gandhi.


Jinnah correctly told Gandhiji, ‘Nehru is not like you; so we definitely need partition of India’, then.


{ He again lost out in Pakistan too, after Partion, as politicians as a class, any where is ‘same same’, a most un-reliable class.


Poverty level, when fixed in 1960s at Rs.15/- pm per capita indeed, was very much ‘way below’ even by the end of 1950 itself:



  • Reason,  for this,  ‘downward  revision’, is not ‘too far ‘ to look;




  • ‘Shock for planners’ of post- independent  India was to be  – ‘there was  an acute  shortage of  ‘invisible’ surplus;




  • Expectation:  ‘Surplus’  since (Myopia) falsity was explict, and would be ‘enhanced’ ( beginning of all kinds of ‘white lies’, in every aspect    of planning;  (‘false assurances’, same continues even today; as a great ‘Talisman’);
  • for all ‘Development plans’, by ‘Drain’ , ending , the ‘priority way – today you see NREGA, and the like ‘Subsidies’; – who pays, ‘only the very tax payer himself’;- that is the very poor man himself;




  • politicians just like monkey in the ‘story of ‘Monkey and the Butter’ play the  plan of ‘distribution’! ; using some ‘so called’  – ‘priority ‘ priori:




  • ‘How to allocate the  ‘resources’ to industrial development?




  • ‘Real  issue’ is:  ‘Lack of  ‘real’ Surplus, due to ‘low productivity’, in Agriculture;




  • Agrarian policy, but concentrated on , ‘Land Reform’ – issue of ‘distribution’ of  the surplus  lands,   rather than on ENHANCEMENT of the lands: Without water what would you produce on land?




  • Policy suggest, ‘Raising Productivity’ on land, (expansion of  the unit  of cultivation by pooling of lands);




  • Obvious: ‘Lack’ of real surplus of resources are there since in 1950s too;




  • Professor Kaldor suggestion met with political  Resistance (Obvious politicians took the shots at the cost of people, then too)-




  • Led to ‘Efforts to avoidable’ taxation;




  • Nehru ‘dream of cooperative farming  ran aground since ‘shot down’ by  Choudhary Charan Singh;




  • ( what good you got from independence – only new rich (Nove riche) thrived at the cost of poor’ and the old rich:




  • A  quote from Maharajah of Dharampur told Protima Bedi in 1987 , when she wanted to buy ten acres of land , near Bangalore from his 150 acres, on just a Rupee  lakh   – as follows: –


He says:



  • ‘I call it a high way robbery…if it was not for us, there wouldn’t  be  – ‘No Union of India’.




  • How can we manage ?




  •  Any businessman  have, won’t think if he was to go to Mysore.




  • But, ‘I have to  think fifty times before I go to ‘petrol pump’, and ask  them to fill up his  (car)  for some Rs. 400,- or  Rs. 450,-.




  • And the villagers   encroached (my) fifty acres of my land.
  • I don’t have the money  to ‘fence’  my property; and so, I keep losing more and more  acres every year of my land.




  • I have ‘court cases’, pending everywhere;




  • and ‘No Money’ to look after  my property’ he bemoaned’;




  • When Prothima told him:




  • ‘If I get back your ‘fifty acres’, which  have been encroached  byvillagers, will you give me  some land free?;
  • He said,
  • ‘If you can do it, i’ll ‘give you half’ of what you get for me’.



From the above exchanges one can see is, ‘old Maharajas are replaced by new gentry like ‘Charan Singhs’ is obvious’.


(This situation surfaced worse,  after ‘Privy purses’ was ‘struck down’ by supreme court, due to Art 31 was amended; thus, after smt . Indira Gandhi as PM‘abolished the privy purses’, all of you may know this situation.)


Strategy of ‘planned development’, was to INVEST all , in ‘Capital goods industry’, NOT FOR EXPORT:  but to  BUILD UP Self Sufficienct Economy ‘immunise from – foreign trade.

(Obviously ended in Low GROWTH – great Mahalanobis  Strategy existed  then;


Professor P R  Brahmmannda was ‘INNOCENT in all  these strategy moves (else he would have agitated fiercely).


Professor proposed,


‘Wage goods Strategy’ but his Model was not Mathematically as elegant like that of PC Mahalanobis’s Model.


In fact,


it is  ‘big INTERNAL drain’;  and great  Economic ‘UNDER-ACHIEVEMENT’  :



  • Led to ‘lack of surplus:



‘ that put a Brake on Growth;



  • In 1950, Pound sterling  had run out for Indians.




  • Good Harvest  of 1954-55  did not repeat






  • Foreign Aid like PL 640 and PL 660 from the USA:




  • and ‘Deficit Financing’  helped ‘fill the Gap’;
  • ‘Constraint on Agricultural productivity’ was lifted  during 1960s by Green Revolution strategy luckily helped;




  • Happy combination of ‘foreign technology’; and  private sector ;



i.e  Farmers’ response  to  government’s   incentives helped a little;



  • Windfall of Green Revolution  was ‘Hors du’ plan;




  • Possibility existed  of ‘Lifting ‘somewhat’ the Indian Economy -( after all India is like Canadian type Agricultural Economy )- to high growth -,
  • once ‘Food  Grains Constraint  had been lifted’;




  • One needed to contain with ‘Drain’;




  • PRB is ‘eloquent’ about ‘this’  in his chapter 27 on the ‘Impact of the Drain’ –
  • in his work in 2001 – ‘Money, Income and Prices, in 19th century India – A Historical, Quantitative and Theoretical Study’ ; Mumbai , Himalaya Publishing;



He said,


‘the new dimention of poverty has no  direct relations to Naoraji’s Analysis;

but there could exist:  an ‘Internal Drain’,

which potentially kept


‘Large portions of population  , lived below Poverty Line (BPL);


{(Such a  ‘drain’ could be in-built  in Indians’ ‘Economic Formulations and in Planning strategies’

(MIP 19, p.519)}


PRB , precient opponent to PC Maholanobis’ strategy – PRB was indeed entitled to a point ‘ to the internal drain’ ;


but he doesn’t elaborate by ‘further speaking’ –


what it is? ;


but ‘goes on to talk  in ‘general terms, about contracts, and Exploitation’


Internal drain is:-



  • Is made up of ‘Diverting Surplus’ into capital  intensive  industries –




  • ‘surplus’  absorbing ; rather than ‘Surplus Enhansing’;




  • (but ‘Loss-Making’ industries, like HSL, SAIL,Coal  mines, etc…
  • Public sector employment like FCI, PDI, etc  accounted for 15% Labor forces, with ‘real wages rising  faster than the real growth, of the Economy,




  • (obvious ‘surplus drains’) like in Heavy Electrical companies;
  • and in most of all PSUs…behaved( as if some charitable organisations!)  




  • (they are even today existing)  –




  • INDEED COSTED the GDP nearly 15% –  assuming further alarming ‘proportions’ –



Industries enjoyed a positive tariff around 45% ;


Agriculture  – negative tariff about 20%;


Like Soviet Planning  of 5 year plans :


Agriculture surplus financed  

                                                                  industrial investment:


Industries enjoyed No

                                                                  Comparative Advantages;


Largely Loss Making set up;


Investment did not lead to ‘Rapid

         Growth’ nor ‘Eliminated



India’s per capita  income  did not register the pre-independence level (peak) (1929-1960, (Per Maddison ‘s figures);


Poverty graph did not begin to move down till twenty years later  during the 1980s;




Smt. Indira Gandhi as PM suddenly found old policy was no longer useful for India, so she in 1980s, ‘abanded self-sufficiency dogma’ – that, as if, there was ‘enough investible surplus  at home’ (a great Myopia!)


Foreign Debt just soared  from $.20 billions to $.80 billions (Maddison, p.166),


without any matching supportive income



  • revenue, like  foreign remittances like today just because export of man power to advanced countries ,




  • then by ‘labor export to middle east’, that could not meet all expenses for India – only export of men is the economic product, other than goods that got exported;



Debt obviously needed to be serviced;


-GDP  growth  improved  from around 3.5% in 1950  to 1980, to  5.5%   in 1980s;


(Obviously not because of great governance , why, even today..);


Growth was not – ‘Export Oriented’, as was in the 19th century British India;



  • Not enough or sufficient  export surplus to service the Home charges of the 20th century;




  • Economy crashed in 1991;




  • Informal hoarding , unlike, the 19th century hoarding;




  • cash in large amounts (estimate varied – not less than 50% of GDP ) proportion to that  of 19th century Gold attained;




  • Part of it – Black Moneys, enter’ circuit of expenditure’ in REAL ESTATE, FILMS, CRIMES related activities;




  • but a large portion is just  ‘hoarded’ (as much ‘draining’  as other one);
  • Independent governments, not only  ‘re-invented’, but created  a New and Larger  One ;




  • Internal hoard (though move  involve  some double country);




  • India wanted  a large part  of the GDP than what ‘Dadabhoy Nauoroji’,  spotted the ‘Drain’;




  •  Consolation of wastage is  Not  by Foreigners  but by very Indian trhemselves.



      Lessons of 21st century:



  • What is needed is: Equity investment -FDI – foreign direct investment – as Equity not as debt.




  • New patterns of  – Capital   imports in the 21st century;
  •  –  Globalization (as against)  ‘Fixed interest borrowings of the 19th century;




  • China borrowed in this way;




  • Drain will be  there only,  if the ‘imported  capital’ benefits the economy  – generate profit  – if surplus generating;




  • 19th century, drain – ‘No one is certain’;  if it  exceeded  the ‘cost’:
  • Rulers then were Foreign, the ‘suspicion’ was  that any  investment they made  was not beneficial;




  • 21st century  enjoys  same advantage  in:




  • ‘Globalization Game’, because of ‘English Language’ ;




  • – Legal  system that the British imposed on Indians which it is followed  by Indians;




  • Not all railways and canals  are just ‘unseless’;




  • but indeed useful even today – see Buckingham canal still serves chennai city;




  • railways really connected all parts of India, in fact commerce is promoted very well both be passsenger traffic as also freight traffic;




  • Sit-down- do carefully analyze  – of the return on the investment;



– what was invested on railways or canals, still    gives returns;



  • Compare,  if to  the cost,  do get  a ‘ better estimate  of  unrequitted  proportion of the ‘Drain’;




  • Any Drain – internal  or external,  should be  minimized, if not eliminated altogether;




  • A Nation  ( even after 60 years plus  of independence as a quarter of the population  is POOR;




  • – cannot  afford  to waste  resources, very important one needs to note.




  • Internal  ‘Drain’  has to be cut per force  aggressively;




  • by any government  if it is worth the name;




  • Budget  deficit , for the purpose  of ‘subsidies’  should be very  cclosely ‘prunned’;




  • – Avoid  unnecessary taxes  on the Tax payer – a Kamadenu – kind – do not over suck;




  •  for haphazard taxation by any government would ‘rebound’ any time; (as happened in the USA, led to Boston Tea Party);




  • Excessive Taxation  would make the tax payer poor to very poor, more and more poorer;  




  • that might  ‘rewind like any spring’ ;  



‘Excessive taxing’ is indicating ‘bad to very bad days are on the people’, as also the governments;



  • Always Economy revolves on ‘men only’;
  • less on  other resources;




  • Man has to be Healthy – not terribly ‘depressed’,




  • ill health of any kind is a disaster to the country;




  • No extravagnce need to be tolerated – on the so called God Forsaken Ideas, ideals, rightly;




  • today Uttaranchal High Court warned Union government ought to allow the elected government need to function;




  • Union cannot force its governor as its agent to dissolve the assembly –




  • Then only, there will be Healthy  Democracy , local people would take care like ‘Lex Loci’ is ;


Politicians  need to take  care;


 if not situation  can become  ‘bleaker’; and weaken the state;


– (people) not a healthy sign;


Robust common sense shall prevail –


No one is boss over the other – just Appeal to the senses, nothing more;


– Nothing arbitrary of any kind shall be there;


– Else it would be an  ‘Ibrahim Lodi kind rule;


  • Budget deficit should not be there just to promote meaningless ideas of any kind;




  • – for budget deficit is the real ‘Hemlock’ (poison) that would choke you to death;




  • Irrational Subsidies should be avoided at all costs, for they are all  basically Regressive in approach;




  • People need to work at all cost;




  • Never encourage ‘idleness’;




  • For that would reverberate on you- the governments;




  • Eliminate any ‘hoarding’, for that chokes any development ;




  • – frugality is a must  – ‘A bird is worth two in the bush’;



Harness  the Hoardings:



  • Excessive Hoards are an example of  Acute  Liquidity Preference (ALP);




  • Follow the principle what  Silvasio Gesel  prescription in 1929, for Lord Keyness appreciated his prescriptions;




  • To understand Silvasio refer his book –  Ideas, The  Natural Economic Order – (read  English translation from his German work, by Phillip Pye, (Berin : Neo verlag).







India’s Economic Reforms;  Aluwalia. Isher and M.D. Little Delhi OUP


P R Brahmmananda (2001) Money, Income and Prices in the19trh century India;  A Historical , Quantitative ,  and Theoretical study’ , Mumbai, Himalaya Publishing.


Desai, Meghan , (1998) : Development perspectives : ‘Was there an Alternative  to Mahalonobis? In Aluwalia  And Little (1998) and reprinted (2004);


(2002), ‘The Possibility of  De-Globalization in Dolfima and Dennerenther, (2002);

Dolfsma , W & C. Dennereuther (edn.2002) – ‘Globalization, Inequality,      

                                  And Social Capital (Aldereshot Edward Elgar);


Gessel, Silvio (1929),  ‘The Natural Economic Order ,  translated by Phillip Pye (Berlin Neo – Ver lag)


Kidron, Michael, (1965)  Foreign investment in india (Oxford) OUP;




Basic purpose of  Rule of Law  is avoidance of Tyrranical  Laws and/or Tyrranical  Execution (like Income  Tax/ Central Excise  firstly!!! And there are so many statutes of the whole system of Indian governments both at union and at states!!!!!!) { as Law is  itself a smooth flow mechanism like a lubricant in a Motor car!!)


  • Montesquieu


                  • Dr. Guru Balakrishnan


Prescription by Montesquieu :


Rule of Law is for public so too the King (governance system):


Quality of Mercy  – why it seasons Justice – just b ecause any governance out to be mellow and f ought to be people friendly, if not you have to maintain ‘equal number soldiers’ if any untoward thing happens; indeed it is an impossible proposition;


People would bend so long as his bending is not really very painful; if painful extremely, there erupts the so called ‘Civil War’.


Therefore, Montesquieu rightly said  ‘Rule of Law is  (itself) avoidance of Tyrranical Laws and Tyrranical Enforcements, so mellow, so smooth, an essential ingriedient of any great ‘Democracy’.


Albert Davies too said:


Essential ingriedients of Law:


  1. Law is only absolute supremacy over regulatory Rules:
  2. Law is ‘Equal’ to all; no partiality at all; (for partiality might bring in anarchy)( as is caste based Reservations, then Creamy layer reservations, today Fake Castecertificated new Reservation, …many more might surface as Reservations …in the fasionable – new political party systems as in India…:
  3. Access to the Justice , and development of Law, by the Judges (by judicial reviews on statutes as also Constitutional amendments in India – a great country of surging constitutional amendments….);


Political parties simply too many like in  Great India, unlike the USA/ the UK/ the Europe where mostly two party systems prevail – in India, every alternate man needs one party or the other obviously telling that the people are not happy with two reasonably big political outfitsCongress, and the other – BJP .


More the political parties, more the troubles are usually common. No uniform thinking even in the one group of politicia ns, leading to splinters:

From Congress came NCP in India; so also from Communists came – Communist Maxist CPM, Naxals.


No point talking on all other state political parties; they are only just very hot headed, unfit to be  some meaningful governments. They just do not undersandand what to? They do not understand what is a project is? They only know how much money their party need to net , nothing more nothing less – obviously ‘No meaningful Programs’; If they have  not enoug

H moneys they would rap,  kill, loot, a  nd the like – modern day ‘day-robbery gang’ one may   fthem; So I am not giving any credence, but they make their share like protecting or security of some garrages, shops, mills, some industries, what not; besides two large parties give them some kind of help, due to their nuisance value only and nothing else – it means some new employment opportunity to otherwise none would in normal course appoint them is obvious.


Nothing much on all these outfits. Even some employees in Google might be woried of them . So they would not allow you to write on them in detail!


These worthoes use ‘Fear’ as their weapon of warfare on people.


Rule of Law if you talk to them, they would say why it is not applicable on him he would say, and  boldly say police men need to depend on us, or we finish the police man ; but could not happen during British  Days, I had seen these kind of people why they  were physically very strong then more these men; but they would sulk when a puny police man with a ‘lathi’ walks the area; today they are some great ‘political workers’ – fact is they know nothing anything in any decent way – they are basically highly ‘Depressed Psychotics’ – such kinds are increasing today such men beat their wives or divorce them at random; so some women too became equally good , that means that lady would chastise that man at home too. Such men and women filled political outfits you can call; you can identify them on the road – they would behave more than any normal person; They are hen pecked ; else that lady would chastise him in a very right way no police man may know;


Our police personnel  mostly are not brave but just persons talking too big of themselves, perhaps they would tell you how connected is he or her! These things are daily occcurings; Some lawyers not earning well fall in to this group ; and would handle bails by charging unconscienable fees too; but in these fellows cases they would serve as their abject servants, that you can see in every police station; problem is more supply of lawyers with legal knowledge but with some degrees, like it happened glaringly in AAP party, all might know, what fake law degrees, very normal, some too are touts masquerading as Advocates in local magistrate courts, courts men also know buy they get their ‘mamuls’ like policemen get or police station gets, promoted by state governments in place.


We talk big  big things some big ideals; just on some paper tigers only.


Today I was reading what professor Hamid Ansari spoke, a scion of CJ Shah Sulaiman of Allahabad Court during the British.


Poorman is forced upon a job by the government on him to make the judges of Allahabad high court to adopt some ‘judicial Restraint’ by quoting CJ Mr Stone but judicial restraint never works in the USSC too, recently USSC overturned circuit decition in Evanson v ….. Wherein the Court ruled Electorate need to include even immigrants, aliens in the township, that cannot be limitted to just only American citizens delivered by J Mr Gainsberg , recent appointment in place of drowned J. Mr. Antanioo Scalia, appointed by president Mr Obahma.


Actually this decition  affected   Republicans in Texas, they Republicans cried wolf, but nothing happened, USSC is Supreme, true state courts invariably viley there too. Lawyers there are called vultures like here in lower courts any client or accused or Accused in jail is really targetted.
I have seen personally. Every where all kinds are there. But public need be careful. During judges elections there things are different in states, unlike in India, here no election.


Here, politicians talk about advanced countries thinking all people in India are just depend upon their inputs, a wrong notion. I travel almost every year for 3 or 6 months depening upon time availability, different countries in both hemispheres more frequesntly after the beginnng of 21st century.


Even  Allahabad HC Mr. CJ Dhananjay Chundrachud  did his Jus.D in the USA. \


I wonder how politicians try to talk great wrong knowledge, poor man Ansari is taken for granted by the speech writer obviously  BJP govt some law officer or some IFS-man or so;


Non-Leadership factor theory:


French-phrase: Implies –


‘The ‘Laissez-faire’,  leader  takes ‘hands off , let things-ride’ approach

                         (Market based/dependent) .


This leader abdicates responsibility, delays decisions, gives no feed back,

                       and makes ‘little effort’ to help followers  satisfy  their needs. There is no  

                       Exchange with followers or attempt to help them grow.

   E.g. of Laissez-faire leader is the president of a small manufacturing firm who calls no

           Meetings with plant supervisors, has no long range plans for her  or his company,

           and makes no contact with Employees.’.




is based on Laissez faire principle just dependent on markets, i do not understand  

what Mr Hamid Ansari talks about – whether he understood , what is he talling    



When things just depends on market demand and supply what the government

could do?


Market structure:


Market demand = industry demand, and the firm’s demand – possible to compute  

                             price elasticities and income elasticities for either kind.


One would expect of an individual firm’s  demand to be greater than that of

                              Industry demand, since company faces competition from similar products of   

                              rival firms ,


Firm’s  demand function could include ‘variables’  related to prices charged by    

                              Competitors and their promotional  activity;


Such as:

Variables  often take  the form of a ‘ ratio of  the firm’s price to an                                                    

                                               Industry average price and ratio of the firm’s outlay for promotion to    

                                               the estimated  industry total outlay. The precise relationship

                                               between   industry demand and firm’s demand depends on the

                                               nature of competitition within the industry – on the structure of the    



Indians seems no bearings on ‘globalization’ it appears.


There need be no controls what so ever, only free up export and import conditions. Else, you will strangle business. You cannot make possible to sell all good things cheaply by your so called ‘cash assistance.  But precisely do what not to be done. See the USA do they do what you do? sorry


Without ‘Laissez faire’ concept there is no market driven economy. Government needs to keep its hands away from market; There is no management, except normal rule of law of contracts and las of crimes, constitutional conditions, not so called some new statutes should come up.


If business man can export let him if not let him not; if he can import let him, if not let him not;  is called free market economy; PVN knew better than you all fellows put together; so if viable let businessman take risk; not the people of india through the so called government; Government wasts tax payers funds; wastes executive time of the state in an area not its right concern; so what you do not know

, better not indulge is the rule of law as well.


Americans take good nutritious food; but indians like some one sells his person too in the name of export that is not globalization all Indians must know; what you do you make poorer more and more unhealthier, that is not globalization friends.

What Indian government does is Tyrranical Laws and its implementation is equally Tyrranical, Mr, Professorsab!


You are taken for granted by unwisemen in government.
Wisdom is serve one who is really wise doing things what he knows not any copying man . No copy can ever be Exact. (Ends)

Wisdom is the ‘Antidote’ for all Confusions, solace for fears, Sir!’
By Guru Balkrishnan

Religions are said to be ‘Laughter and of Fun’ , said Acharya Rajnesh Yogi, that way he made whole world , by his Wisdom just made bow the whole world of Conservative thoughts fear him, so Some countries say about 21 countries did not allow him to enter their countries, why USA also feared him though in the state of Oregom , he could found a 5000 people township with almost every house was fully air conditioned in the commune called Rajenseshpuram, as his views just made every one just follow him, though every one questioned him and his secretary, and yet a lot loved to be within his communune means , people want ‘laughter and fun’, should be the religion for them too that really attracted the new idea of religion; but in fact, it was not a new thought;

when you see in Mahabharata, Dwarakha became such a ‘commune’ then;

that attracted a lot; and the ruler Krishna was called just Lord, as he gave great impetus to ‘love’ of humans for their own forms.

In fact , both ‘Pandavas and Kauravas’ vied with each other for ‘his grace’, during the Kurushetra war.

Kauravs was supposed to have hated him, but only wanted him to be their patrons by all means.

Same such idea, Acharya Rajnesh, as a modern philosopher, sold his ‘ideas’, of a new religious order, wherein he advocated:

‘Live as you want’ as everyone wanted to live so;

that way he got over 7,50,000 followers in a short span of time;

where men and women enjoyed what they loved, under the idea of ‘Exstasy’ , same kind was prevalent in Dwarakha too.

Like Dwarakha ended so too, ‘Rajaneshpuram commune’, with internal rivalry of very people, there called ‘Sanyasins’;

they traded all kinds of confrontations among themselves;

and Lord Krishna was killed by a Hunter after the Kurushetra war;

so too , Achrya was similarly killed at his 58th year in 1990;

in a short span of his experiment of new ‘religious philosophy order’, between 1983 to 1990;

though the people said he had died but fact is otherwise.

Wisdom is the ‘antidote’ for all confusions, solace for fears, is proved time and again, if you go through the History of mankind.

History has a historical determination as Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan said, that parliamentary democracy, that was the originayl norm of early confederacies. That everyone could have seen since the days of Gopas of Dwarakha, Even Krishna was a chieftain of such confederacy, the same you saw in Vaisali wherefrom Buddha came into being, so, these chieftains were men of high responsibility, one could have seen, since then.

Even Padavs and Kauravs are same kind of confederacy chieftains, but Kauravs were misguidedmen, while Pandavs were really responsible chieftains of confederacies.
So, Dr. Radhakrishnan, rightly said ‘Historical Determination’ when India got the ‘democratic’ government, like that old confederacy governance, nothing more,is simple fact.

Fact is, ‘Never people gave up their own control’, for people had wisdom
of controlling their own ‘chieftains’;

‘As long as the chieftain worked responsibly he continued as chieftain, to ensure that responsibility, they were provided so many persons, in his council, every one such is called aa Ministers.

This story survived all over the world in the same way.

Not something new, one need to understand, if one is a ‘wiseman’ bestowed with robust common sense. That is what Radhakrishnan said, under hiistorical determination.

Some Kaurav types emanated, with Shakuni kind politicians today, you have modern Duryodhanas, bestowed with ‘Durbuddhi’ – ‘crafty ideas’ to cheat the very electors. History repeats.

Judges if they become ‘Pals’, to these men in power, ‘people’ (citizens) get rough deals;

obvious, it is, you cannot be over whelmed with high sounding titles or designations as ‘public servants’ under so called Articles like Art 12 and the lirike.

Such men are your PM or CMs and their so called council of ministers, you should know, fellow citizens!

See, friends, now in Maharashtra state, ‘Fake Tribals’ is like a ‘laughter and funfrolick of Politics’ of India, a new religion, you see like Rajnesh yogi concocted his ‘sexploitation’ based religion.

In fact, the ministers are some kind of ‘Fake-caste-certificate-sexy-ploiters’ one can christen them!

When ministers do, ‘you call great legislative act, but citizen does it, you call, ‘illegal’, though citizen is indeed ‘dejure ‘ sovereign; but these legislator-worthies are just ‘defacto’ representatives.

You see your’great’ Chief Minister in Mr. Devenmdra Fadnavis, in ‘Tribal Advisory Council’, as chairman seemed to have said:

‘It’s not easy to take action against such a large number of people, who could be in their lakhs. There could be huge social and ‘Political’ ramification.’

What he is trying to say, that is ‘Wisdom’. ( but absolute ‘BS’)

What we did by ‘Reservations’ idea floated by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar for SC/ST community; he obviously, allowed people in Politicians like VP Singh, in1980s, (though it was happening since 1976 on), to take it, as a toss:

that way he used for ‘BC/OBC/SBC/NT/DT’ reservation idea so that his idea to get a vote bank (politics) came into being;

he just tried to use: what exactly, Mr,Ramsay McDonald as British PM then in British , did then.

India played by his idea of ‘Divide and Rule’, which perpetuated as also religiously followed by the great idea of ‘Partition of Bengal’; which some ‘Indian Politicians’ other than MK Gandhi touted for.

What ramifications, we got secured, you all know, (as you are no chidren – even small children are very clever!), I need not have to explain further.

What Devendra Fadnavis as CM does is ‘clever ploy’, that everyone did, in the past:

ie. ‘justifying a ‘wrorng’, what V.P. Singh, as PM in 1980s did;

So, Dr. B. R.Ambedkar did;

so Ramsay McDonald or Lord Curzon did;

so too, every so many in, right from the Ancient Indian History down today;

just ‘crying wolf’, on some so called wrongs done to castes’ (when really there is no where in the history of man some castes as such!;

so Yudhistra in Mahabharatha also said;

‘how can you determine a caste when women only give birth to childen and every man marries any woman from any caste, what caste you can say the progeny belongs to, besides every woman has been several times sexually assaulted too, like in a conquered country) –

Can two wrongs become Right? Think gentlemen, if you have that great robust ‘common sense’.

Again, you see, only ‘sheperds and cowherds’, moved in flocks, they everytime followed their own right and wrongs, in the general history of mankind.

Jesus from sheperds; and Lord Krishna from cowherds, all of you know.

They only founded the religions;

So Achaya Rajnesh Yogi rightly said:

‘religion is some laughter and fun’, how you can deny his
considered philosophical research?

He rightly resigned professorship, as he rightly realized, when you read, ‘books’ in a class, you only talk about some decades old thoughts that have undergone several changes by ‘research’ and the like… ‘so he said, ‘No more BS, at least by Me’.

He was honest thinker’.

So world respects, as he rightly defined:
‘respect = re-inspect’.

He correctly said, ‘your governments take years to sanction simple requests, and wants bribes, better i do things like illegal constructions in Pune’ in his commune.

He said, just because of him, pune became a great tourist destination and enabled Maharashtra earn a great tourist revenue.
Government paid him not even a ‘farthing’.

That is your governance principle.

Laloo prasad Yadav did same kind of ‘trick in Bihar’ like VP Singh, so too Mulyam singh Yadav ‘in UP’;

so every where, by so ‘crafty-clever communities’ just ‘wanted to ‘grab’, all plum things of life.

Therefore, Acharya rightly ‘phoo pooed’(made a great fun), on the ‘religions, in his discourses;

and rightly said, ‘religions are just master pieces of’ ‘laughter and fun’;

similarly funny pphoney politicians today, play ‘the religions and castes’,

when there is ‘nothing in fact’ in so called ‘castes or religions’;

but convenient mechanisms, just to hoodwink people;

so you have some Asaram Bapus, and so many funny god men we produced in India, entered into sexploitations, and even raped forcibly.

Yet they a not convicted as on date; besides they destroy evidences, obviously through political patronage.

All these godmen have some ‘leadership’ qualities (as found in LBDQ(Stodhill), since 1960s (used in training and development)(today used for training managers today as also Supervisors):

Just religious preachers use the ‘same technics’ just, to fool the people, like by the political leaders, of one kind or the other, all through the history;

you had seen Chanakya in Nandas rule, Alexander in Macedonia, Julius caesar in Rome, so Moses in Jerusalem, Mohammed in Arabia, Ashoka, Kanishka, Buddha saibaba and so on in India.

Then new avatars , in satya saibaba, today Sri Sri and like them ever so many;
they simply psychologically arrest you by ‘hypnotism’ or some such vehicles;

so too politicians in every political outfit, likefrom Karl Marx, oliver Cromwell, Robert Clive, Tippu Sultan, Akbar,and so on.

In fact Acharya Rajnesh Yogi rightly made ‘fun of all these guys.’

Any religious teacher is intending to oversell the idea of ‘renunciate’.(saying , if you are raped, these worthies say, just be the ‘an observer never get disturbed, so just accept, as if you do not care’.

You can appreciae this factor when he said

‘any book published is already several decades old thought. Indeed it is indeed a great fact.

As ‘reservationists’ sold the idea ridiculously some several decades old thought, that the ‘non existent’ ‘castes’ were exploited by ‘equally non existent’ upper castes ;

Okay if so what, does that several years old idea of ‘fake’ exploitation is there today by the so called upper castes, obviously cannot is the real fact, in that so called ‘doctrine of exploitation’, whether those so called lower castes ;(in fact those so called exploited castes only ruled then too!)

‘So called exploited caste’ have had a great idea to convert ‘Non Exploitation’ as ‘Exploitation ;

obviously, they started new way of Exploitation of the other ‘so callled’ upper castes today.

Obviously Exploitation prevails that means:

‘ Exploitation’ as such, that is like a ‘Circumferance’ concept;

, as no one could say where is the beginning and where is the end of Exploitation Cycle once and for all?

In fact, we are hell bent to continue ‘Exploitation Cycles, like the religious ‘high priests’ for ever.

Likewise, the TAC – Tribal Advisory Committe’ is perpetuating by allowing the ‘Fake Tribals’ as a new caste, in Maharashtra, is greatly Obvious.

That means political classes as such perpetuate ‘ Exploitation’ with new idea of exploitation called ‘Fake castes’;

if Devendra Fadnavis Committee allows ‘Existence’ of those lakhs of ‘fake castes’ in public service, an another kind of political patronage, obvious flouting of the ‘constitutional tenets’.

Do you think a great ‘Wisdom’ surfaced?

Do you think other conscious robust common sense people would tolerate?

Do you think that there would be no social unrest in the country?

Do you think the people are ‘nincompoofs’, even if the Judiciary also ‘joins’ this our great TAC ‘gangster monstrous idea of pardoning these ‘Fakes’?

Do you think, the Advocacy would ‘die’, a natural death, at the incompetency of the state government , even if the so called Modi government supports Fadnavis idea of salavaging the ‘Fake caste certificate’ holders, for so called ‘vote bank’ politics’ ?

Do you think, people have become ignorant as in several centuries before?
Fat fact is now we have a ‘new religious political class’ is surfacing, so social and cultural civilization too;

Would it not cause New Restoration (in India) like under Oliver Cromwell in the then King James I Britain;

or the King John of England(1215) who had to sign a Magna Carta;

today in India new Restoration simply would close down these so called ‘political parties’ once and for all;

as people are not concerned with any political party/ies survival;

but the people would assert ‘Freedom of thought and Expression’ under Art 19 read with Art 21 -’Life’ and Liberty

Similarly the People, who could not take him (Rajnesh, tried to drive him, from place to place, from 21 countries;

and yet he survived as people supported his ideas or ideology of religious practices in India, as they were fed up with religious practices prevailing in India, under so many ‘covers’.

People are taken for granted by magic taunts perpetrated Swamijis under different garbs, obviously just to fool the people, by so called, ‘Tantrams’.

He really drove the western ‘sanyasins ’ mad and for granted.

Yet He was careful not to ‘over sell’, the same ideas to indian audiences, except rich and wealthy for they are longing for ‘sexploitation’, like Rajneshji.

He really being intelligent sold the idea, that there cannot be democratic idealism, but only arbitrary moves by politics of religion;

as long as people are greatly enjoyed sexploitation.

You could have seen so many Swamijis used it like Asaram Bapu, Nandakumar in Gujarat and Bangalore respectively.

Man has an inherent insatiable desire to ‘rule over’ another human being, for any reason.

Object is of ‘over selling indian philosophy’, as long as there is a market for such ‘trash’ ideas.

Vijay Mallayya by King Fisher Airways surfaced by great ideas of Proful Patel, as a Minister for civil aviation from great political outfit called NCP floated by Sharad Pawar:

who used all ‘bad characters’, in every party to help him run his great NCP, as a party;

which is a great Exploiting Party in the Maharashtra:

conveniently used by the Sonia Gandhi to run her so called UPA I and II in the last 10 years;

To just rape the tax payers moneys, by her cohorts like the DMK, and others under great PM-ship of great Dr. Manmohan Singh, most ‘incompetent’ ‘Economist’ PM india ever ha;

, as he was some kind of defacto PM, like defacto parliamentarians, for he was just a Rajya sabha member all through 10 years of his premiership, contrary to constitutional principles.

He in fact, cheated obviously by his great ‘Economic theory’, as he himself never questioned economic theories, like a great thinker but he exploited that great economic theory, like a great ‘good man’ innocenti.

He played ‘innocenti’ so well, that allowed him to exploit the people’s privacy under his great idea of Aadhar card;

by his great idea of exploting ‘eye iris’ of citizens , indeed a great security hazard under unique identifacation theory with the great help of Nilenkeni of Infosys technologies.

Exploitation galore since 1976 went on by all sorts of roadside politicians, I would certainly call them, why by every man of robust common sense, – indeed Common Sense is Uncommon as Frijit Copra rightly called.

Tell what is wisdom? (part 1)

The HRD ministry in India seems a funny phenomenon of Modi government.

I sometimes wonder how the said ministry can distribute tax payers moneys for SC/STs or other Classes just to appeace them  by giving all the full fees of rs.2 lacs per student of SC/ST students, in the name of so called reservation. Whose fathers moneys Modi government wants to  pay, while other  general categories of people have to meet all Rs 2 lacs as tuition fees.

It is obvious defective system. Now about 10 lacs persons got fake certification as STs only in Maharashtra state alone.

Similarly a lot of other states about 29 or 30 would have similar fake certificated STs alone.

Why the honorable Supreme court suo motu question these irrational ideas, of the Modi government, under a judicial review, after all Modi govt Lok sabha has 186 criminal police cases on them and some are facing trials; when so , the honorable SC  ought to buckle up and need to question, as there is no Article in the Constitution of India criminal background MPs masquerade the Lok sabha.

It shows the honorable Supreme court is some kind of non functional guardian of the constitution, how the citizens can trust this court of cowardice, one is bound to think.

In fact governments are not to interfere higher education at all, after all it is the responsibility of the governments to supervise the elementary, middle , maximum upto secondary education, never the governments are capable of running higher education all over the world, why  the people of india have to be stoically  accept these mad men ideas.

Every  one knows SIT =Spl investigation  tribunal is under appointment in mahrashtra on the ST fake certificated so called public servants  since 1976 just raping the STs quota and this CM talks he would not take action on these worthies, what kind of governance Modi government and other BJP state governments talk.

It is all the more important some PILs should surface on these issue all over india as also at the honorable supreme court of India, else these vote catching politicians pollute the principle of constitutionalism with the presence of cowardice High courts and Supreme court in india as these judges want some after retirement Sinecures that way they turn  Nelson’s eye on all these kinds wrong doings by government.

These courts could have struck down the reservations of BCs/OBCs/spl OBCs once they found goverment went along creamy layer ideas by way of statutes advanced. It is obvious mostly the fake certificated SC/ST/OBC/BC/spl OBC communities produced new castes ‘Fake certificated caste individuals, in government services violate the fundamental rights of citizens as these ‘fakes’ can never be authentic citizens to enjoy any fundamental rights or constitutional rights, any more or any longer.

If one properly understands constitution, like in Writs none who is not clean cannot move Writs, so obviously cannot enjoy the constitutional benefits.

I do not understand what kind of judges are there in the high courts or the Supreme courts when the country is robbed right and left.

Any reader of this blog can move PILs in all the constitutional courts as these constitutional courts are no longer some meaningful constitutional courts any more

(part 1 of the blog)











‘It matters not what we do, but the glory of endeavor lies in how we do it’ Chinmayananda said in thought share!

It matters not what we do?

Likewise is the CM Mr. Fandnavis satement that ‘he would not throw out the fake certificate caste holders’, may develop a new class of new ‘Caste’ he creates in the caste system, like your citizen jounalist in Asimedra kumar on 7th of your Navimumbai issue correctly said ‘reservation’, itself some new caste; but this young man seems more bestowed with robusust ‘common sense’, for he rightly said, correctly, ‘ it is self-derogatory, somebody should give him (me) a job without ‘merit’.

Every one knows just if you prepare 10 questions with answered and drawn from last 5 years question papers thoroughly , you would net 90% marks as every examination is dependent on last ten year question papers; but only ten of its questions.

It means you do not know answers of 100 questions of the subject in the last ten years, already derogatory status existing even if you get 99% marks;

you are still not greatly meritorious; that you know yourselves; no need of any more explanation of the normal examination system;

that was making the educationists to think ‘why not scrap very examinations; but work with ‘unit tests only’;

and if one consistently ‘nets average of certain percentage’;

that average of the unit tests would be the students performance in the relevant subject of the year of study.

Therefore it is obvious already your education system is passing type only;

though you may call 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class and the like by these classifications themselves is some ‘self cheating’ process;

For this type of education we have been spending about 25% of parents’ income and bank loans, besides governments’ draws moneys from tax payers’ funds;

– a colossal wastage of scarce resources of any Nation.

Now under so called ‘reservation system’, you simply lower down that already ‘decrying education system’;

and that is obvious;

you under valued already undervalued system of education as such.

But these ‘reserved ‘ communities – you may call as SC/ST/OBCs/BCs/spl. OBCs and the like;

you now add a new ‘reserved community as a new caste’ further our Fadnavis introduces ‘Fake certificated comunities’ as another new caste!

If you by your own ‘down grading skills’ of politicians of any set of people, you further downgraded – what do you achieve?, think a while.

This Mr . Kumar rightly stated he wanted to be a ‘merited’ person rather than to be so called down graded ‘reservation ‘ category.

He is perfectly ‘Right’ type of self respecting person, in his highly sensible comprehension of education.

This is again another kind of ‘rigid’ caste system – ‘reservations’ categorized types; obviously, grossly, your education obviously is already useless;

with that equippment how could you be trusted as a professional is the pertinent question Mr.Kumar raised in his observation.

He also pertinently says, how people could trust that so called education however much it is recognized by the government of the country or the state/union, in the name of recognized course of study, at what cost?

That way he answered the reservation based education is ‘most untrust worthy’ for any common man constitutionally.

Therefore, he rightly said:

’ After graduation, I was unemployed for a few years, but I ‘never’ wanted that some body (obviously – “sympathetically”,) should give me a job without merit free (obviously out of ) competition.’, Hence he ‘rightly called it as “self derogatory” ‘.

But this CM Fadnavis says he would continue this system of education at the cost of very education;

as such besides against Constitional fundamental rights of all people’:

besides very ‘reservation’ communities;

besides ,

he shamelessly like to add another group of ‘Fake certificate casted caste’ persons;
while he really baptises ‘them’ in the ‘jobs’ they hold besides after vatrious promotions under these categories of reservation means he is willing to scrap ;

the very part III of the Constitution of 1947 founded by founding fathers with great faith that the posterity would uphold the ‘basic structure’ of the Constitution without any ‘erotion’, or ‘denudation’ of education and morality or ethics (which vey RSS do question now, as the mentor of the BJP as a splinter of the RSS wing but under its control).

Again question arises, if Fadnavis assurance is continued for Faked reservationists, it is obvious, that ‘fakes’ do have ‘so called’ constitutional right to exist, and all protection under constitutional rights;

Obviously , there might be a new statute might be called – ‘ Fake certificated class Regularization Act 2016’ – (like Karunakaran’s ‘creamy layer’ class Act;

as Kerala state government passed in 1985 in its legislature and the union also approved by a presidential assent;

in the wake of then honorable Supreme court judgement in
Indra Shahani v Union of India case of 1985;

where in the the nonorable court ‘issued Contempt Notice’ the then chief secretary {( hope people would not have forgotten (though thirty years have passed over by 2015)} .
That way still the contempt notice is still alive;

but bridged by the so called creamy layer Act;

obviously to protect that so called chief secretary ,(might have died and might be under RIP status in some cemetry or in some crematoria in Kerala. by now)
When that creamy layer Act is still questionable even in 2012, and 2014 SC cases;

how Fadnavis would keep alive the Faked certificated public servants survive;

the State Services Conduct Acts are modelled on Central civil services regulations is another question Fadnavis needs to answer;

so also the union ministry of persomnnel and grievances functioning under the nose of PM in the PMO too.

I do not understand how the custodians of the constitution the Bombay high Court and the Suoreme Court would countenance?

Here again if 10 lakh people only in maharashtra got ‘faked caste certificated persons’ in government service;

so also in every state there might be several lakhs per state since 1976 position might surface;

when the SIT is appointed by the Supreme Court;

for it cannot be an ‘idle spectator’, passing all the so called statutes to be approved or had been as constitutional amended the fundamental rights;

Ramifications are being serious;

many politicians right from 1976 need to be brought to justice;

along with so called ‘fake certificated’ public servants;

if they are paid pensions for their so called “meritorious services”;

could their pensions be protected, under L. Chandrakumar judgement besides;

and under Art 311 of the Constirution of India need to be adjudicated upon by a 13 member bench like Kesavanandabharati case, is my considered opinion, being a lawyer myself;

Again, it is proved beyond reasonable doubt ‘defacto’ representative authorities appointed by dejure citizens have out lived their existence is obvious ;

that you cannot deny under any pretext for the defacto rulers;

besides your ‘servants’ as in ‘public servants’ outlived their existence is also equally obviou;

as monitoring mechanism existing obviously very badly failed;

that too no one can den;

in that back-drop the honorable Supreme court or any high court(s) cannnot permit these kinds of wrongdoings;

if it or they do public will have least trust on judiciary;

and would treat the judiciary at the same level of any unreliable governmental system;

and that might cause the rise of peoples courts;

that is how civil wars arose all over the world , none can deny if one cares to read the histories of the world and the historical determinations.

Hence, the constitutional courts cannot take things for granted is another obvios factor.

Legislative assemblies being filled with politicians, like in rajyasabha they too lost their credibility, in the eyes of the publi;

as public never much trusted the loksabha or the legislative assemblies since 1950s;

more so, of late, in its ‘60 plus years of working that the courts cannot turn a Nelson’s eye – one needs to know more so, the very courts themselves, if they really want to be accepted by public as real custodians of the constitution.

What MK Gandhi, as the Father of Nation suspected of the future indian politicians is again proved beyond doubt, in real governance factors that none can deny by any facade of arguments.

One more, the world respect on India would just ‘collapse’;

none except one who wants to ‘colonize india’, would try to say great things just to loot again, is also a ‘fact’ none can deny.

Any careless behavior of any worthy(ies) would make the country a big laughing stock ;
as india has a ‘paper tiger type’ of the indian constitution and other statutes;

but fact is india terribly is a degeneration, for personal benefits, like any arbitrary state anywhere;

but india is having, some oligarchy type politics is obvious.

‘But the glory of endeavor lies in how we do it’:

Another citizen journalist in PK Undwar says:

Out of 4032 MLAs, 1250 accounting for 31% ,of states representatives of constituencies have ‘declared criminal cases;

and 15% do have very serious criminal charges;

– in Parliament, we have 112 members face similar charges, 9 accused in murder charges;

and 17 in attempted murder cases.

Suspected criminals are in power with history of gangs dismayed the campaigners it is said.

In the 541 MPs, we have 186 MPs face criminal cases.

So in fact we have per his statistics, , ‘dubious, unreliable, , suspicious elements’, do rule the nation, how can we rely on such a lot.

I do not agree with H.L. Datu, retd CJ..statement:
‘Judiciary could not restrain tainted people from contesting elections as it falls under Legislature domain;

‘ which alone is competent to enact law on this issue..’

Constitution never conceived criminals as legislators basically, when so, how the ‘domain’ idea comes into being is the question to Mr Datu.

Constitution did not gave ‘custodial powers of to criminals in power’.

Even suspected can be weeded out.

If not Constitutional breakdown arises.

So Datu’s argument sounds strange and baseless.

My dear Datuji, you as SC CJ is called as the Custodian of the Constitution:

so also every CJ of ever High court in India collectively you are bestowed the powers of custodianship.

If you say so as helplessmen, being a ‘super watchman of the citizens’, with judicial review powers ;

‘ either the watchmen are unfit to be watchmen for their dereliction , of duty confered on them. (Art 51A)

My dear Datuji, ‘your concept of separation of powers’ is valid only in normal circumstances’ but here definitely misplaced;

that way the Judiciary is formed to have right balancing act, on the legislatures;

ie., you by ‘judicial review’, can obviously discipline the legislatures as also the parliament is the constitutional jurisprudence sir.

You could have seen in USSC recent judgement on the……in ‘Evenswell v/s Abbot 14- 940’:

said that ….

’all the people in the district need to be counted as the number of people living in the district, the legislature cannot just count only the ‘duly recognised citizens’

And equally cannot ‘omit others’, like aliens, immigrants and so on..;

if you were to be a judge there,

you would have, just stated ‘only registered citizens’, only to be counted…means you would have lost touch on the principle of population – demography – in any election demography and density are vital factors not your kind of highly religious view sir.

There are implications in Texas state, Republican count would be jeopardised that is no conceren of the court any where.

Similarly, you cannot too much read your so called separation of powers principle,in a haphazard parliament or legislatures.

If the separation was vital how NIC Act; ,and NJAC Act was passed with 99th constitutional amendment by the so called parliament and legislatures sir;

how did you quash;

the parliament intruded in your judicial domain like it did in 1950 1st amendment Act;

with the so called ‘IXth schedule’, to see parliament can bar courts on some of its legislation or statutes, and it did;

but for CJI Mr. Y. K Sabharwal it would not have been quashed, (obvious),
In L.R. Coelho v St of TN in 2007, he spared due to a previous SC judgement about 13 Acts left untouched;

while all others are brought under jurisdiction of the court.

There only lies the glory of endeavor;

that yields to how we do it.

So please ,

one need to realize, the SC judge is not a ‘robot’;

but a sensible human being;

who deciphers what is ‘credible’ and what is not?

Sabarwal never looked back for sinecure of offices from the government

Rightly so.

No SC judge need to look for any sinecure.

No USSC judge looks for any such.

Though his appointment to bench is lifetime ;

he too retires depending on his ability to sustain.

You also should note most USSC judges are some political ‘party men’:

but once puts the mantle of the SC judge, he acts per constitution;

never ‘docilely’ allowed constitutional amendments there;

had they by now there would have been some 11000 + could have surfaced;

but why only 27 constitutional amendments are there;

you know the reason now – independence of judiciary :

– it is as good as very ‘Congress’ itself.

You know why not? here the reason is sinecures!

SC need to rise up to the occasion, if not;

why do we need so called the Supreme court in India, if it is not supreme?
People trust the Supreme court;

that they would be protected by the SC;

but if it cannot, why india would need SC, people would think;

just think a while ‘judges’ of the august Supreme court of India.

SC cannot throw its hands backwards;

it has to stand up to times is my considered thought;

after all Indian constitution is modelled on American Constitution too Sirs.

Obviously, I also do not agree with j j Mr. A.K Sikri Mr. Arun Mita-

,they quote as if a devil quoting scriptures, simpy because ‘super devils’, in parliament is controlling them.

If you don’t have guts to be meaningful judges :

why at all become judges of the Supreme Court is my straight question friends;

you are all much younger to me by age and experience besides I was a professor of Law.

If the courts fail naturally people would not tolerate is very clear.

Those who cannot be meaningful judges at the hon SC better do not take up judgeship there , be happy maximum at High courts, is my considered opinion.

But for John Marshall in 1830s, the course of American History would have been different, he had the legal equippment of 8 weeks at some law school;

but you people spent years besides being some kind of judges for so many years, what did you learn would be question any one would ask at you people.

‘You have to bring glory to the Court’ ;

no parliamentarian would bring glory to the courts;

but they are some white ants like parasites, on the citizens.

They need to be disciplined time and again sirs.

You can’t allow them live long as parasites, because of these parasites you have terrorists everywhere all over, in any democracy.

If you live to glory , your endeavor only need to prove, by properly reading the articles, they are not some platform speeches but some concise statements to be sensibly interpreted. (Ends)